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Hey people! I am back with exciting experiences. Did you read Episode 1? Click here to read it. After you read the first episode, read this second episode. So, the first episode was nothing but just a comprehensive short description of what I would focus on. That does not mean I will limit myself to that. I'll expand my horizons now and then. And you never know what you might miss. So follow all the episodes regularly.

Know Your Limits in Life with Everyone - Episode: 2

In the current world, everyone has access to everything. Already know almost everything. If not, at least few have that feeling. So, want facts? Just go google. Experiences? Go ahead and read the article. All you find here is the perspectives and experiences.

Should we also Have LIMITS?

By generally focusing on others, we often tend to forget to look at our own-self. You must be more productive. You have to understand that you have specific Limits for yourself that makes your life well-organized. I am not telling you to curtail yourself too much or be so rigid that you miss out on enjoyment. Here I focus on how well you organize the time that helps you to not miss out on anything. And they are satisfaction, entertainment, your personality, friends, family, and work. There should be a perfect balance for everything.

The current Gen-z's or some of the millennials too have started to become night owls. Of course, they have their explanation for that. Although that helps you in a way, telling that you have the night time for yourself. Here you have to consider that the nights come after the entire day or probably the afternoons/evenings where your brain has interacted already with many things or people. And these thoughts do not leave you alone. It already has worked a lot. Now, if you still keep on working / maybe time for yourself, it feels exhausting and might not be productive. Just let me give you an example here; 

There's a marathon that you wanted to participate in, at the gunshot, you start running and if you run faster by pouring in all your energy at the start, by the end of the marathon, you get exhausted too much! The same happens with your brain too. The only thing is, your physical exhaustion is visible and the mental debility is not visible.

So, when you wake up early, the morning hours, probably after a good sleep, always seem fresh. Also, the weather of nature is always unsmoked in the mornings. So, if you wake up at around 4 am, you can positively get around four hours to yourself! FOUR HOURS! And it is a lot. With this being the secret of success of many successful entrepreneurs, few of them started following them blindly by waking up at 4 or 5 am but sleep late in the night at around 12 am or 1 am. Here you have to understand that it does not work that way. Then how does it work? 

It is foremost to have a good sleep. Only then do your mornings seem fresh otherwise it is a bad idea to wake up early. Your sleep schedule should be well managed and regular so that your body and mind get acquainted with it.

So, now getting back to our topic, 

Should we indeed have limits?

If yes, what limits. Let's see one by one. You have to be cautious when someone is reaching out to you. You have to cease them from totally entering into your lives. You might say, Best friends share everything, why can't I let them into my life. Yes, of course, they are your best friends. You expect them to be with you throughout your life. But do remember, we never know what might come up tomorrow. Differences come between people and people split up! Breakups are common in any relationship. Truth is hurtful, but you have to accept it.

An experienced Patient is better than a Doctor

Ask anyone who has seen a lot of life and are calm. They give you the best advice. They tell you how reality is. Their experiences might be different and their life might be different from yours. They might have lived in a different generation. But, remember, after all, they lived among humans! And Human's nature never changed. Always the same. Some good, few bad, few are unable to decide which side to choose.

Yeah, we did learn from our history and realized some mistakes. For instance, after seeing how disastrous both World War I and World War II were. Specifically, after the atom bomb and the fear of Nuclear bombs. We have understood the consequential effects it caused in Japan. All these make us realize and teach us lessons and yet, we do not learn from them. Every big country has huge reserves of Nuclear material in the name of power generation but has huge and huge and rich quantities of nuclear material which is rather mostly used in the warheads and not for generating electricity.

So, the nature of humans did not change is what I wanted to tell you by giving this example. Everyone talks of a peaceful world with a weapon hidden behind them. How do you achieve it? Okay, I leave this to you. I feel I am getting diverted from our main topic, KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

The Art of Saying 'NO' 

(Will teach this in the subsequent episodes. Keep following)

So, when you are dealing with people, you have to be very careful not to break yourself or others hearts. Learn the 'Art of telling NO!" but do not hurt people. I will slowly teach you "the subtle art of saying NO" in the upcoming series. In fact, in all the episodes, you will see that the art of saying NO is implicit. If you find it out, put it out in the comments and help others. (Just in case they care to read the comments. Haha..)


Now, when someone approaches you, think from their side. What situation they might be in, and what made them reach out to you specifically? Are they correct from their perspective? If not, why are they doing it? Are they doing it knowingly or unknowingly? Pose all these questions. All in a fraction of seconds before you respond to them. I say, respond rather than react. Here I give you a small example as to what is the difference between responding and reacting. Imagine that you are busy working, and someone dashes through your door. If you shout, that means you reacted. If you stay calm and wait for them to speak. Understand what they are saying and then you talk, it means you responded. So, never let your calm go.

Know your limits with people and respond accordingly instead of reacting. Always be within your limits. Every relationship and person has different limits. It takes time and there is no hard rule to define them. It is all trial and error. Even then, this series is not useless. The series helps you perform your experiments in a guided way. This series helps you in that. It helps you not to lose track. You will get to know the limits quicker than you would regularly know.

You should be as cautious as possible. You should think twice before you speak a word. A word spoken once, cannot be retracted back. So, handle the connections very cautiously. 

So, this is it for this Episode. Let us all meet in the next Episode, where I will be focusing on crucial things needed for anyone to Manage People successfully. 


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