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You might have been wondering why this article and what actually is Silent Treatment. And what is the need for someone to deal with it? But my dear friend, let me tell you. This article would come in handy in various situations of your life - personal as well as professional. It all lies in your perception as to how you take it. So, go ahead and read this interesting article in a new dimensional perspective that was never before put out on any website.

What is Silent Treatment and How to Deal with it? 

Silence... Although it gives peace, it has the power to destruct our inner peace. Have you ever been badly treated with silence? And felt that your heart was breaking but without words? Yes, at least once in life, you might have experienced it. That is referred to as silent treatment. When I was in school, one of my friends started giving me the silent treatment and, I felt bad. I was confused at that moment and did not know how to react. I have asked her several times what happened. Let us talk about it and sort it out. Yes, speaking and communicating is the only way to understand each others problems. And not every time people can understand your “दिल की बात ” (translates to - "Words of the Heart"). Sometimes you need to talk to them instead of giving them the silent treatment. But the real trouble is to identify that 'Silent Treatment'. How to know if they are giving you the worst, the silent treatment. I know everyone at one point have been treated with the silent treatment and will learn how to deal with it. 

Silent Treatment and its example. Couples not speaking to each other and have turned away their faces.

Observe the Actions

Words play a vital role in binding a relation and are also responsible for breaking a relationship. Good words can make you cheerful, make your heart pound, and those exact words can make your heart cry all night. I know it is seriously very hard to deal with the silent treatment. There is an old saying, 

Actions speak more than Words

But what if there is no action and not even a single word. How to deal with it? No one answered me the correct answer. So, I have constructed my own answer, and I do not know if it is correct. If you have any answers in your mind, let me know in the comments. And my answer is - if anyone speaks badly about you on your back but do not tell you your fault. Learn that they are abusive. Even if you have done something wrong and they just start bitching about you rather than pointing out and correcting your mistake, they are trying to hurt you. And they are not your friends. Realize this fact. Do not cry for such people because you do not deserve such people in your life. 

When someone wants to end a relationship but do not want to explain the reason, they just start ghosting you, and you can feel it. During this dating generation, you can feel often, people tend to ghost their partners when they are not convinced by them in real life. While the other partner just sits and pass their time waiting for responses. This is so frustrating. You start questioning yourself. You go through such a mental trauma that cannot be explained. Your amygdala starts its creative actions to make up stories. You gradually start overthinking. Overthinking is a mess that you cannot clean with a cloth.

Now, during the age of chatting, people tend to block each other without knowing the actual reason. Or they keep your texts on 'seen'. This is another type of silent treatment. Which I call 'modern social silent treatment'. This is literally so frustrating that they block the ways to communicate. Then, you take the help of someone else, and the whole thing is no longer personal between you two.  How would you feel if one of your parents starts giving you the silent treatment and just have small talk, or just keep scolding you all the time?

I have heard from a few of my friends that, "I haven't spoken to my father for a long time" and I ask them to approach and ask the reason behind it. Their answer is always 'he will not understand'. Okay buddy, have you tried? Go ahead speak to your parents if they are giving you the silent treatment, do not hesitate. After all, they are your parents. I agree that there is a generation gap, but you have to put in efforts to reduce that gap. Believe me, they cannot be angry with you for a long time. Take up the first step, and you will see your relationship with your parents will get better.

The image contains a scene showing a man is hitting the child and treating him bad. Lifenatphil. Debika Bandopadhyay

When does Silent Treatment become abusive?

Yes, even silent treatment can become abusive and affect your mental health when you do not know how you should react to some actions. You gradually start suffering and bearing all the pain that you cannot share. But dear, communicate and try talking to people about what you are going through. To know more about mental health read the article: Mental Abuse: Don't Hold Back, Fight! 

Now, what are the abusive actions? 

Part 2 is soon gonna come up. Stay tuned to us to read the second part and know how many ways Silent Treatment can be.

~ Debika Bandopadhyay

 P.S. Part 2 is now out! To read the Second Part and understand the different ways of Silent Treatment - Click Here

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