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 ‘Addiction’, this word itself scares me because nothing good can come out of this particular word. Combine it with any positive word yet the result remains negative. When you hear of an addict a different image of different people flashes in front of your eyes and suddenly, a judgment is made in your head. Mostly the images are of a person who is desperate and suicidal. The images that you imagine are a mere idea or concept that is forced into your heads through movies or tv shows. But, have you ever tried to figure out the reason that makes, a normal person especially, a youth, an addict? Well, there can be hundreds of reasons, but believe me, there are thousands of reasons to come out of it. Here I would be focussing on How

Addiction is a bane and How someone can de-addict themselves

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What is the Need to Take Drugs
Fighting Drug and Alcohol Addiction: The Samurai Way

Addiction does not start with a snap of fingers. It usually begins with people trying to experience what it is for the first time. The second time to cope with a certain situation and by the third time, it transforms into an addiction. Multiple uses of any substance with increased dose lead to major addiction. The scary part of addiction is when the person using the substance doesn’t do it for fun or to get high but instead gets dependent on it. The body then starts to crave the substance like the stomach craves food. Regular use of substances leads to a higher dosage intake, therefore, escalating the nature of addiction.

There are many types of illegal substance use mainly drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Morphine, Barbiturates, Opioids, Painkillers. But the most addictive and widely used are Alcohol, nicotine, and Marijuana. Drugs and alcohol are the major consuming substances across the globe. Addiction to any of these substances has life-taking risk factors. “ Addiction makes you too selfish to see the havoc you have created. It also blinds you from looking at the people whose lives you have shattered.”

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What is the need to take drugs?

The most disturbing fact is that the active users of drugs and alcohol are the youth. They usually start with alcohol and tobacco gradually shifting to drugs and then both. People around the age of 14-24 are the major addicts of drugs and alcohol. But why do they take drugs? Well, here is the answer:

Experiment: The youth generally find themselves attracted to new things. Teens tend to do stuff that they think is thrilling and daring. Frequent appreciation of drugs experienced by friends or acquaintances allures teens to start the use of drugs. They all start to experiment. But they end up getting addicted to it. And once you start them there is no coming back.
To fit in and feel good: Teens tend to take drugs and alcohol to fit in. They want to feel accepted & noticed, feel good about themselves and feel wanted. The instant effect of drugs and alcohol makes them feel euphoric and over the top.
Escape and voidness: The youth today are depressed and frustrated. They are not happy in their lives. They feel void and underconfident. So when allowed to escape reality and fill the voidness they often cannot resist and fall into the trap. Drugs then make them feel confident and energized for a short period. The wrong fantasy that drugs open up a new world tempts teens to start taking drugs.

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Academic: the increased academic and career pressure makes teens vulnerable to drugs. They want to ace at everything and therefore to enhance their performance they often take the help of drugs. Whether it be late-night studies or finishing up projects they find drugs to be the most appealing way to their problems.
Personal Problems: Teens face various personal problems such as the death of a near one or relationship problems and feel that drugs can give them instant relief from the pain. Sometimes teens tend to drugs out of rebellion too. They go through various emotional damage that breaks them.

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Consequences of drugs and alcohol usage

We understood why people take drugs or alcohol. Let us also understand that the consequences are severe. Sometimes the outcomes are so horrific that it becomes difficult for the near ones to look at them. The first impact of drugs or alcohol is on health.

Frequent consumption of drugs and alcohol leads to internal organ damage of lungs, liver, heart, brain, and kidney. These organs are most prone to malfunctioning when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Other effects such as feverish trembling body, headache, vomiting, tiredness, and dizziness are the common symptoms. When someone tries to stop this addiction sudden withdrawal symptoms are noticed.

Extreme mental issues are found due to the consumption of substances. Consumption of drugs and alcohol also leads to financial problems as most of the money goes into these substances. Behavioral changes too are noticed such as instant anger, and craziness. These behavioral changes cause their near and dear ones to stay far away from them. This further makes them emotionally and mentally damaged. Thus the list of consequences goes on. If not treated as it is earliest it becomes life-threatening too.

So it’s time to give up on these substances and chose a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the suggestions that can help you or someone you know to come out of this and become fit.

Drugs take you to hell disguised as heaven
Donald Lynn Frost

Fighting Drug and Alcohol Addiction: The Samurai Way

Coming out of drug addiction is not easy. It requires a lot of courage and strength to do it. But as it is said prevention is key. Do check out these ways to prevent drug and alcohol addiction for yourself or for someone you know is suffering:
Regular counseling sessions and behavioral therapies have proven to be very effective. The counseling sessions are a safe place for the addicts to talk about their problems also counselor is always there to help them. Counseling is a great way to prevent relapse.

Addicts who have reached the extreme level find it really difficult to come out of the addiction. For people like them, rehabilitation centers have been established to keep them under proper medications and activities that would help in a smooth process. Conversing with other addicts would also make them realize the intensity of the problem and would provide them with some companions in these hard times.

The parents should try and be more communicative and supportive to their children. They should encourage them toward a better lifestyle, a healthy one. They should teach them problem-solving skills and especially how to deal with pressure. They should also keep a check on the friends their child is involved with.

Medications and a healthy diet along with some exercise can help the addicts to a better lifestyle. Regular medications and checkups are a must. One can also get themselves involved in some new hobbies for a good change. 

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There are greater chances of relapse. But if one decides to keep their headstrong and mind clear, then nothing can stop them from getting better. Remember, you are stronger than you think, you and only you have the power to change your life. If you want to learn meditation, there is no other best place than Master the Art of Meditation (Click to Know more)

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
                                            ~ Nelson Mandela

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