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Growing up has always been a rollercoaster ride for me. The girl I'm today wasn't always like this. I had uncountable fears and still have some. But day by day, I try to get over all of those and become a better version of myself. Out of many fears I have, I am going to talk about 'social anxiety'. And teach you all a few hacks that would make you strong to  


Social anxiety is not just shyness. It's more than that. Yes, I always fear how to get along with others. I fear that I will be judged negatively if I express myself or I would humiliate myself! What would happen if I do something stupid or what if someone laughs at me! I always hesitated to be in a room full of people. I felt uncomfortable raising my hand in class even though I knew the correct answer. That's what happens when you've social anxiety.

 An year ago, I was more fragile and nervous. But as I said earlier, day by day, I'm trying to change, and I started making progress earlier this year. 
Here are some self-care tips I followed to overcome my fear- 
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Challenging yourself:

When I finally thought of overcoming my social anxiety, I started to get out of my comfort zone. I started to challenge myself. I started to take more responsibilities without thinking about my fear. I started challenging my negative thoughts which were holding me back from taking any action. I question myself," what worse will happen if I don't do this ?" Imagine the worst-case scenario and act accordingly.

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Start conversation

I always felt nervous about starting a conversation with a random person. If you have social anxiety like me and you want to overcome it, here is the tip you could use. Start making the conversation first. Start an initiative to talk to strangers. Give random compliments.

Involve yourself socially

Try to engage yourself socially. Join a club. Maybe a book club, or something related to your interest. Participate in cultural programmes. Participate in activities which you feel like. Volunteer in any type of good cause, maybe cleaning your locality. Also, you could take any social skill classes. That would be helpful too.
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Surround yourself with like-minded people

Try to be friends with people who have the same interests as you. In that way, you would be freer to have a conversation with people and your nervousness will be reduced. You might get rid of your fear. You'll feel more secure, confident and inspired.
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Keep a journal

Start writing down all the thoughts that bother you. All the emotions which you can't express generally, try writing those all down in your journal. You could also try making an art journal. That also helps to grow yourself. Those thoughts which keep bugging you every day, while writing those all down will make you feel calm. Try showing your feelings through drawings as well. It gives you a different set of emotions. If you want to write out your feelings either on your own name or anonymously, you can contact us - Click Here

Acknowledge yourself

Personally, whenever I feel less confident and low, I start looking in the mirror and start affirming good things about myself. Try to acknowledge the good things which you have, which we all have. Affirmations work to boost your self-confidence. Say good things which describe you. Try to remind yourself how powerful you are, What good things you could achieve in future. To acknowledge yourself you could buy something which pleases you. Give yourself self-treat.
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Watch movies

Some movies are really helpful to boost your confidence. Some characters portrayed in movies might change your way of seeing things. Watch movies with powerful and confident characters. Take notes from them to change yourself for the better. That doesn't mean you'll copy them around.
There are many other ways you can follow to get rid of your social anxiety. Sometimes you cannot overcome with self-care tips. Social anxiety can be way worse, and then you might have to contact a therapist or you'll have to take medicines as suggested. If you are in search for the best affordable therapist, do not worry, we have the best Therapist who would help  you out at a very affordable price! To Contact Us & know more - Click here. This was an article about how I overcame my fear. No, I couldn't overcome it overnight and I couldn't overcome it completely. I still have some self-doubts. But remember the poem of our beloved Rabindranath Tagore, 
"Chitto jetha bhayashunyo" (Where the mind is without fear)
and be fearless.
Don't let your fears control you. Remind yourself you're strong.

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~ Yours Sohini Chakraborty


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  1. The way everything is discussed is really helpful for so many people......Well done Sohini✌✌

  2. It's really well written and I'm sure it'll help the ones battling social anxiety.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Social Anxiety is the worst one can feel. This article helped me overcome that. Thank you


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