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 "Make no mistake. Adolescence is a WAR. No one gets out unscathed." 

This quote made me write the MISTAKES we end up doing in our SEXY SIXTEEN. We always say- “HAPPY SIXTEEN” or “SWEET SIXTEEN” but nobody tells us What it is? 

Every adult was once in their sixteens and passed this young phase which is perplexing. A series of things going on in a TEEN's life is always troubling. This age of sixteen is considered WAR as mentioned in the above quote. It is the same feeling that every adult has once faced. Here, I am to share those -

6 mistakes in your sixteen

in two parts. This is the first Part where I would mention 3 mistakes in your sixteens and the second part would be published soon! Firstly, the major mistake that everyone does is, having low self-esteem


When we complete one phase of our life, we enter the next phase and only then do we realize what mistakes we have made in our past! It so happens that we often laugh at our own mistakes thinking "how silly I have been back then". As we grow each day, there are various changes our body goes through that lands us in some dilemma or confusion. Some of us are happy about these changes while the others are not. And those who are not, have a problem because of LOW SELF ESTEEM.

I like to ponder upon some of the bodily changes we all go through. Moving from adolescence towards being an adult is a big step. The journey is not always fun or easy.

This is the age around which most of them are either hitting puberty or in the mid-stage of puberty. The primary and most significant change Girls go through is PERIODS. This one word alone brings in a lot of changes in the body from cramps to a lot of pain, mood swings like being grumpy to still and, all this journey is formidable. Numerous doubts and unawareness of whom to ask or whom to talk to is another concern! Development of boobs (some feel very tenderness and pain in their boobs that is very new to the girl who never experienced such), pubic hair, etc.  

woman-in-white-tank-top-holding-white-and-pink-ball. Girl hitting puberty

 To learn more about periods, I recommend every girl to read this article - Let's Talk About Periods

 Every person wants to look pretty and cute, but the sixteen brings up lots of acne, pores or breakouts all over the face due to fluctuations in the hormonal levels in the body. And along with this, you develop body hair, and boys grow facial hair. The beard and moustache that every boy always dreamt of having as pride. In reality, the beard and moustache are in the transition stage and underdeveloped. This makes them look not handsome but instead in a transformational phase. As girls develop a sweet voice, boys' voice becomes thick. Although they were not ready for these changes, most boys discern their voice is terrible.

Two teenage boys semi-naked shaving beard for the first time. two friends shaving beard.

This change in appearance will make them feel less confident before people. But the irony is..... No, not here I will tell you a little later.

So, the question arises on "How to TACKLE this LOWER SELF-ESTEEM issue?"

My dear friends, please know that it is a natural process that happens with everyone, and with time you will be okay! So relax, and just talk your heart out before anyone. Give time to yourself and your body. Normalcy is returned soon! Just have some patience within you. (If you ever feel like talking to someone anonymous, please ping Lifenatphil on Telegram Channel, and you can open your heart out for free!) 

So, yeah, the irony part I was talking about..... Although you feel terrible about your voice or appearance, they are attractive to others... Some feel your voice is sexiest others feel it sweet while you might feel your voice is not good. 


In your SIXTEENs, you will feel that you are a grown-up fellow and you do not need anyone else's opinion in your life. These thoughts of yours are wrong my dear friend!  Okay! I understand that due to the generation gap, your opinions might not match with that of your parents. And maybe you feel that they deny everything you ask. But they truly love you and care for you. 

You might have the feeling that nobody loves you. But the fact is, they LOVE YOU! And that drives them to make the right decision for you in your life and career. Look! Parents are old school types of people. You have to make them understand - What you are feeling ?,  Why you are making any decision? How it is important to you in your life? Tell them the facts, discuss the pros & cons, make them believe in the decision. Take them along with you in the process exactly in the same way you feel.

Finding them as your enemies is not a solution. It would only complicate things with your family. They were the one's who had taken all your decisions till date and, all of sudden you can’t expect them to be silent concerning consequential decisions of your life. CONVERSATION is the only solution. Talk and build a good relationship with your parents. Make them realize you are capable enough to make the right decisions for yourself and just see how they would ask you for suggestions for their problems!


Till 10th grade, we have studied all the subjects i.e science, arts and commerce. Now, in the 11th-grade a lot of changes hit you. Your subjects get changed, old friends get parted, a new set of friends enter your life, a burden on your shoulder comes that you have to get into the best college for your further studies, responsibility varies from person to person.  Your brain is already preoccupied with various such things. Suddenly you might feel that the subjects you have chosen are bothering you! This pressure which many people take is not good, as it eventually worsens the situation even more. WHAT TO DO NOW? 

Instead of indulging in some aggravation why not follow a few things that might offer a solution! 

TALK TO YOUR PARENTS & TEACHERS - Firstly make yourself clear of all the doubts and understand that the elders, although have different opinions from yours, they have crossed your age! Also, the teachers see many students who face such problems every year. So, you are not the only one in this new journey of your life facing such problems. Trust me! When you share your problems with a good and friendly teacher, or parents, you will feel 50% relaxed. They will guide you on the right path. If not, at least you will feel better as you have spoken yourself out!

WE ARE HUMANS - Stop considering yourself as some mysterious person having unique problems. Understand that everything takes time to adjust, and so does your brain!

SHARE -  locking yourself up in a room will not lessen your burden. Open your heart out with someone you trust or sometimes to some stranger (Of course a trustworthy Stranger like Lifenatphil's team!) whom you would never meet. It can be your sibling, friends, your milkman or anyone. DO NOT keep your problem only with yourself. Wanna share with Lifenatphil? You are just a click away! - Click here to talk to Team Lifenatphil anonymously.

TAKE BREAK - if something is bothering you too much, it is okay to take a break. You will need a break from your routine to work effectively and efficiently.   After doing all this stuff you will most probably feel positive vibes. You will start finding your ways of doing things and no more doldrums in your life exist. 

So, here's Part 1 of the 6 mistakes in  your sixteens. I will soon come forward with Part 2! Stay tuned guys!!

Let me know in the comments what do you think about these and hint me or request me on what you want in the next part!

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~ Yours Karuna Kriti Sinha


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  1. Wowwwww....This is wonderful ♥️ This is so true...Just loved it.

  2. Wowwwww....This is wonderful ♥️ This is so true...Just loved it.

  3. I had just started reading first few lines, didn't realize when I got to the end. Much awaiting for the 2nd part. Please release it as early as you can.


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