The First Post

Hello People! 

We are finally ready to launch our new URL Lifenatphil! 
It's been a wonderful journey of two months with the old URL. We started with a dilemma, which was whether we would succeed? Would people like our initiative of making this world a better and happy place? Would people find comfort with us and will they be on our side?
Various such questions have popped up when we were starting this blog. 
But all the questions were answered by the huge response we received from people from various places, cultures, class, castes, religions etc. Thanks a lot for each and every person who has supported us and liked our content. We are grateful to all of you for providing us with overwhelming response.
With all your blessings, we move forward this New Year with our New URL - lifenatphil.
I started it as one and my belief that 'every drop counts' has come true. Many started joining me and our team started expanding to cater to the needs of our beloved readers. We love to make you feel happy with new interesting updates. We have also started a Telegram Channel which helps you stay connected with us! - Here's the link to our Telegram channel - Lifenatphil  

I am really happy to know that there are people who have the same perception of mine towards many things. Though we face differences, yet, we all work towards the same goal - making people happy! I really am thankful to Team Lifenatphil for making it happen and for joining this journey with me without expecting anything in return but just Happiness of others which makes us Happy!

I have named the First post even here as The First Post, the same way I did in my previous URL -

Deciding the Name

You all are already aware that I wanted to use the name P.L.A.N - Philosophy, Life / Love, Ancedote and Nature. But I was unable to use that because the word was so common that people are getting bewildered as to which is mine. So, I have decided to go with a Unique name Lifenatphil - which means, Life, Nature & Philosophy.

The Logo Design - Explained

The new logo was designed keeping in mind our core content - Life / Love - The hand and the heart in the center represents it. Nature - The two leaves in gold represent the Nature. Philosophy - The usage of words in the Logo represents Philosophy. 

Many of you were asking what does my name mean. 

Meaning of Dr. Dee Sim Ber

Dhi, which is how most English speakers pronounce Dee, that is with aspiration, means intelligence in Sanskrit.

Sem- (1) “one; as one, together with.” is the proto-indo european root for the sim in similar.

Bher means bearer in most Indo-European languages I know of.

That is how my name Dee-Sim-Ber was formed. I am the bearer of Intelligence who brings together everyone all over the world!

My Motto - Making this world a Happy place

I believe - "Unity in Diversity". Our world is a diverse place with thousands of religions, cultures, traditions, languages etc. And there is beauty in diversity. I am not trying to make everything as one but trying to bring everyone together to stay with unity yet with diversity.
Let us look at it this way - If the world is filled only with one color, how does it look? Not good right? The diverse colors in the nature is what makes the world a wonderful and beautiful place! Everyone love a butterfly because its wings are filled of various colors which make it look beautiful.

What happens to the Old URL / blog?

We thought of slowly removing content from the old URL and start posting the same over here. So guys, you need not worry. The content is safe! You can quote that to your friends. The name of the article will be changed and the content would slightly be edited to incorporate the changes you have requested us. The old posts just contain the New URL and nothing else. So, you would not face any problem. 

My writing style

People of all age groups would feel comfortable with my writings. I being seen a lot of life am experienced in various situations - fun, happy, sad, depressed and so on. My writings will make a kid curious, a teenager triumph over the drastic changes happening in life, an adult understand his situation and an old man/women feel and enjoy every moment of their life. My writings do not criticize or discriminate anyone. They are secular & are mostly based on true experiences from people of different sorts. I do understand the feelings of every person and what they go through. So, you can be assured that my writings in anyway, will not hurt you at all! If you feel anything I  have written is not in line or would like to add anything else, you are free to leave feedback!

All suggestions are welcomed and I would love to hear from you all! 
Good Bye.

Take care and have a happy life my dear lovely Readers.

- Dr. Dee Sim Ber


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