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 Communication, in general, can be described as an interaction between humans. Still, as you venture into the term, it contains many predicaments that transform it into one of an individual's most influential and defining attributes—the aspects of communication range from social to psychological and behavioral factors. Let's know how they work together to make communication a prime strand of solving problems.

Whether ancient or modern times, communication has been a determining element of an individual's identity. From education to class, communication is a deciding parameter in many aspects. 

Socrates taught us that communication must be honest. Otherwise, it will not work. People must understand the purpose of communicating with each other. So, communication must be honest. People should know why they are communicating.

Why is Communication important?

Like honesty, many aspects of communication form the basis of effective and efficient communication, which proves dominant concerning many professional or personal problems. Still, on the other hand, there are many features of communication to be drawn correctly. Let's understand them to make our communication better and more fruitful.

Types of Communication

Communication is of two types 

  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication

The definition of verbal communication is conveying a message with the usage of words. When we talk to a friend or write an application for a job, we use this type of communication. The working of verbal communication is restricted to many levels, such as different linguistic or difficult vocabulary. 

Non-verbal communication is communication that doesn't require words or language. Facial expressions and gestures are included in non-verbal communication. Accordingly, non-verbal communication isn't confined to language, pronunciation, or vocabulary. They remain constant throughout the world.

When verbal communication joins forces with non-verbal communication, it means a good speech with the correct choice of words appropriate to the culture and people. This, coupled with perfect voice articulation and facial expressions, would create a powerful speech, impacting audiences.

Paralinguistic Features

Paralinguistic features are a non-lexical part of speech. They are vocal characteristics that, in a way, impart meaning to our words. It is "how" something is said. Furthermore, not only spoken communication but its usage is evident in written communication as well.

Paralanguage consists of many aspects, such as:-

Pitch - shrillness or hoarseness in voice

The pace of speech indicates nervousness or impatience.

Loudness that imparts excitement or anger

Accent that comes because of the effect of the regional style of speaking.

Modulation in a voice that consists of rising and falling of voice while speaking 

If you use paralanguage, your speech will turn out more effective and engaging, reinforcing your matter with better comprehension.

Why do you need to communicate?

I remember in my high school year, there was a girl I just absurdly categorized as not very friendly. One day I sat down with her and was reading a book, maintaining that opinion of mine. I started humming a song, and she looked at me and started singing the song too! I was amazed because it was an old song, but I joined it too. It turned out she had the same interests in songs and books as me! We exchanged our interests and numbers and remained friends till today.

So you see communication for a start helps in friendships and removes unnecessary doubts. There have been stories of people solving their problems by speaking them out. Keeping it all down only creates a pit of emotions that stay hidden all the while you suffer.

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No problem in the world can be solved with silence. Silence over a matter often silences the solutions or a possible thought that could have ended the problem! Whether there is a complication within or with someone voicing or out is necessary. Communicating your troubles probes another topic; dwell on it and think in a way you couldn't think off!

Discussions bring many things to the table as every mind has a different mechanism and a unique outlook on the same topic. So an issue that seems unsolvable might be solvable through someone else

How to communicate

Putting it all together, communication can be helpful and effective if done correctly! Communication can bring positive results if we properly contemplate our words and paralanguage. Summing up what communication is and the importance of communication, it's worth understanding how we can use the knowledge of features of communication and use them appropriately to reach out to people as we need to communicate.

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Speaking is required to express your thoughts but how to speak is the key to proper communication. If we speak in a monotone or disinterest, we are likely to lack attention from the listener! But if we speak with proper language by adding variation to our sounds, using our hands, and showing emotions, then the transmission of the idea would be much more prominent.

Some people voice out their problem but make it sound like the need of the hour or a challenge for someone, so they whack their brains to solve that problem could be possible through a tacky presentation of the problem, which could be done using clever communication. From job to making friends, communication intervenes in every prospect, so a good communicator helps you in issues pertaining everywhere.

"Good conversations are as stimulating as black coffee black coffee and just as hard to sleep after."

Very truly quoted! We all had a conversation we didn't want to end. Communication is a strange phenomenon because we don't tend to communicate about things we care about the most. We must communicate and develop a habit of sharing our thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, a soft tone brings charm to an individual's personality. Polishing your communication skills can help your professional and personal life.

~ Yours Asra Mairaj

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