Is there a way to find the meaning of life?

 Do you think that life has a meaning? If yes, how often did you try to find it? What if we live a life contrary to our destined purpose? How many people found answers to all these questions? Oh! Again a question... Am I troubling you with my questions? Hahaha... just a few more... read ahead. How important it is, to find the meaning of life? Stressful lives, depressing stories, and painful relationships are all that life is about? How to deal with procrastination and achieve goals? Birth always spreads immense happiness and joy all over and in growing up, we lose that spark of excitement to live life. Journeys are meant to be exhilarating, so just settle down on your chair and enjoy the ride and find out if....

Is there a way to find the Meaning of Life

Fulfill your destiny

Life…… How concrete meaning do you have for this term. Life on earth is present in everything from small invisible creatures like bacteria to humans, everyone, but, how many of them lived life. People usually regret finding the meaning of their life while they are about to die. But, how meaningful is that? Death beds are to bid the last goodbyes, and for appreciating & being grateful for whatever time one has spent on this planet and not to regret. Isn't it? So let me take you to some deeper meanings of Life now.

Meaning of Life. What is the purpose of Life

Life Lessons

The term with which people instantly fall in love..... Life. Every individual has a purpose in their life which involves struggle. Every chapter, every step, and every moment in life is towards finding that purpose or answers for those questions that are elevated in your mind. This eventually explains the efficiency of life. People always swing in between relationships and the opinions of people. We always put effort to raise questions and find reasons for every freaking thing.


How do you define Life?

Life is very simple with its own terms and conditions. We make it complicated by elaborating everything and sometimes overthinking. If you do so, will never know the meaning of life in its true sense. What will you do once we achieve the purpose of our life? Is the purpose of life only for a brief time? I leave this question to you...

Life is all about questions, how many of you agree with me? And maybe it is and we waste time in finding the answers to all these questions. Let me tell you, it's okay to be clueless, it's okay to be broken, it is okay to be depressed and it's okay to fail but, what is not okay is to be staying consistent with these things. Nothing in life is permanent and you have to taste every freaking thing life offers you and it is unquestionably acceptable to 'BE YOU'.

Life of Man

So, while researching about this topic, I ran into a video of Jay Shetty on his YouTube channel, where he referred to a quote by Charles Cooley
“I’ m not what I think I am, 
I’m not what you think I am,
I am what I think you think I am”
And these lines fascinated me. Although they are quite confusing, the true essence of those lines lies in the deeper layers. Gradually, the identity of a person depends on what others think and not what that person is. This is a hard truth. Do we have to really worry about it? Did you ever think about the importance we hold for some random people in our life? And do we give the same importance to ourselves?

Is Purpose of Life, MONEY?

Most of us run behind things that don't last forever. People do not know what to do with their lives and keep indulging themselves in various things one after another, changing their goals and aspirations as frequently as they can. “ALWAYS PREFER MASSIVE FAILURES OVER MEDIOCRE SUCCESS”. Everybody has this certain purpose for which you are here but, this “purpose of life” sounds very complicated right? Then what to do? You can work on things that are important and add value to your time.

Money. Currency notes of various currencies and countries

Is it necessary to have a purpose for our Life?

Finding the meaning is not mandatory but very interesting to do. Life cannot be exciting all the time. Sometimes Life can suck too and you can feel that your LIFE SUCKS!, but, the thing which matters is, will that thing keep you going. You need to know, to what extent you can go to get what you want in life, to what point you can tolerate, what can keep you going after all the odds.

We have been living all our life according to the opinions of others, and as per the norms of society. What will people contemplate??? How many dreams got killed just by this question? We have been made with such a mindset where we cannot do anything which doesn’t reward us no matter how much satisfaction it might give us. Pursue things that scare you, that thrives you to be a better version of your yesterday. Read Better Version of ourselves to understand how we can be better each day!
If you feel that you are acting according to their society, and not going according to your dreams or timeline, read Everyone Around ME is GROWING 

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How do you measure Satisfaction? 

Did you ever wonder what you are passionate about? What you would do if you have only a week or a year of your lifetime and then you would die after that. Always chase things that don't make you regret. And when the day of death knocks on your door to make sure you wouldn't have missed out on anything. Everybody has a passion for things like dancing, writing, singing, cooking or travelling and so on. These things lift you up instantly with immense joy and satisfaction. Therefore, make time for such things. They keep you going as they add value to your inner satisfaction.

Afraid of Failures?

We usually are clueless about our lives and do not know what to chase. It scares us to fail. We fear embarrassment. we are anxious about being judged, which slowly lets ourselves struck at everything. Comfort zones are the primary things that kill abilities and liabilities of achieving goals. We live in a modern world with the most outdated versions of ourselves. We only focus on careers rather than finding a purpose in life. So focus on the resources you have and make the best version of yourself out of it.

Learn from Failures checkboards

Now, How to find Purpose of Life?

  • Have a me-time now and then
  • Spend time in the woodlands and nature
  • Have time for the activities you love to do
  • Believe in the instincts and inner self
  • Do not seek permission from people for everything
  • Invest time and have patience don’t settle for every random thing
  • Find felicity in whatever you do
  • Spend time with people, books and tasks which improve you every day
  • Read a lot and writing goals can make miracles.
Pose these questions to yourself:
  • What am I lacking behind?
  • How can I fill my life without regret?
  • Which things that you left long back would make you regret not working on, at the end of your journey?
Well-being means a certain level of joyfulness. Although there are many ways to describe happiness, people who are always happy know what it means to be happy. Everybody is happy for something or the other, but we cannot maintain that happiness. Education, career, family, business everything we do is anticipated to make us happy, isn't it? We are the most comfortable living generations till now; We have the technology, best possible medications, entertainment, luxurious lifestyles but are we happy? No, all these conveniences charge you so much so we start our quest for earning money. But, why do we pursue all this for? The drive for pleasure, the drive for being happy, are the two ultimate goals we run for. So, make sure you find pleasure in whatever you do in life. And this will eventually make you contented.

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