Laughter Therapy and Its Health Benefits

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Have you heard the line “Laughter is the best medicine?” And ever wondered is it true or not? It’s very true and scientifically proven. A study has shown that laughing is a good exercise that helps to relax the entire body and improves everyday wellness and wellbeing. Psychiatrists use Laughter therapy to treat patients who suffer from overstress or depression. Because good laughter aims to help reduce stress and make people happier and more committed and as well as improve their interpersonal skills. 

World Laughter Day. A Big Smiley

 How World Laughter Day started?

Every year on the first Sunday of May observed as World Laughter. It is being celebrated since 1988. This year the annual event will be celebrated on May 2nd worldwide. The event goes online due to COVID-19. World Laughter Day observed annually in most large cities around the world. It has been celebrated in Los Angeles since 2005. The celebration of the event is a positive manifestation of the world’s peace and it aims to raise awareness of laughter and many healing benefits that it is conferring. This year we will be celebrating Laughter Day online due to the Covid-19 situation. The mission of the event is health, happiness, and world peace through the laugh.

Say Cheese

From where did the idea Pop?

 It was first started by Dr. Madan Kataria. He is also the founder of the Yoga Movement based on the idea that facial expressions have an efficient on emotions. Currently, from all over the world there is 5000 laughter Yoga class who celebrates Laughter Day every year by conducting entertainment activities like music, dance and laughter contests. They also conduct rallies chanting “Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha-Ha,” dancing, clapping, etc. They also carry banners and placards writing “World peace through laughter, the whole world is an extended family, Join Community Laughter Club! It’s tots free” etc. These clubs help people to have a great experience so join a laughter club for the following benefits,

 The benefits of laughing can be divided into two parts, 

 1. Physical health benefits
 2. Mental health benefits

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Physical health benefits

  • Laugh reduces blood sugar level
  • Increase glucose tolerance
  • Helps blood vessels to function better, which is good for the heart and brain
  • Decrease the release of stress hormone and improves infection-fighting antibodies and improves disease resistance
  • Relieves stress and helps the body to relax
  • Boost immune system. Laughter increases immune cells and antibodies which helps in the fight against the infection
  • Triggers release endorphin, which is a happy hormone and natural pain killer of the body and release when we laugh
  • Burn calories. A study has proven that laughing 10-15 minutes every day will help you burn around 60 calories.
Smile makes me thin

  • Help you to live longer
  • Decreases any kind of pain
  • Boosts T-cells. T-cells are a kind of specialized cells for the immune system which helps to fight sickness
  • Works as a complementary cancer therapy
  • Increases blood oxygenation
  • Improve cardiac health. Because laughing is a great cardio workout. It improves heart pumping, enables to burn calories, etc.


Mental health benefits

  • Reduce pain and allows people to tolerate discomfort
  • Improves job performance
  • Make marriages and other intimate relationships healthier
  • Restores a positive emotional climate between two people
  • Lightens anger
  • Eases anxiety and tension
  • Strengthens resilience
  • Improves memory
  • Increase creativity level
  • Produces a general feeling of wellbeing
  • Reduces stress hormone level 
There have been many researches which proved that laughing is good for our health.

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