Tips for maintaining healthy family relationships

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          Family is paramount in our life. Having a nurturing and healthy family means a happy, well-balanced and successful growth of an individual. A study has shown that kids who went through rough childhood have less tendency and wiliness in taking care of their ageing parents. Whereas, kids who brought up in a decorum family and went through healthy psychological and behavioural growth has high moral character by institute their wisdom of right and wrong. They admire their parents as a role model and rely on the strong foundation of a strong value system. Growing up in a healthy family is a blessing that it helps in creating a sense of responsibility such as the value of fulfilling their duties, job and endorse commitments. It also contributes in resolve behavioural, mental and emotional issues.

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International Day of Families and how it started?

In the year 1994, United Nations (UN) started celebrating the International Day of Families, every year on May 15 to honour the importance of the families. The theme for 2021 is, “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and the well-being of all.” 

How we celebrate?

Every year, on the auspicious occasion of International Day of Families people, celebrate some family traditions together. Every family is unique and has different countless stories, memories etc. Just like Festivus was a tradition at George Costanza’s home in “Seinfeld,” the traditions carried on within families are all relived today. Overall, a great way to celebrate quality time together.

Our team Lifenatphil is celebrating International Day of the family on May 15 by presenting our well-researched article giving tips on how to maintain a healthy family relationship. Here is our sorted and studied traits by which you will be able to maintain a very good relationship with your family. First and foremost is,  

Communicating with family member


Communicate more with your family members. Open and honest communication will assist to resolve and overcome any kind of conflict and build a happy relationship. While communicating make sure you’re respecting the other person whether he/ she is a kid an elder. Be careful about your words. You never know your small disrespectful and irresponsible word can leave a huge negative impact on your beloved’s life. Mother hugging child


A small thoughtful action, hugs, kisses and affectionate words, positive thoughts exchange works like magic to enhance the spark in your relationship. Gratitude, respecting, valuating these little things will help you to assist in growing and flourish your family. 

Family members are having great time

Appreciation and Support 

Appreciation and support are very thoughtful gestures. Not only for the family, but we should also do it for everyone around us. But we see, sometimes the world gets against us. And this the time when a family had our back. Knowing that our family is there for us, gives us the energy to fight against all the odds. And speaking to the appreciation I mean evaluating our people. Take interest in each other’s life. Include everyone in a family discussion. Revise old memories, forgotten incidents. Acknowledge everyone’s ability, talents. And last but not the least, appreciate and celebrate even little achievements done by our family members. It helps the person built strong self-confidence and know their self-worth. 

family is having


Free your soul towards new things. No one is perfect in this world and everyone has flaws. But they have some good sides too. Appreciate their good sides. And accept the way they are. If they are happy with their flaws then let them live their lives happily. You must know that you can’t have control over anyone’s life. No matter if they are your family members or even your kids. Be open and understanding towards your homies. Talk to them. Let them speak. Remember you need to be by their side when the world might against them. 

Family is having meal together

Share Activity 

A great way to spend time with family and improve the relationship is by sharing activities. Make sure that at least you are having meals together. Go on camping, dining, movie nights once a month. Involve in some activity together with your entire homies. Like grooming the pet, paint chairs or walls, decorate walls together, clean cars, gardening etc.

Family cooking together

Commitment towards family 

Commitment is important in every relationship. Being committed towards relationships reflects certain sides of your personality. Like, honesty, trustworthiness etc. And being committed towards family doesn’t mean being family-centric. Commitment means it’s a positive gesture that shows respect to the family. Never discuss bad things behind anyone’s back. If there’s a problem, talk to the person directly. It’s sensible and makes sense.   

The Verdict 

A healthy family is a great investment. It helps in providing survival and success for each member. But keep in mind that, every family is unique in its way. Try to follow the above-mentioned traits and have a wonderful time enjoying a healthy family. 

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