Emotional Changes during COVID 19 & Tackling them

Emotional floods cross our minds every single day. Sometimes we feel low and sometimes happy. As the current COVID 19 pandemic situation grapples us, it is up to us how we manage our emotional outbreaks and face them positively. Our feelings are always uncertain and it is not necessary to feel the same way we were feeling yesterday and we might not feel the same energy we have today, tomorrow. Dealing with these feelings with positive approach would help us get some relief from the clouds of thought which have surrounded us and attacked our mind. It is better to not get overwhelmed by such feelings. So, here we bring to you, an interesting piece of work,

Emotional Changes during COVID 19 & How to tackle them

Now, a big question might pop-up in your mind, “What are emotional changes?”. Putting it in the general terms, it can be understood as psychological changes in our feelings or emotions which strike our mind and lead from feeling happy to being irritated which change within a short span of time. In the second wave of the pandemic a few more things were added, of which few being, feeling fearful, worried, confused, and concerned. These are also connected to mood swings. This feeling is totally normal. Each one of us feel the same way sometimes and it is totally okay to feel that way.

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What changes have popped up in the second wave?

Struggling between the two

The second wave of the pandemic is a bit different from that of the first wave. With new symptoms arise new problems. You all might have prepared or saw the status' of your contacts on whatsapp, instagram, facebook, etc., the Dalgona Coffee the last lockdown right?
How to make Dalgona Coffee

So, earlier we were enjoying our lockdown by cooking, experimenting with new dishes, engaging in home decoration, artwork, reading books, and a lot more of activities. But this time it has gradually changed into boring tasks. As the situation worsened we’re feeling emotionally distressed. Every hour we are getting bad news. This fills us with grief and pain. The situation is not only eating up us physically but also causing a deep-rooted impact on our mental health.

We should try to engage ourselves in fun activities so that stress doesn’t dominate us. There is a lot of negativity when we peep out of our window or step out our doors, hence it is better to stay at home and only get out when it is necessary. This could help us in not only staying safe from Covid-19 virus but also prevent negativity. From young to old everyone is stuck in this situation. Young minds don’t understand what’s going on out there. It is our responsibility to give priority to their mental health also. Children are getting stressed out; they feel irritated just the way we adults do. Their worries are different from ours. When we fear separation they too feel it. Those children whose mother and father are healthcare workers are in constant fear. They do feel lonely and are not getting enjoyment in any kind of activity.

Now, the important Question - How do we Manage this STRESS?

Stress buster sponge ball? or that bubble wrap stress busters? What do you think is the best way to reduce the stress cause due to a lot of things including the one's discussed above? So, there are numerous ways to get yourself involved in, to feel better and help others to feel good. To manage stress and timings you can create a time table and follow it religiously yet adding flexibility to it. A time table will help you in managing time. With this, you will have ample time for extracurricular activities and all your day will not go in vain on scrolling. Add various activities that you want to do, manage your study time and most importantly family time. Want a customized timetable to be prepared by an expert for you? Contact us

Managing Stress

My dear friend, let me give you a small list of things you can do to handle the stress. Of course it is the hard truth that stress cannot be reduced but it can be managed and handled to make ourselves calmer and happier. The activities I'm going to share here might seem small and also you might also be aware of them already. Although small, they have a great impact on our life in this situation as well as throughout your life in post pandemic situations too. Let’s move ahead with the ways:


Meditation has since ages proven to be a very best medicine to attain inner peace. It will increase your capability to deal with stress. You don’t get anxious. You can think logically, creatively and imagine. This helps you to deal with toughest situations whatsoever might come in your way. It will reduce your negative emotions & vibes and increase tolerance and patience in you. Never mediated? Want to learn how to meditate? Do not worry, We have a complete guide to help you master the art of meditation - Click Here (If you want a personal mentor for your mindfulness journey and to learn meditation, contact us.

Yoga or Exercise

Involve yourself in any of the following activities according to your comfort. It is very common to gain unhealthy fats when there’s no physical activity. This needs to be lost or else it can create further problems adding to your already existing mental health. It is important to workout to stay healthy in these current circumstances as you are mostly stuck to your home and to your chairs or the bed. Yoga is the purest form of medicine that gives strength and helps us manage the emotional imbalance. Engage yourself in some breathing exercises and ‘Surya namaskar’. This will give you so many benefits which will balance your blood pressure, improve your mental health, improve metabolism, increase stamina, help regulate weight and make you more focused towards your work / study. 

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These are a few of the physical activities you should include in your daily routine to manage the stress effectively. Now, for those lazy buddies, here are few things which are equally important to help reduce your stress.

Call your Loved one's

If you are staying away from your parents, talk to them, keep them informed about your situation from time to time, inform them about your feelings, ring them up if you are feeling low, ask them how they are coping with the situation. The exchange of thoughts will make you invulnerable towards your daily activity and fill you with much more enthusiasm and more ideas. Not sure if you want to talk to them? vent out your feelings with us anonymously! Use the chat plugin at the left bottom to ping us.

Home decor

This may seem pointless but sleeping on a clean sheet and pillow makes your sleep 60% healthier and comfortable. I have personally tried this and trust me, it does help you. Although the ambience of the bedroom matters too. The more you sleep well the more you will feel good. That does not mean you should always sleep Hahaha.... Just have a very good sleep. Decorate your room with some indoor plants, handmade posters of your favorite shows. This would be a fun activity and would make you feel better as it is engaging.


Read books, journals and magazines of your interest. Reading books is way more wonderful than you can ever imagine. It fills you with different thoughts, imagination and excitement. It lets you peep into someone else’s life without interruption. You can travel the world through the window seat of your room. After finishing a book you can create a journal out of it which would include the quotes from the book. This also sometimes acts as a self-motivating guide!


You can binge watch your favorite shows again and experience the same enjoyment. Watch something informative which will fill your brain with knowledge and imagination. It is also a good relief to get other thoughts off your mind.


We all are active in our social media handles. Use it for a good cause. What we can do is increase the reach of those who aren’t able to reach healthcare places such as old neighbors, who are not so geek. Informing them about the availability of vaccines. Providing Tiffin service contacts to COVID19 affected patients.

It is up to us to lend a helping hand to everyone and provide utmost help to those in need. Our small endeavors can bring a great change. As they say, those little drops makes the mighty ocean. Every single effort of yours matters. So, just go out there and be a support system in anyway you can.

Support. Finger of a girl showing Nail and touching to show support to others.

Stay connected to your loved ones as much as you can. This situation is way more worse than we could ever think of. That doesn’t mean we get stressed out and feel anxious all the time. This is not the end, there is more to come, more situations to face and more experiences are on their way to come. Believe in yourself that you can overcome any situation from tough to toughest with a positive approach. This is not the time when we would lose hope. Any situation can be defeated if you actually believe in yourself and not lose hope.

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