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Welcome, wordsmiths and poets, to Write Out Loud!

Are you passionate about weaving ‘ stories that captivate’, and ‘ poems that resonate’?

Do you yearn to share your voice with the world and compete for recognition? 

If your answer is YES for the above questions, then look no further! 

Lifenatphil brings to you - “ Write Out Loud”, a platform for you to unleash your inner writer and let your creativity soar.

Who Are We?

Lifenatphil is a non-profit organization that strives to make the world a better place to live in, through writing. Our motto works around five pillars i.e., Love, Life, nature, Philosophy, and social issues, with more concerns around the mental well-being of everyone.

What is Write Out Loud?

We are thrilled to announce our exciting - article writing and poetry competition - 'Write Out Loud' for young minds!

A competition where you can express yourself freely on a diverse range of topics that ignite your passion.

Explore the depths of love, delve into the mysteries of life, find solace in the beauty of nature, or ponder the profound questions of philosophy.

Let your imagination soar and paint your thoughts with words that resonate.

Why participate in ‘Write out Loud’?

Write out loud is a competition that recognizes real raw talent hidden in the students of schools & colleges across India. 

Diverse themes:

Explore your creativity across various topics, allowing your unique voice to shine through.

Expert jury:

Your work will be evaluated by the esteemed content writing team of Lifenatphil, gaining valuable insights from industry professionals.

Showcase your talent:

Write It Loud offers the perfect platform to craft captivating articles that delve into the depths of love, unveil the vibrant tapestry of life, or illuminate the breathtaking wonders of nature. Let your words flow like a river, carrying your readers on a journey of discovery and emotion.

Amplify your voice:

Share your thoughts and perspectives with a wider audience, sparking meaningful conversations.

Earn recognition:

Your work will be evaluated by the esteemed Lifenatphil content writing team, offering valuable feedback and industry recognition.

Ready to take the plunge? Here's what you need to know:


  • Article writing: Submit an original article (500-1000) words addressing a social, environmental, love, or philosophical theme relevant to today's youngsters and the world.
  • Poetry: Compose an original poem addressing love, life, nature, social issues, and philosophy showcasing your emotions and creativity.


Open to All; No matter your age, experience, or background, Write it Loud welcomes you with open arms. This is your chance to shine, regardless of where you come from or what your writing journey has been so far.


Submissions open: March 11, 2024

Submissions close: March 31, 2024

Winners announced: To be announced soon (follow us on Instagram to stay updated)


  • Certificate: All those who participate will get a certificate of participation and the best three participants will get a certificate of recognition.
  • Recognition: The best entries will be published and participants will get a medium to portray their creativity and honor their skills.
  • Internship: The best 3 winners would get a higher edge if they wish to intern at Lifenatphil.


Get ready to impress some of the most talented and experienced wordsmiths in the industry! The Lifenatphil team is renowned for their exceptional writing skills, creativity, and insightful perspectives. They have crafted compelling content across various genres, and their expertise will be invaluable in selecting the winning entries for both the article writing and poetry categories. The esteemed content writing team from Lifenatphil will be gracing the ‘Write out Loud’ competition as our esteemed jury.

Judging Criteria

All the submissions will be judged on the below pointers
  1. The relevance of the topic
  2. Choice of the Title & Topic
  3. The storytelling skill / the way the content is engaging the readers
  4. Continuity and flow of the content
  5. The usage of words in the title & throughout the content

Guidelines for Article Writing and Poetry Competition:

Since both involve different forms of creative expression, the specific guidelines will have some variations. However, some general principles apply to both:

Originality: All entries must be your original work, and must be plagiarism-free and non AI content.

Deadline: Make sure you submit your entry well before the deadline i.e., 31st March 2024.

Target your audience: Who are you writing for? Consider their age, interests, and level of knowledge on the topic.

Research thoroughly: Use credible sources to support your claims and ensure accuracy.

Organize your writing logically: Start with a strong introduction, develop your points in clear paragraphs, and conclude with a memorable summary.

Use strong language and vivid descriptions: Engage your readers with clear, concise writing and avoid jargon.

Proofread carefully: Check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors before submitting.

Where to submit?

We will update this space with the link of the Google Form to submit your entries.

Follow us on Instagram for updates - https://www.instagram.com/lifenatphil/

Stay tuned!

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