Why is valentine's day celebrated? Love is in the Air!

The month of love has arrived, and the air is filled with love. The celebration of love doesn’t restrict to one day but, it is celebrated for a whole week, and couples are all set to make it special for each other. Everything is painted red in the color of love for the special ones. The love that couples have for each other is reflected in their eyes. It’s romantic and confusing and sometimes over the top but in the end, it is all about love. Valentine’s Week along with love brings excitement, joy, happiness, and a lot of butterflies in the stomach.

Why is Valentine's Day Celebrated ?

Valentine’s day is celebrated in the honor of Christian martyr Saint Valentine. It is said that he was executed by Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd Century. He was killed because he defied the Emporer and encouraged the young lovers to help them marry. Their martyrdom had been honoured by the Catholic Church on 14th February marking the origin of valentine’s day. This day, the 14th of February, the day of love and compassion was further romanticized by Chaucer and Shakespeare in their novels. Thus making this festival more attractive. Valentine’s day is celebrated across many countries in various ways and on different dates. 

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The celebration of love stretches to a week and here we present to you the significance of each day.

Let us know all the days in the Valentine's week 

Day 1: 7th February: Rose Day 


Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day. A day where the couples, spouses, and friends give roses to each other. It marks the beginning of valentine’s week with freshness and fragrance. What could be better to start the week of love with a bright red rose with an amazing smell? The face that lights up when you give your loved ones the roses is something worth capturing in the lens of your heart.

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While red rose signifies love and affection, yellow roses signify friendship, light pink roses signify joy and happiness, dark pink roses signify appreciation and gratitude and white roses signify loyalty. So maybe next time when you go to buy some red roses for your partner or spouses make sure to pick up some yellow roses for your friends or some pink roses for your parents or siblings. 

Day 2: 8th February: Propose Day

The second day of valentine’s week is all about confessing love. On this day everyone confesses their love to their crushes or partners or friends. Those three magical words spread their spells over the other person. New hearts get their wings to fly in the open sky. Many budding relationships get the blessing of the Cupid, the Greek god of love while some hearts get broken too. It’s all romantic and mushy. That day all the romantic song makes your heart happy. 


A man proposing a girl on a date in a restaurant

Day 3: 9th February: Chocolate Day

What could be better to express your love than some chocolates? The third day brings sweetness to the relationship. Everyone exchanges chocolates on this day to fill their life with sweetness and eradicate the bitterness. The couples gift each other their favourite chocolates and candies as a symbol of sweet love. The love birds want to make their relationship as sweet as the chocolates. They make sure every day in valentine’s week is as special as the person is. 


A Heart-shaped red box filled with chocolate

Day 4: 10th February: Teddy Day

The fourth day in valentine’s week is celebrated as teddy day. On this day the love birds gift each other teddy bears. The softness of the teddy bear gives the impression of the relationship. The teddy bear or any soft toys are a symbol of happiness and joy. It is a mood changer too. A teddy is a great cuddle buddy when one feels lonely. It symbolizes that your partner will always be with you and would not leave you alone at any given time. Teddy bears or soft toys are a great item to gift to your partner. 


A Heart-shaped red box filled with chocolate

Day 5: 11th February: Promise Day

The fifth day of Valentine’s week is observed as the promise day. A day where the partners promise each other to stay together in good times and bad times. This day is all about committing and promising to be there for each other. They make this day special by letting them know that they are here to stay. They promise to make the relationship work. Promise day marks the day of truthfulness and loyalty for one another. 


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Day 6: 12th February: Hug Day

The sixth day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as the hug day. This day people show their love by hugging each other and comforting them. What could be better than a tight hug from your loved ones when you feel low, all that stress and anxiety vanishes at the end of the day with a hug. It connects people and helps them understand emotions better when words fall short to express them. Hugging your loved ones shows your affection towards them. It shows that you care for them and that you are there as their comforting person. 

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Day 7: 13th February: Kiss Day

The day before Valentine’s day is marked as the kiss day. On this day the lovers seal their love with a gentle and warm kiss. Kiss is the language of the heart’s desire. It conveys the love from your heart to theirs. The kiss day symbolizes the meeting of two beautiful souls. 

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Day 8: 14th February: Valentine’s Day

Finally comes the day all the couples have been waiting for. The day of love. Valentine’s day is a day when all the couples go beyond their limits to express their love for each other. On this day the couples spend some romantic quality time together. They make sure that their partners are having a good time and are feeling special. The couples celebrate this day by gifting each other special gifts, planning surprise dates and dinner. Valentine’s day is all about celebrating your love for your partners whether by drawing red heart shapes and cupid wings on a card or by gifting them customized gifts. Love sees no size or shape or colour or any other barrier. Let your young heart flutter in the wind of love.

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If you want to know some interesting ways to surprise your valentine’s then Click here and do check out the article for some amazing ideas. Wishing everyone who is in love and who isn’t a very Happy Valentine’s Week from team Lifenatphil.


If you are not in a relationship doesn’t matter, go out and pamper yourself and treat yourself with some yummy food. And always remember if you want to talk to someone Lifenatphil is here for you.

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