Is there any means to forget the person you loved? | Part 2

Author: Trishita Gupta

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Life is a beautiful and amazing journey, where you met many people. With few people you develop that bonding, connection and fall in love. But, if those relations won't last forever, can you really can forget them? Is there any means to forget the person you loved? 

First, the basic question pops up in your brain, "were we really in true love? Or that only in our head, what if it was only a strong feeling of infatuation!" Here comes lifenatpil to help you understand your thoughts and guide  you to over come that toxic relationship. If you did not read Part 1, Click here to read.

Will you actually be able to forget?

I do not think you will ever fully forget them. Your heart might stop yearning and your dreams no longer are haunted, then one day you might even be convinced you are done with missing that person and your wounds all healed. But deep down in your heart, you feel that if you see them now and have a chance, you would love them like you always wanted.

It is for sure difficult to forget, but unless and until you make an effort to move-on, it makes your life difficult will be stuck and will pull you down. I do understand that the feeling of forgetting someone scares you. It scares you because you don't know how much power it has over you, especially when it's love that is left undone, that leaves a possibility and millions of what-ifs. It is because you will never have your closure and your heart can't help but ponder on what could be.

Is it really LOVE?

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The fact is that you will want to forget a person who gave you bad memories and it's possibly not 'love' just an attachment or attraction. In that case, you never want to look back, and you feel that it would have been better if you never met this person, never loved, and never know what it's like to be in love. You will be proud of yourself for being so strong and how capable you are of, in making the right decisions.

As in we know it's important to forget someone you love but the fact is everyone will read the article with a willingness to find ways to overcome that phase. Whether it's a breakup or a full- blown divorce with your significant other, separating from the one you love can never be easy. At times, it may feel like you'll never be happy again — that this person was your one chance in life for feeling loved and now they're gone. Don't give in to these thoughts. It is true that with positivity, patience, and determination, you can always work your way out of the darkness of a romantic split and find True Love!

  • Get rid of things that are connected

Being reminded of your time together with your ex can lead to intense feelings of nostalgia, sadness, and regret. For this reason, it's a good idea to get rid of things in your life that remind you of your relationship. If there are items you can't stand to throw away, try packing them into boxes and keeping them somewhere out of the way for the near future.

  • Fall back on your support system

Being alone after a breakup is a bad idea. It's easy to fall into negative thought patterns and will become overly critical to yourself. Being around people you're close to, makes it easier to look through things in the correct perspective. Your friends and family will offer you helpful advice (which you should listen to) and be there to comfort and reassure you when you're not feeling good. There is nothing wrong in seeking help. Do not have anyone to talk to, or do not feel like talking to the ones  you know? Here is Lifeatphil to hear you out. Contact us and share your problems.

  • Always value yourself

Remember that you are the most important person in your life. Keeping this in mind will make it easier for you to focus on yourself instead of your lost partner. Be confident in your positive traits and accept your flaws — everyone has them. Focus on being the best person you can be. Happiness comes not from other people but from within yourself. Read here on How to be Happy

  • Be Productive

Focus more on your life and career goals. Do something new and explore the inner you. Try to meditate - Learn Meditation with an expert - Click here.

Enhance your existing skills and increase your skillset. Join an internship to gain experience. Work on projects that make you happy.

With these points in your mind, just go out there into the beautiful world that lies ahead as future is an unknown place, but for now, you will keep your head up, believing wonderful things are waiting for you. Heads up!

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