Everyone around me is growing

Secret Revealed

Now and then people make some changes in their lives. Be it friends, or the ones in their close group or the ones with whom they share everything. All of us share our happiness with those who have our best interests. And these days, most of us share our happiness with rarely known people through social media as well. We feel happy for those people who find success and those who are climbing up the ladder to the next stage of their life. You are with me till now right? Now, let me reveal a secret to you. Although we feel happy for others success, somewhere within us we get scared, anxious and a little bit worried with the feeling, everyone around us are growing and we are not able to feel success or cherish happy moments in our life. So in short here we deal with the feeling of being stuck somewhere and how to overcome this feeling.

A girl in black dress. An overthinker and very depressed    
Being stuck somewhere. Everyone has their own timeline.

Different people, Different path

We may have grown up with people of our age group and our classmates and even cousins. But at a certain point, everyone chooses their own path and go in their ways. So when someone is moving forward and we are left behind where we are, now it makes us in secured thinking about our lives. And also the society is the main cause for this kind of feeling. The people around us constantly want us to succeed and move forward according to the typical general timeline. This timeline tells us to complete our education at this age and get a job at this age and get married and have kids at this age. So constantly we are being pushed by others to follow this timeline. To move forward and to cherish the happy moments according to the schedule of the society. Do you also feel that society is pushing you? read ahead to find out more.

The well established person

The first thing we have to do is to stop designing our future and just plan for tomorrow. And when our peer members are moving forward, now it is not a compulsion for us to do the same. The decision-making part is the hardest. We must take time for ourselves to know what makes us happy and what keeps us going. Once we have decided then it’s just a matter of time. And age is not an issue, it becomes a problem only when we are being wrongly motivated by the timeline which society has insisted on us.
You are the only person who is eligible to make decisions and plan how your life has to be. We must have patience and wait for our time to arrive. Until then work hard and be strong and compassionate about whatever you are doing. We must never forget that wherever we are now, is the result of some hard work which was done in the previous years. As rightly said in one of the saying, "You are made up of your history and you are creator of your future". We must have patience and work for what we have desired. Everyone has their way of life and it need not be similar. Uniqueness is what defines you and makes you stand out of the crowd.

A girl who is well established, satisfied and happy

Those people who have achieved success and are moving forward without us have done their work for what they are today. And the same thing is going to happen to us also. Everyone has their own pattern of life. Our friend may get married at 25 but we may get married at 30. We need not feel bad or sad for things like these because nothing matters if we are not happy for what we are right now. As you are very well aware that no money or job or fame or even a marriage can make a person well established unless and until they have what they desired for. That happy feeling we get for what we are doing right now is what makes us a well-established person.

                                             A person being happy for small achievements and the place which he has reached right now.  

Make a change

Realization alone is not enough. The feeling of being stuck somewhere is the hardest part. When you feel so, once in a while try to make a small change that brings us happiness. It can be literally anything, maybe we can move our succulent plants to the other side of the window or getting a new haircut or even painting our room wall with a different color, I really meant a small change. As we can understand changes are permanent but the changes which we make will always lead us ahead. Remember that it is always moving forward no matter what the outcomes are. The things that we change from our daily routine are very small but it's something that makes us move ahead. These small changes motivate us and encourage us to wait for those days that are yet to arrive and to foresee the achievements.

A person who is passionate about something and wants to make a change is her life

So my dear readers, please do not fall into this society tailored timeline and focus on what you desire. Strive hard for it and do your best. The more you feel happy, the more clarity you get on what to do in your life. And thus, do things accordingly rather than getting stressed up due to the fixed timeline of the society. For more motivation and stuff - Click here


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