Crying makes you STRONGER!

 Crying is not always about weakness and vulnerability. Crying will make you stronger. It will help you express emotions and convey your feelings.

Why is it necessary to cry it out? 

Several instances are asking you not to cry.  They portray that to cry means weakness, vulnerability, emotion, overthinking, incompatibility, and what-not. But always remember, like other emotions, crying is also a feeling. Here in this article, I am going to show you how crying makes you stronger and makes you feel better. You should not suppress your tears from flowing. I agree, crying harms your mental health, but not crying also has some disastrous impact on your mental health. Stop Listening to those who say "crying will only make you weak" but if you ask me no matter how many times you cry, how much you cry, you'll always rise strong.  

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In our society, there is a stigma that men should not cry. They are often asked to not cry and be strong. They are always stopped with a single sentence "men don't cry", or "strong people do not cry". Whereas the case is completely different for a woman. Because crying has always been a sign of weakness and lack of emotional energy. 

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Trust me Crying makes you strong. Crying releases oxytocin hormones which are a kind of endorphins. Expressing emotion is very important. Let the grief flow. Show whatever you feel. The way you express anger, happiness, guilt, love, just like that express your sadness also. So, why should you cry? Here I have made a list of reasons that will define my thoughts on how 'Crying makes you stronger. 


Health benefits 


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Stress Reliever

Crying relieves your stress and reduces anxiety triggering elements. Emotional tears contain stress hormones and release them. Crying takes out these toxic hormones which are beneficial for your mental health. As these toxic substances get out of your body it makes you mentally strong and relaxes you. Crying reduces the amount of pressure on the brain and heart caused due to negative thoughts. 

Lowers blood pressure

Okay, so this one is the best reason for you to cry. When a person feels angry or sentimental it raises our blood pressure which leads to high blood pressure or low blood pressure which leads to cardiovascular problems, head spinning, stroke and even in some cases death (as per research). Those who start crying during such tough situations do not face high blood pressure and complications. As soon as anyone starts crying their blood pressure comes to normal.  Isn't this an interesting reason to cry?

Eye cleaning 

Yes, tears are natural lubricants that clean any debris present in your eyes. Like crying makes your eyes go red, ouch! The same way it cleans them also. Tears have a natural element lysozyme which helps to fight any eye infection due to its anti-bacterial properties. Like after rain the sky becomes clear, the same way our eyes function crying clears our vision by cleaning the debris.

Pain reducer 

Yes, it reduces pain. When you're angry you shout, throw things here and there so is the case for crying. If you feel like crying you should cry this only reduces your pain. You cannot deal with a tough situation by closing your emotional box. Holding back tears increases the amount of pain and you start getting demotivated. Psychologists say suppressing feelings harm health and cause low immunity, hypertension and many cardiovascular diseases.

Sleeping aid

You must have noticed babies cry and sleep for hours or when you cry you fall asleep. Crying relaxes your nerves and releases the toxins which make you sleepy. Am not saying you should start crying to fall asleep, haha! It's just that whenever you feel like crying instead of just overthinking the whole night and suppressing that particular feeling, let the tears flow. 

Social Benefits


Comforting crying friend.


This means those who shed tears can easily express their emotions and get connected with their comfort level. You start to learn yourself better. You inspire yourself. You talk to yourself, understand the situation and easily accept the reality. Whereas those who don't shed a tear are stuck between "why's?" and live with the negativity of the situation.

Regulates mood

When you feel happy you smile, dance, laugh it regulates your mood shows how happy you are with something. So, when you feel sad or are in grief you feel like crying but stop your tears. That's not the way you should deal with a sad situation where you feel like crying but suppress your feelings. A good cry makes you feel better. Even when you're overwhelmed you start crying, that's the happy hormone. It is believed emotional people shed the most tears when they feel something from happy, angry, to sad.

Improves relationship 

You must be wondering how crying improves your relationship with someone. Yes, it does. The more you express your feelings to someone they are more likely to understand you and you can understand how the situation has an impact on them. When you cry in front of your friend or your parents they give you sympathy and try to comfort you. You're capable of conveying your feelings without even saying something. 

Less judgemental behaviour 

You must be thinking how someone who cries has less judgemental behavioural traits. Those who are unafraid of showing their emotions even in public are less likely to judge you based on your emotions. They encourage you to express yourself. Speak out for yourself, take a stand that gradually makes you strong and confident. Many people will make fun of you and give you several names like a cry baby and all but trust me you're more strong and more confident than them. You don't have to be fake with your feelings.

Cry out pain 

We all have heard about the "laughing club". This is a seriously very good initiative taken to be happy and healthy plus makes our heart light. The same in Japan there are "crying clubs" called rui-katsu which means "tear-seeking". Here, you can cry and shed tears as much as you want, nobody judges you, nobody stops you from crying. 


Drawing in which A Women is Crying,.  Welcome to the Crying Club

Now, psychologists also believe that a depressed person cannot cry no matter how much they try, they want to cry but their hormones don't support them which is a negative sign. So, you can understand how much it is important for you to cry. Crying is not about attention-seeking. It does not mean they want to attract you emotionally. Learn that those who express themselves well are the ones to understand your situation well. Tears are important.  What do you feel about crying, let us know in the comment section.


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~ Debika Bandopadhyay

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