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When you hear the word “friendship” or “friends”, the first thing that happens to you is that a face or maybe many faces flash in front of your eyes. That is the bond of friendship you develop. Everyone, including me and you, have done some crazy stuff when it has come to friendship. From creating a playlist for friendship songs to giving our friends nicknames, to hosting birthday parties for them and the list is neverending.

During a lifetime of a person, he/she might come across many stages or phases in friendship. Passing through every such phase of friendship we learn different things that slowly and gradually build who we are. Let's explore those phases of friendship once again. and try to understand the 


The Phases of Friendship I would be talking about, in this article are

The Kindergarten Friendship Bonding

The Secondary Stage of Friendship Bonding

The Highschool & College Friendship Bonding

The Office/Work Friendship Bonding 

The Old age Friendship Bonding

Let us start by knowing the first one

The Kindergarten Friendship

 Kindergarten friendship is a very pure kind of friendship. You do not get to choose your friends it just happens automatically. This phase starts from you entering school and goes up to class 1 or 2.  You do not have to sit to think and analyze the other person. You go to the class on the first day and sit beside someone, exchange your names and boom! he/she is your friend now. Making friends in kindergarten is easy and comforting.

You become important to each other during that phase even without your knowledge. You start to follow each others' activities, share your food, play with each other and have fun. That’s the time when you see your friends pooping in their pants or vomit beside you. But none of those things bothers you, you just laugh it off. It is all simple during that period. No complex emotions, no overthinking. All you do is live the moment! The bond of friendship in Kindergarten is filled with innocence.

A group of children sitting in a circle and playing on green grass increasing the bond of friendship


The Second Stage of Friendship

It is the time from your class 3 to class 9. During this phase, a lot of friendship bonds get created and a lot of them get broken too. You get to choose whom you want to stay friends with and whom you do not want to. It is all an immature kind of friendship. Phenomenons like jealousy, competition, and fights become very common thing during this phase.

You get all mushy in this phase of friendship. You start to give them the highest priority. You fill their slam books, make sure to secure a seat beside you for them, help them with their homework and vice versa. You skip school as well if they do not go and slowly a group starts to form. For you in that time quantity becomes more attractive. You all start to hang out, eat lunch, gossip and do all those things that later make you feel cliché.

You meet some toxic friends too but that is a very sweet time when you do not have the tension of your career or have a lot of responsibilities. It is all very comforting during this stage. The Bond of friendship you feel here would be a mixture of a lot of emotions.

Meaning of friendship understood by looking at Smiling boys and girls in school uniform playing in school gymnasium.

The Highschool & College Friendship

I personally feel this is the best phase in friendship. You get to meet some of the best people in your life who kind of stick throughout your life. In this phase, you get more mature. By now you have entered into a clique. Now quantity doesn’t matter for you. You are happy being surrounded by the people you feel comfortable with.

All you want now is to sit in a quiet place with that tiny group of friends of yours, have some deep meaningful and sometimes funny conversations with a slice of pizza and some cold drinks. You know they have got your back, and you too have got theirs. They support you and make you feel good about yourself. They do not judge you for your mistakes, instead, they try to help you in all possible ways. They become a second family with whom you have shared your ups and downs. They have been there for you in your good times and your bad times. They are the ones you share similarities and dissimilarities with.

The foundation of this friendship is not based on any conditions. Those crazy and stupid friends of yours hold a special place in your heart. They are the ones for whom songs like “Tera yaar hoon main” or “Tere jaisa yaar kahan” feel real and relatable. Yes, you might fight with them but in the end, you know they are there for you no matter what. This bond of friendship means a lot more to you and you cherish every moment with the ones you make friends with within this phase.

Close friends are truly life’s treasure. Sometimes, they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.
                                                                                        ~ Vincent van Gogh 


Four people standing on a cliff in front of sun hugging each other

The Office/Work Friendship

The friendship in this stage is different from your school or college friendship. The friendship here builds over a cup of cutting chai during the 15 mins break from your hectic schedule. You generally share a lot of commonalities with them. They too got your back. Be it your work or your personal life. You bond with them over bitching about your boss or the work pressure. They save you from the taunts of your boss when you get late. They are proud of what you do and support your decision. They defend you in the times you need the most. They are the ones because of whom workplace becomes fun and bearable The office bond of friendship although is not same with everyone. You also sometimes kinda tend to fake the friendship just because it is a workplace.


Two women and a man having conversation

The Old Age Friendship

In this phase of friendship, you meet some new people through work or clubs or common friends. As time passes away, you feel more attached to them over politics, economy, stock market, and household. You share your problems with them not intending to get a solution but for relief. 

(Listening to someone is necessary! Lifenatphil understands that and here we are! You can speak out to us using the Chat option on your bottom left corner of the screen, or our telegram group!) They become a part of your daily routine. They always keep you accompanied. You don’t expect anything from them. It just makes you feel good to be around them sharing stuff.

Three senior happy women watching a smartphone

Friendship is a pure thing, and never let that bond of friendship escape into thin air. There are very few people that stick around throughout these stages of your life may be from secondary school or high school or college/office but those are the ones you need to treasure. It might be distributed in various stages but it is a part of your life that might not make life easy but surely makes it worth living.

Love is not just between partners but between any two beings! Love your friends and enjoy your life. Stay Safe. Stay Happy! Have any thoughts or comments? feel free to drop them below in the comments section. Our team would love to respond to you!


~ Shruti Sinha


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