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  We are all fire and ash at the end of that day. The day our body turns to ash, our bones to charcoal and we are past our fears, that's when we reconcile with our deeds and contemplate with the impact they created. Let's see Karma is a True game player or nature is?

Karma is a TRUE GamePlayer?

Did you ever wonder why youngsters with internet at hand still seek elderly advice? and how our elders are so wise? That's because of their experience with life and people. They’ve seen their loved ones on death beds, heard them contemplate their life and been told to pass down their teachings to us. They do so, to tell us that there is a world that awaits us. We could make that world a type of ecstasy or we could make it our personal hellfire. It's true when people say ‘Karma hits you back’. It truly does and very hard.

Karma returns back. karma hits you back

Nature works in a way where it teaches all of us our true place so I would say nature is a true game player. Try to make this world a place of ecstasy and joy land rather than hell. Do good and receive good. Learn life lessons that nature teaches you - Nature and its teachings

My Personal Experience

Karma - Scary Make up

When you see this picture, you think demons, skeletons, impure etc., and that's what needs to change. We are so busy pointing out the demons in others that we don’t even realize when we turn into one.

I would like to start from a very small, personal example of karma. This happened in first grade. We had an exam, I was well prepared but the only thing I lacked was morals. There was a question in my paper ‘Where do we get milk from?’. I had written cow but my friend wrote milkman.

Therefore I ended up writing milkman. Turns out the answer was cow but because I copied I got a 9/10. So all I am trying to say is that I was one point away from scoring full but because I copied I ended with a 9. It's the little things in life that keep us away from success. That's the way of nature to make us realize the joy we are missing by taking us so close to it and then letting it slip through. 

Another example would be COVID19. we were all so engrossed with our lives that we forgot the impact we were leaving on our environment. We all were accelerating so fast through our life that we forgot that a break existed. We went on polluting our environment, killing its residents, planting bombs in its lap, making it take so much load, choking its trees, flushing garbage in its soils etc., and yet we kept on expecting and expecting.

COVID19 wasn't just a way to cleanse nature but also a way to make us realize our mistakes. We harmed nature, and it sent our economy back by almost 15 years. Whatever we do has an outcome. It always will. Scientists like Newton have realized it long back and has given laws and theories like 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction'. If you put it in a philosophical way, One action of yours influences some other action at some other place. So act with caution before you do anything.

Karma is a Boomerang

We created nuclear bombs, places became decadent. It's as simple as choosing a prime minister or a president in a democratic and republic nations. You choose your own Leader. No one forces you and that's why you cannot fight against the outcome. We have to learn to accept our own karma and move on. It's almost like echoing. The harder you scream, the more your voice echoes.

Karma Quote - "Karma is a Boomerang, the harder you throw, the harder it comes back to you".

What is Karma?

Karma is an uncaring force, and it will put your loved ones through a piercing pain and what's worse than seeing your loved ones in a deep, depressed, continuous black hole. There is no escape.

Every one of us might have experienced Karma at least once in our lives may be knowingly or unknowingly. But every time you realize karma, you go awe.

You pay for what you do, always. And that's the way nature works. So again I would like to repeat that nature is the best game player of all. In the end, we do turn to ashes. Our souls become invisible. We become a weathered rock in a turbulent river.

What Karma is

Karma is a messy force. Honestly, it's unnerving. But that's what keeps us rooted to the ground. The fear of something(a force) is what keeps us sane.

Always live a happy life, help others, do good and your life will be peaceful and joyous. what you give returns to you. Do good and good will happen to you. Karma is not always 'bad'. It does good to you if you are good. Lead a life that makes people around you happy. If someone is toxic, and spoiling your happiness then learn how to deal with them -

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Have any experiences with Karma? Feel free to share them below in the comments.

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