Let's talk about Periods

Let's Talk About Periods

Menstruation, Periods, Date, Chams:

Girls mensturate, it’s normal and that’s how reproduction happens. Get other details about the whole process from wikipedia. Lets just talk about which part of this natural process makes human beings shy and sarcastic. Is it the shape of sanitary napkins? or the constant bleeding? or just that we are not aware? or not ready to talk about what really happens “Down there” ? I mean the vagina. So, let's talk about periods and end this stigma.

Vagina. Periods. Menstruation, Date, Chams

Normalizing Periods:

Today, there are many things that have to be normalized. Menstruation should not be one among them. It’s high-time we didn’t realize this. Biology books have it all clearly and also the diagrams in it. But we don’t have the guts to utter the word clearly. Is it because of some social norms developed without any basis ? or is it just that we don't have any idea and it was the way we were brought up?

Girls Thing:

Let’s start with, not calling it a girls thing and using the right term- periods or menstruation. There is no crime or anything wrong in using the right terms which describe a natural process. Also sanitary napkins are just like baby diapers or any other tissue papers sold in stores. There is no need to cover the product with a newspaper. Because it is not a shame to bleed and also it is not a crime or illegal product bought in the market. If alcohol, which is harmful to our health, can be put on display at bars then why hide napkins in the newspaper..?

Stereotypes in houses:

Spirituality and personal hygiene are the major problems in most of our houses. Anyone reading this, have to start creating awareness among your family members. A girl is almost considered untouchable during her period. They don’t enter the kitchen or they should not walk around. They are given a separate space in the house to live with, yes it is still happening in our families. Most of our religious guides say that women are considered to be unclean during her periods and also anyone who touches her is considered to be unclean. But the fact is, menstruated blood is as clean as the blood from any other part of the body; it is only unsafe if a person has any bloodborne disease.

Break the Stereotype. Periods

Men Should Know:

It’s the parents' responsibility to not stop by just telling their son that his sister has attained puberty. But to let him know that it’s a whole lot of process that is going to be very painful and this is the process which as a mother I have gone through. Let him know it is a part of reproduction and the symptoms during this process. Let him know that it is a normal and natural process. This kind of education will allow him to support his sister, his wife, his co- workers, his friends and his daughter one day because he is “Aware”.

So join me in stopping the Stigma around periods and let's start spreading the information to as many as possible. #PeriodsAreNotaTaboo

Now let’s talk about Menstrual Hygiene. @nuawoman conducted a survey to examine the percentage of Indian girls unaware of menstrual hygiene practices. And the study showed almost 66% girls in Uttar Pradesh, 56% in Rajasthan and 51% in West Bengal are unaware of menstrual hygiene practices. Team Lifenatphil took an initiative to break the stigma around menstruation. Periods.

Use Pads instead of Clothes:

We have an old practice of using clothes as sanitary napkins. Especially, the women from our previous generation are unacquainted or maybe they are not used to buying sanitary pads from the drugstore. But using old, unclean clothes as an alternative of pads can cause various infections such as urinary infections, urinary tract infection, fungal infections, rashes, yeast infection etc.

Sanitary Pad. Use Pads instead of clothes

Clean Hands before and after: 

Clean Hands Before and after changing pads. Sanitizer

Not needing a detailed explanation, that it's one of the most sensitive parts of your body. So whenever you are using loo, make sure that you are washing your hands before and after touching the napkin. If you use tampons or menstrual cups then you need to stay more careful. Since in those cases we put hands inside us. So, cleaning hands is important. 

Change Pads Every 5 Hours:

Change sanitary pads every five hours. Sanitary pads.

Changing your napkins every 5-6 hours is a good menstrual hygiene practice. The practice prevents any kind of bad smell or odor, accidental leak and itchy rashes

Use Clean Underwear:

Use Clean Underwear. Underwear.

This practice is not only for those days it’s an unnegotiable practice to maintain a good hygiene.. Not changing underwear everyday is bad hygiene and leads you to diseases like microbes, and other bacteria to assemble and fester. It causes bad odor and itchy skin, rashes etc.

Do not use Soap and Shampoo while you are on period

No Soap and Shampoo while on periods.

Well, in India we have a myth of not washing hairs during menstruation. But this old practice has a scientific aspect too. Many doctors strictly recommend avoiding shampoo and soaps during periods. Because soaps and shampoos sometimes contain harmful ingredients like sulphate and some mild acids. Those chemical ingredients may react or burn vagina’s thin layer. So avoid using soaps and shampoo while menstruating is recommendable.

Take Bath everyday:

Take Bath everyday. Girl Bathing in Bath Tub.

Another non-negotiable hygiene practice is taking a bath everyday. It’s for all of us. But while on periods it prevents bad odor, give relieves from chams and premenstrual stress.

Feel Comfortable:

Feel at ease. Girl at ease. enjoying. Happy.

1st and 2nd day flow is disastrous. But it’s normal having periods. So, without any stress, shame and unnecessary barriers, feel at ease. Take rest and enjoy your periods. Because yes we bleed and that’s why the world exists.

In Emergency, use Clean Clothes, Tampons or Menstrual Cups

For Emergency use tampons or menstrual cups or clean clothes. Menstrual cups. Tampons.

This point is not for spreading awareness. It’s more like a hack. I am pretty sure that many of us have faced this trouble in life at least once. Running out of pads. Instead of pads, we can carry tampons or maybe menstrual cups. But if you still don’t have that then feel free to use a clean cloth as an alternative to sanitary napkins.  

Here are some alternatives you can choose like Bio-degradable Sanitary pads or menstrual cups or tampon. 

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Authors - Ishwarya S & Jaita Choudhary


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