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  Mother, Mom, Maa, Mère, Amma, Ammi, Mumma, Momma, Mummy, Thalli etc., etc., many words and only one feel, one person! Who is that one and only person in your life to whom you were physically connected even before you were exposed to the outer world and emotionally connected forever? It is MOTHER, the best person in our life! If you ever wanted to see what true love looks like, just see the way a mother loves her children. Not just humans, every living creature nurtures and loves its progenitor unconditionally.

Best Person in our Life - Mom! Why?

There are children who abandon their mother but there can never be a mother who abandons her children and even if she does, it is for the love on her children only. The relation between a mother and her child is very simple yet complex. No one can understand that pure form of love but can only feel it.

We fall, tumble and again get up throughout our lives and if there is one constant support we fall on, it is Mother. Your friends, relatives, siblings, partner and all others might leave you but not your Mother. She always trusts you as her own part and can never think of leaving you apart. So, now do you agree with me? Best person in our life is Mom. Read ahead.

Reasons that say your love is true!

Mother's love towards her child is always unconditional and never ending. It is like a bowl of never ending Love!


Best Person in our Life mom. Connection between mom and child. Security, Appreciation, Warmth

If you are in a relation with a person, then you should feel that connection between you both. You both might be miles apart but still have that strong connection. You get this kind of bonding only with the close ones. And with mother, for sure you will have that feeling, since birth. 


You trust your partner as you trust your own soul and vice-versa. Your Mother believes in whatever you do, and will stand with you on every step you take. If wrong, she will scold you and beat you but will always support you. Moms are Moms! They trust their children more than someone else.

I would like to tell you a small story here...

So, in my childhood, it was in the mid 60s, Britain was shaking with lots of things, music bands, recreational drugs, spies, government scandals, fashion, feminism, everything were transforming their own thing. I was a kid and was playing in the yard of my neighbor. I saw a packet of powder, mistook it for sugar or salt, along with my friend, has opened it, and it was all on the ground. A passerby, came to us, and accused us of smuggling drugs and using them. He took me to my parents, My dad was furious on me for me using the drugs, but my MOM, she was there, she trusted me, believed in me, gave me a chance to speak out. She was the only person there who trusted me and believed in what I said.

Taking intoxicated drugs is not good for health. Avoid the drugs


There is a saying, "A Crow's baby is beautiful for a Crow". No, I am not being a racist. Just giving an example of the quote. So, how ugly a person is, flaws they have, all that does not matter to a Mother. Her child might be a person who is fit for nothing according to the world, but for that Mother, her child will succeed, no matter what. She has that level of confidence, and loves the flaws of her child. She helps the child feel more comfortable, happy and confident.


She always accepts her kids as they are and always loves them. As we have understood in the above paragraph, a mother always loves her kids as they are. It should be noted that, we need at least one person who accept us and understands us rather than judging us. People are so judgmental that they do not care to know about what we go through. Only a mother understands her kids and accepts them truly.


Care for you as they care for themselves and sometimes even more. A mother's care can be seen in her actions and love towards us. The way she handles us when we were a new born baby, and as we grow, the nurturing she does is no match to anyone in our life. So, Mother's care is the best care one receives in their lives.  She will her-self suffer sometimes but will never let her progenitors suffer. That, is the level of care, commitment a mother shows towards her kids. 

Mothers Care. A Mother with two kids enjoying and taking care of them.


In our lives, there are ups and downs. We fall down, and every time we look back for support to fall on. And when we do not find a support, it really hurts us very bad. Mother, being the best person in our life will be our constant support and life line. 
She will always embrace you with solace and gives you a cushion to fall on.

We might face a lot of issues, we quarrel with our mom, we fight, we might stop talking for days, we might be angry on her, and yet, she is our MOM and we have the same feeling of connection towards her forever. Generally there is a debate as to Men are superior or Women. I ask you, is the egg first or the chicken? So, you are born out of her womb, and she shows you the utmost love, care and affection. Treat all the women like you treat  your mother and the younger ones like your sister who always supports you. Make this world a better place to live in and a joyful and happy place! 

Signing off 

-Dr. Dee Sim Ber

P.S: I have met few younger generation minds and few of them have a differed opinion. According to them, their mother did not show them love, she did not care, she was worse to them. I really feel sorry for them and want them to experience the true love of a mother. Need to talk to a mother like person? Use our chat option to request to talk to a mom. One of our team member will reach out to you and take the role of a mother and will give you that care and affection..

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