Indian Women are Fabricated to accept Disrespect from Men: Change my mind!

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How many times have you heard, "Aadavallaki Valla Sontha Illu Antu Undadu." (Women do not have home their own)
How many times have you heard, “Un husband Kuda nee Engha Venalum Po.”(Go wherever you want with your husband)
How many times did you hear “Swearing is for men? Speak like a lady."
How many times have you heard, “Meye Manush er Eto Raag Kiser!” (Women are not supposed to be angry)
How many times have you heard the blatantly chauvinist the line “Aurat ho, Thoda adjust Karlo,”(You are a woman and should learn to adjust)?As if a woman can never react since we are born to adjust within law’s family and take all the responsibilities of household activities. So how many times have you heard these misogynistic lines? Countless right? So, here I am, with the title 

Indian Women are Fabricated to accept Disrespect from Men

I am based in India and  belong to a middle class family but by God's mercy, I never faced discrimination from my family based on my gender. But still, I have faced discrimination from my relatives and society and have endured hypocritic remarks because I am a woman. 

They defined and outlined my limit based upon my gender. But these unpleasant experiences gave me exposure to think and analyze the root cause of why Indian society groomed their women to normalize disrespect from men. So here are the root causes,

  1. A deep-seated prejudice
  2. Women are taught to adjust and sacrifice
  3. Society normalize toxic masculinity
  4. Submission of Indian women
  5. Conditioning

Fight Sexism

Let's begin with the deep-seated Prejudice 

     Not just people in our society, most of the people in many countries have this mindset that males are stronger and wiser than females and hence deserve more respect and attention in comparison. In today’s world, deep-seated prejudice is still a barrier in the way of gender equality. You can’t deny that men are still a step ahead of women. Whether it is corporate life or in non-corporate, home, restaurants (while paying the bills, waiters generally pass a check to men). Men are prioritised and given more importance. We women might not be able to remove the deep rooted sexism alone, and thus ask for cooperation from men. Since you are standing before me, you guys can give a hand and open the door (popularly known as glass ceiling) for us. We all are humans after all. This is not just about men and women. It’s support from one human to an other human.

Domestic violence

Women are taught to adjust and sacrifice

     Now the classic lesson for us. In India, young girls are compelled to settling for less. We are groomed to silently go through whatever difficulty we face. Whether it is everyday casual sexism or mental and physical misemploy. On the other hand, boys are groomed as dream high and dream for the best. While our dreams are only made for being crushed into the kitchen. 

Feminism, Women empowerment

Society normalize toxic masculinity

So now, my favorite part. Indian society’s normalizing toxic masculinity. When a man does something bad or worse or questions even the slightest form of disrespect that comes his way, he is praised and applauded for his apparent bravery and his patriarchal pedestrian is further amplified. But when the very same thing is done by a woman like speaking on her behalf like speak on her behalf after being inhumanly treated or for the disrespect that happened to her, she is blamed for ‘not adjusting enough’, ‘overreacting’ and what not. Because women are supposed to be men’s puppet and can never just raise their voice, even to defend themselves, in most of the cases. Although the things are changing these days, it is not to the extent needed. 

A small situation, Once, there lived a joint family, where there were a brother and a sister. When the Brother used to scold his sister or say worst things, he is not scolded for his behavior, instead they used to laugh at the poor girl and sometimes also praised the Boy for his masculine behavior. Whereas when the girl stood up for herself against her, they used to scold her, criticize her telling you are a girl and you should not behave like this and what not.

Abuse, domestic violence, sexism

Submission of Indian Women

Being a girl, I am very much ashamed to write this in 2021. Our Indian society compels young girls to believe that the so-called IDEAL Indian Woman is a virgin and submissive. They are taught that harassment, abuse or any kind of physical and mental disrespectful gestures (slapping, using abusive words) from men is acceptable and they should not come out complaining. Why because, you are a woman and you are supposed to adjust, and it’s your responsibility to save your family and to take care of it all. And men are taught to demand respect and they feel that the society hands them the basic right to be heard or seen on a golden platter. Do you really feel this way? Mention your your opinion in the comments.

Domestic violence, Fight


Indian society is formed upon the idea of conditioning women into being men’s doll which demands acquiescence, consent and compliance from them. Society taught us that our(women’s) ‘no’ has no validation while a man’s ‘yes’ stands more worthy than a women’s identity.

Me too, protest against sexism

The Bottom line

Lastly, the word ‘Feminism’ is like F-word for Men and slang for women. This also because many women have misused the term and tried to change the entire definition of FEMINISM. They miss the hair-line difference between Feminism and Feminazi. Feminism is not about hating men. It’s about equality. We should never differentiate between the boy and girl child. And never judge and set limitation for women. Physically definitely different from men, but both the genders are equally stronger and wiser. The stereotype mentality for women cannot be changed overnight. Give a hand to women and generalize being a woman or man is expensive. Take the initiative, stand up and pass it forward to the next generation. Because every drops counts! Let us all come together in this initiative and strive for the change to see it happen. 

~From My own experiences.

Do not agree with me? Or have something to add?  Let us know in the comments your views and opinions.

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