Why care about the Environment | 10 Reasons why Environment is a Friend of us

 Did you ever give a thought to how the environment is helping the humankind? Do you know the huge favors that environment bestows upon us? 

Nature and Its Blessings - 10 reasons why environment is a friend to us

Understand the importance of environment well and if possible protect it as it is being hurt to the maximum extent possible and if you cannot, at least do not cause any harm knowingly or unknowingly to it. 

Everyday we use a lot of things made out of plastic, effecting our nature. Can you imagine that the sachets of sauce, or milk packets, which we cut at the top in a small triangle, could possibly choke animal to death? There are many environmental awareness campaigns going on, just follow them to know how you can reduce the harm you are doing to Mother Earth.

10 Reasons why Environment is a Friend to you

Here we are, to let you know the importance of the environment to us. Go on my dear friend, read and find out how nature is protecting you.

1. Your Lifeline!

You can live without food for around two months, and in the past, there have been many instances where people lived without food, for example, David Blaine, an American illusionist lived for 44 days, and Mitsutaka Uchikoshi, a Japanese hiker has survived for 24 days and many more such examples exist. Without water, you can survive on an average for about 100 hours! But without oxygen, you do not last even for an hour and to be honest, every second counts! 

Nature provides us with Oxygen continuously 24/7 without rest and keeps us alive. Our entire life is primarily based on the sources of Nature such as oxygen, water, land, atmosphere etc. We all know the things mentioned above, but we should understand the importance of the environment and strive for its protection.

2. Savior from Stress :D 😇

The environment around you is filled with a lot of colors, mostly green and blue. Just looking at it makes your brain calm and brings you to peace. There is not a single person who doesn’t love the blues and greens of the environment around us. Look at a butterfly with colorful wings, which makes your mind go awwwee and wwooww.

beautiful nature with Sunset or Sunrise

3. Unconditional Love

Nature is said to be an unconditional giver and receiver. It takes everything you give, the good and the bad. It gives you equal good and bad according to your deeds. We release a lot of harmful gases into the environment and pollute it. In return, it calmly takes those gases into it and sinks them into her and will not let that harm you for a long time. It does take time but for sure it heals the hurt you have caused. Our vehicles emit a lot of pollutants mostly carbon, and Mother earth has carbon sinks for you. In the World War, when Japan was bombarded with nuclear bombs, the twin cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed beyond recognition and everyone believed there would be no life on it! 
Nature Healing and plant rising from hand

But today you see, Environment started healing it, and it's still healing it and life is possible! That is the unconditional love given by Mother Earth to us!

4. Shield of ultimate protection

We all know that Sun emits very harmful radiations such as the Ultra-violet, and it is the Nature, in the form of Ozone layer formed a protective cover for all of us due to which we are surviving today. Just like how a mother protects her children, Nature is protecting us. We without knowing anything started puncturing holes into the Ozone. It is high time that we realize the harm we are causing.

5. Everyday is made a NEW DAY

Yeah, you heard it correct. Everyday, we get tired a lot and go through lots of stress and pain. Our pillows know the amount of tears we let out in the nights. But, once you sleep and wake up for the sunshine, you feel fresh and awesome! Sunshine works like magic. It not only gives you Vitamin D but also fills you with Happy hormones.
Nature sunshine and girl

6. Quench your thirst!

When you are thirsty, Soft drinks will not quench your thirst but water will (And even to make those, you need water). Water is a universal solvent and is naturally available to us. You can avoid certain health related problems like indigestion etc with proper intake of clean water.
Fact - Only 0.007% of Earth's water is easily available for all the needs that we are having.
so just imagine, though seventy percent of the Earth is covered with water, and only a fraction of it is useful for all the needs of every person living. 
Imagine your life without water. We can never forget the 'Day Zero' crisis of water shortage that happened in Cape Town. We should not let that happen anymore. Protect and preserve the lakes and rivers. 
There is a river called 'Musi' in Hyderabad, India, which was once a source for fresh water. But now, if you have to pass through it, you have to close your nose and mouth. It has been polluted to that extent! 
So, Save Water and do not pollute it. 

7. Secretive yet embracing

There are many secrets underlying our oceans, deep inside the earth and all around us in those unexplored places. Nature has its many secrets hidden deep inside within it. Yet, it always embraces you with its open-ness. You go to any unexplored places on Earth, maybe a forest, or an open land, you will feel so welcomed and happy. Often, we should leave all our works aside and visit such places where we find no people but Nature. Just pack your bags, and go out on a long drive or take unknown routes, spend a day with nature and return back. The energy with which you return back is immeasurable.

8. Heals your deepest hurts

Experts and a few scientists have believed in the power of nature and explored, and a new subject called Nature-based therapy, which involves healing  yourself naturally and developing self confidence, having emotional connection with the Nature. Just spend an hour a day or one day in a week in a place filled completely with Nature and observe the results for yourself..

9. Solution for almost everything

It might sound a little odd to you when I say Nature provides us solution to our problems. But Scientists think the other way around and in fact have succeeded in learning from Nature. Nature is a very good teacher and it guides you to find the solution for every possible problem you have.

It is to be noted that, there have been many scientific inventions that were inspired from Nature. Click here to know more about inventions inspired from Nature. Which will give you a clear idea and guide you to the right place.

10. Constant Support

There is not a single person who can stay with you throughout your life constantly by helping you every single day. But one does that, and it is NATURE. It was there with you when you were born, and it will be with you even when you are dying. So, why disturb such nature which is always there for us? It helps you 24 / 7 by giving you air to breathe in and live, it gives you a nice change of seasons to not let you feel bored, it gives you good views now and then even if you do not go out of the city. (Like the rainbow or the clouds or some phenomenon in the sky) 

Ten things you should do!

1. Hug trees. Yes, Love nature and look at it as a person. Hugging a tree will make you feel good.

Hugging a tree

2. Plant one sapling for every Birthday and take care of it everyday until it can survive on its own. 

3. Make gardening as an Hobby and have plants with which you can spend time with.

4. Have Air purifying plants inside your home / office to get a feel of freshness everyday.

5. Prefer public transport over a car to reduce your carbon footprint. 

6. Every drop counts! Save water.

7. Prefer reusables over one-time use plastic.

8. Upcycle waste plastic rather than throwing it away.

9. Do not waste much paper. Understand that paper is made by cutting trees.

10. Be cautious of every action you perform. Because it might in one or the other way impact the Nature in a huge manner.

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