An Hour of the Day can change Decades

 27th of March is just knocking at the back. The day has its own relevance because this day has proven an hour of the day can change decades. Millions of people from across the world celebrate ‘Earth Hour’ on March 27th to call attention to climate change. The motto of this movement is to raise awareness about the issues that our planet is facing. People from more than 180 countries and territories every year on March 27 from 8.30 to 9.30, switch their lights off to show support to our planet.

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What is Earth Hour?

The Earth Hour is more than just an annual event. It was first started in 2007. The auspicious occasion was conducted by World Wildlife Fund and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney and ever since then the ‘Earth Hour’ has become one of the best movements for the environment. The movement has gone far beyond than just the switching off the lights. It has become a compulsion for positive environmental impact, driving major legislative changes by harnessing the power of the people and collective action. The event happens in late March 2nd to the last weekend of March around the time of Spring and Autumn equinoxes in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively. The movement though started in Sydney, has now gone beyond the borders of Australia and climate change to symbolize the growing global pursuit of a better and a sustainable future for us.

From where did the Idea pop?

 In 2007, there was much skepticism and denial on the issue of climate change. Andy Ridley who is now a former Co-Founder of Earth Hour came up with this unique idea as the inspiration to rally people to the reality of climate change. Basically, he wanted to enlighten people about how we as individuals can do to address the planet’s biggest environmental challenge. Later on, Leo Burnett who is now partnered with WWF promoted Ridley’s idea and made the event a reality.

Meaning of the Earth Hour Logo

The Earth Hour logo ‘60+’ was introduced to represent a commitment to add to the Earth Hour which is a positive act for the planet that goes beyond just an hour. ‘Plus’ means to get involved with the movement for more than that one hour.

What you can do?

  Earth Hour is the event for everyone who wants to help the planet and make the future secure. You can celebrate it in a variety of ways. Basically, it will start from switching on the lights. But you can surely do much more than that by organizing events at your community, business and organization. Check out- for further details.

Aim of Earth Hour Movement

For the past 13 years, people from all around the world have come all together to support efforts to tackle environmental changes which delivers a strong global commitment to tackling this threat. Still the environmental change is a provocation for us. 

Another thing that needs our attention is the staggering loss of biodiversity and nature. The event attempts to spark global conversations on protecting nature not only because it is a strongest ally against climate change, it is also because of its importance in ensuring our own mental and physical health, joy, affluence and even survival.

Achievements of the Earth Hour Movement, since the start

  • World's First Earth hour Forest started in Uganda in the year 2013.
  • In Shanghai, for the Earth Hour ‘Solar trees’ are set up across which for for the public to charge up their devices especially mobiles using renewable energy.
  • During the 2013's Earth Hour campaign Argentina passes a Senate bill for the 3.4 million hectares Marine Protected Area.
  • In Madagascar, thousands of stoves that save the wood were distributed.
  • In India, three remotest parts where electricity is inaccessible were chosen and Solar-powered lights were installed.
  • To reduce the deforestation in Paraguay, WWF has used the Earth Hour campaign to gather public support for extending the logging moratorium.
  • In the United States of America, girl scouts installed hundreds of thousands of LED lights.
  • In the 'Earth Hour City Challenge 2014', more than 2000+ mitigation actions were submitted.

Bottom Line

This is just the beginning. There are many more Earth Hour stories that we’re still discovering, and of course a lot more to do. 

The Earth Hoòur is an opportunity for all of us to show our support towards environmental change.

    The outlay of fossil fuel at a rapid pace in the last few decades has taken a toll on the environment.

    Our world is suffering with problems like global warming, deforestation, landfill, air, water, soil pollution etc. Its all about taking steps towards small changes. We can already see the drastic changes in the climate every single day, and it's getting difficult to forget that many of our everyday choices have had a substantial effect on earth. Many countries at Earth Hour have made several different projects in all sixty territories to help and promote a fine environment year-round. By bringing down our carbon footprint and becoming involved in organizations like Earth Hour, we can contribute in controlling the damage being caused to our Mother Earth to some extent. It’s really a great initiative and will for sure run for years on.

- Yours Jaita Chowdhury

Here are few for spreading awareness and also to reduce the burden on Mother earth by consuming natural products:



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