Which is more important: To love or to be loved?

 The Real scenario: To love or to be loved 

We all want love, but how many of us really and truly show love. Love is a pure feeling between two living beings. Sometimes even between one living and a non-living thing. Even the concept of self-love works well here. Self-love teaches you to love deeply. According to you what is more important?: To love or to be loved? 

It is only when you learn to love yourself, you can love someone unconditionally. To love someone unconditionally is really beautiful and tough. If you guys have watched, "The fault in our stars", by John Green, then you must be aware of how beautiful and incredible Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters' love story was. Both, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters knew that at some point in their life, they'll lose each other but still they loved each other to infinity. That is the purity of love. They loved each other's imperfections and found beauty in those imperfections. Augustus loved himself, and that's how he loved Hazel Grace so truly. 

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In the Image: Hazel Grace & Augustus Waters

Love needs patience and somewhere, we all lack patience, when it comes to 'LOVE'. All that we want is love in return for the love; This can be from our beloved, girlfriend/boyfriend, parents or friends. We limit our love into boundaries and feelings are just bound to the strings of expectations. We put conditions on love. And those who do not pass the test we generally throw out of our lives. But we forget that love knows no boundaries. One-sided love stories are beautiful precisely like the love between two people.

Let us understand the real scenario ‘to love’ and ‘to be loved’, 

To Love

 At a certain point of time in our life, we all fall in love deeply and most probably cross and push our limits. And we seriously go to any extent. You have apprehensions in mind about losing the person you love, and make sure that they do not get hurt by any of your actions. You start caring for them. You fight for them; you take a stand for them when they are not around. You keep thinking, "what else I can do to make them happy, protect them, and serve them the best."; And I think this is the most beautiful thing when you start to love or fall in love. You have to accept the fact that to get the love you need to learn to give love. Do not expect applause in return. That is how unconditional love is meant to be; silent and sweet. The person in front of you will understand that you love them. You are free to love. You can probably fall in love with anyone freely. Love yourself, love the people around you and experience receiving love from them. 

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You start to develop a strong feeling to impress them. These are the small efforts we make in love. Even a mother loves her child without expecting anything in return. It is beautiful because you have no boundaries and love them until your last breath. No one will ever question your love. Love that's undoubted and gives you beautiful bubbly feelings and butterflies in your stomach. 

There is also an instance that when you love unconditionally, you are the one who gets hurt the most. This is the sad truth you have to accept. Everything that is happening is happening for a reason is what you should believe. With a happy face, you accept it and your feelings remain closed in a jar bottle. You fear losing them or the bond you share with them. This feeling distresses you. This is how many love stories remain incomplete. You cannot force anyone to love you and never stop loving. There is nothing more beautiful than to love someone intensely.


No matter how much you love but in the end, we want someone who loves us, cares for us, waits for us. We want someone to talk to, laugh with, who knows all your secrets. You know you have someone to talk to with whom you can share your feelings. Someone we can also share our love with. We need a better half. We need someone supportive, understands what we feel, and stands there for us. Everyone needs to be loved. I know I have told you to not expect love in return for love. But my dear friend, love, is a beautiful feeling because you know that someone loves you immensely. There is a feeling of togetherness.

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Who does not want to be loved? We all need love to nurture ourselves, feel better and have assurance. Love helps you become a better person every day. A person who does not receive any love becomes depressed, more lonely, unhappy, uncheerful and cannot keep anyone happy. Are you feeling lonely or, unhappy? feel free to read our articles to make yourself feel better. Still not feeling better? hit us up on our Telegram channel and the group to find someone to share your feelings and talk yourself out for free!

We all need to be loved, appreciated, hugged and most importantly to be valued.

Each one of us is thirsty for love and affection. It is wonderful that the person you love loves you back. When someone loves you deeply and dearly even if you get lost in a desert you do not lose hope. You always feel the presence of someone behind you holding your shoulders warmly and beside you holding hands. Love is like a mirage on a deserted island. It leads you to beautiful places. Love always gives you hope.


I believe both 'to love' and 'to be loved' are equally important. You cannot love someone if you do not know how to love, and also, you cannot love someone if you do not receive love. Both are equally important for your well being. It is important to be loved to nurture yourself and also be happy. Love is the most beautiful feeling which you need to feel for someone and from someone. It is important to express love because love is pure and knows no boundaries. But also make sure your love does not become loaded on someone, and your partner feels trapped in it. Because love is not a cage, it is a free bird. So keep loving.

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~ Debika Bandopadhyay


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