Story of success : Why is failure important in life?

 The Story of Success is not always knowing about how people succeed. It is also about how one can go about with failures. Do you wanna experience success in life and know how important failures can be and how you can learn lessons from Failures. So, here comes Lifenatphil with an interesting article on

Why failure is important in LIFE

What Failure Is?

Importance of Failure

How to Bounce Back from Failure?

You might ask, what failure really is?


One word that pushes us to the edge. A word that could change someone's future and relationship. Peaceful civilization has been ruined because of failures. People who have experienced painful emotions because of failures.

You see, when we are talking about failure, we see it in a negative light. Failure is painful and makes our emotions all over the place. Those who have experienced several failures and successfully rebounded understand the true worth of failure, which makes it crucial for success. It is excruciatingly painful, but it is necessary.

Do you count the number of failures you have experienced? From not getting the job to receiving a good grade on an exam, passing the driver's license exam, and so forth. Or have you realized that the failures you've had have helped you become the person you are now?

Everyone did experience it...

Well, whether you like it or not, failure is guaranteed and inevitable. People will at some point in their life experience failures. See Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, Jack Ma - and many others who experience numerous rejections and failures in their life. We forget that even the most well-known and successful people have failed before, but they never give up. And it's those failures that have shaped them into the people they are now.

A newborn learning to walk will undoubtedly fall down several times. We have all failed at some point in our lives, even as infants. Our mother, on the other hand, despite our numerous falls, is optimistic that we will be able to walk. Why? Because moms understand that falling down while learning to walk is simply one of life's many facets

So, why can’t we address other failures just like the way we address failure when we learn how to walk as an infant? The reason is that our society focuses more on celebrating people's results of success than focusing on their journey to success which is surely filled with failure in some way.

It's critical to understand that failure isn't the end of the world. It is, in fact, one of the most crucial aspects of existence. You can't achieve or develop without failing first. Failure teaches you how to improve things, be more innovative, and reflect on your mistakes.

Experiencing failure several times may be emotionally and physically draining. To be able to transform failures into successes, we must be emotionally and physically prepared.

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived

The truth is that we are not perfect in every way.We are human.We make mistakes.

The Importance of failure.

Learning tool

You might hear this quite often from successful people. Do not be afraid of failure, failure is the best teacher you can have. You cannot avoid failure as it will come to you one day, you will fall. But, because of that you will learn about yourself and know what your mistakes are. It also makes us wonder what kind of new strategy to be implemented to achieve our goals.

Face it

To obtain the best learning tool, to unlock the ultimate version of yourself, to have the impossible be possible, you have to be daring to face it. Go to your own absolute limits and face it, accept failure. As you embrace failure it will increase your motivation, perseverance, and determination.


Actually, nobody wants to fail at something. No one at all. However, one of the importance of going through failure is the experience. Failure is hurt but because it is hurt it is valuable, the more it’s hurt the more valuable the experience will be. While it is not always a pleasant experience, it can teach us many important lessons.


Falls and bounce back, falls again and bounce back again. Failing makes people build their resilience. Every time we face something that is challenging and seems to be impossible, failing at it, but it is where we ultimately build our resilience. It teaches us how to pick ourselves up and try again. It makes us more confident and less afraid of failure. We should not be afraid of failure because it can teach us something new. For example, a person who has failed at something might have learned that they need to work harder or be more persistent. Failure also gives us courage to try again.


Grow from mistakes. Learn from mistakes images. failures help you grow. Lifenatphil

Believe it or not failing at something allows us to grow and learn to be a better individual. We know better ourselves and understand the deeper meanings of our lives. Growth allows us to have time for reflecting and seeing from other points of view, and understanding the meaning of hurtful situations. Our life that we have is for us to grow and be involved. Growing is a core part of ourselves. If we are unable to grow then we will just be stuck at our current self.

How to bounce back from failure ?

Understanding and realizing that it is okay to fail. We symbolize failure as pain. Earlier we wrote that failure is not the end of the world, and it is okay to fail. Understand that it is alright to fail, just do not give up yet. Failure is super painful. It is alright to keep failing and back at it again.

bounce back from failure. Tips from Lifenatphil

Failure will bring you into a journey that you never planned and you did not want to go on. But that journey might shape you and prepare you for your next big thing of success. When you finally achieve success, it will taste and feel so much sweeter. After you fall and get back at it, you might want to set clear goals and create a new strategy to be implemented. There is a possibility that the cause of failure is not setting the goal the right way. Spend time to check and analyze the previous plan and make a few changes to make it work better.

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