Don't Ever Ignore These 'RED FLAGS' in a Relationship!

Mark Twain once said, "Love: the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired".

While keeping this quote in mind, I want to say a few things about love. We all have fallen in love with someone at least once in our lives. Sometimes it didn't work out, but we never forget those sweet moments we made with that special someone. In today's 'dating culture', love doesn't make sense sometimes. Most of the time, teenagers fall out of love and end the relationship. Here I want to say that 'being in love' and 'just maintaining a relationship just for the sake of it' are entirely different. In this article, I am gonna talk about why we should never ignore

'Red Flags' in a Relationship!

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Now the question is what are those 'red flags'? As far as I know, red flags are signs that prove that a person can not have a healthy relationship. Eventually, it'll be emotionally devastating for that person.

Sometimes you fall in love with someone without knowing everything about them. Then when in the relationship, you will find out that your partner is not at the same emotional level as you. You try your best to save the relationship, but the other person does not even try! And in the end, you will be the one who'll get hurt.

So here are some 'red flags' that you should never ignore before jumping into a relationship.

Communication gap:

'Communication' - one of the primary things in a relationship. Talking with your partner, sharing your daily thoughts, solving problems together-- all these make a relationship sweet and healthy. 

a woman calling in phoneWhen you notice your partner doesn't have that much enthusiasm to talk to you or to know you or about your interests, you feel bad. Don't you? This is one of the 'red flags' I'm talking about. If he/she is really into you they will make time and effort to talk to you, and they'll not give lame excuses for the communication gap! Watch out!

'Ex' Factor:

A little pun I used here. What should you do when your loved ones don't stop talking about their exes? It feels weird. Doesn't it?  While spending time together, they are only talking about how bad their ex's were or how good you are, compared to them! I think no one likes to be compared at all! Whether it's a good or bad comparison. All this means your partner never forgets their ex's and continuously thinks about how they can make their ex jealous. Probably they're using you as their 'rebound' relationship. My suggestion is, you will be better off if you just come out of this kind of relationship.

Irresponsible and Immature Behaviour: 

Relationships are not only fun and games. You have to take some responsibility if you want to keep a serious relationship. You have to make constant small efforts to make your favourite person happy. Both the partners have to take equal responsibilities to make a relationship successful. And also, maturity is crucial and matters a lot when it comes to handling a relationship.

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Suppose you are doing all the work, you are making efforts, but on the other hand, your partner has no such wish. They are making excuses. They are taking things casually. And when you complain about that, they start defending themselves. I think some of us can relate to this. If this happens with your partner frequently, then mate, you are in the wrong situation. It's not healthy for your mental well-being. Ignore this 'red flag' as soon as possible and try to come out of this kind of relationship.


Lack of Honesty:

We are aware of a very popular proverb -- "Honesty is the best policy." Yes, it is a big thing for any relationship. Being honest takes nothing but courage. It shows your character. Honestly helps two persons to understand each other better. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is constantly lying to you about something, and you find out the truth from someone else, it hurts. Your partner is lying, probably because he/she is hiding something from you (like some sort of a secret), or maybe they want to keep you in the dark. If that is the case, then try to clear things out with them. But don't just ignore this 'red flag' casually. It might affect you later.

The Secret Relationship:

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Some people like to keep their relationships private. But, dear readers, you may agree with me about what I'm going to write next. Keeping a relationship private and keeping a relationship a secret are two completely different things. The person you love doesn't want others to know about you. They are not accepting that they are committed to you already. He/she is keeping 'you' as a secret because they want other future options for them. You might only be a 'time pass' for them. So, don't just believe them blindly when they start manipulating you. Ask them the reason why they're making the relationship a secret. You are too special to be someone's secret.

Gut feeling:

Your 'gut feeling' can never be wrong. When you feel anxious, or fearful or you feel that something is wrong, you often get stomach twinges. That's the way of your gut feeling telling you to stop or think twice before jumping into a relationship. You might ignore this, thinking that's nothing. You might think, "No! I love this person, I can make everything right". But my dear reader, that's not how things work! 

Happy Birthday Card Photo containing white placard and rose petalsWe often fall in love with someone without thinking too much. We ignore these red flags, we ignore what our friends and family say sometimes, we ignore every warning. But we have to keep in mind, love is complex and everyone's perception of love is different. Maybe the way you love someone, the opposite person doesn't love you the same. Then our hearts get broken. At the end of the day, we've to keep ourselves strong and nourish our beautiful hearts. So my last suggestion is to keep your head and heart stronger and never stop loving.

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~ Yours Sohini Chakraborty


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  3. It takes guts to actually point out the red flags and write them down so that the ones reading it become aware of those. Keep up the writing!


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