The key to achieving the seemingly unachievable | Perseverance

If you want to achieve the impossible, you must be willing to risk all within your power. Don't be frightened to fall at any point; just get up and try again.


 People who achieve success are goal-orientated. You can set up goals in a variety of areas or only one. Begin by generating a list of goals you'd like to achieve in each of the fields you have picked, and then put them in order so that each area has one or two goals. Anyone can accomplish the seemingly impossible simply by believing that anything is possible. It becomes hard to achieve the impossible once you start doubting your skills. Believe in yourself, no matter how difficult things get. You will be able to go to extremes.

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Successful people do not just sit and wait for the magic to happen, nor make excuses for their failures or weaknesses. As humans, we have all struggled with procrastination at some point. The most significant impediment to goal-setting is procrastination. You may, however, conquer it with self-discipline. Self-discipline is the refusal of immediate enjoyment in a higher and more fulfilling aim. You have a reason to resist the desire to go wherever your impulses take you once you have written down your goals and booked time in your planner to work on them. The more you do it, the easier it gets to avoid temptation.

One of the brain-based executive talents that allows you to begin things without undoing procrastination is task initiation. However, our brains are adaptable, and with constant effort, we may improve these skills. In his book, The Marshmallow Test (September 2014), Walter Mitchel believes that there is a limit to how much self-control we can exercise before exhaustion sets within. Therefore, do not set too many goals for yourself. If you do not have any objective that interests you, you will be more susceptible to digital distractions and mindfulness. The longer you make excuses, the further you will stray from your goals.

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If we have determination and willpower, nothing can stop us from attaining our objectives. You may accomplish the impossible, realize your most challenging aspirations, excellence, and incredible success in your life if you have faith in God, confidence in yourself, and strong determination. One thing is for sure, the goals we set for ourselves define our level of achievement. Also, reminding ourselves that life is not always comfortable; failures are inevitable, and rather than wallowing in self-pity, we should learn from them. Once we have committed and disciplined ourselves, we can achieve our goals. Determination is the ability to use our willpower to achieve our goals and ambitions with tenacity, faith, and courage. 

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Determination entails the ability to stay on track, stay focused on our goals, face challenges with conviction, and stick to our decisions, solutions, and intentions. The ability to focus is the most essential and immediate result of determination. You can also keep a check on yourself by reminding yourself of your goals or purpose regularly.


Be bold and courageous to take on the difficulties that come your way; this will allow you to see and think outside the box. The more risk you are willing to take, you are more likely to reap the reward. To make a difference, take a chance and be challenged. Early detection of bottlenecks in your project is ideal; this gives you plenty of time to explore the problem and devise a remedy while still meeting your goal. Every successful person has a risk narrative that completely changed their life.

Miracles are created by our efforts, not by chance. Take the risk now to make a difference in your life by being clever and confident. Good things may come to you if you wait long enough, but if you persevere, you will undoubtedly reap the rewards. Sure, you can fail your first few attempts, but you can't be the best without learning from your mistakes. Set lofty goals for yourself in ways that will motivate you to try again if you fail. Set a new, more challenging objective once you've completed your first one.

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Everyone's definition of success is different, and that's the beauty of it. Make your definition of success and use it to influence your life decisions. Allowing others to determine your success could spell tragedy! Make a strategy for achieving your objectives and stick to them. Understand and recognize the importance of success.

To achieve the impossible, we must sacrifice. It's depressing to say, but it's the reality. There will be moments when we must make sacrifices to achieve the success we desire in life. If being successful was simple, everyone would do it. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the sacrifices you make will be worthwhile because whatever you have to give up today will be replaced by something better in the future. 

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