What is True Love

 True Love is hard to find in the world that is filled with people having materialistic mindset. I have seen people who are married but still maintain a secret affair with other person just to satisfy their lust (in most of the cases) and in very few cases they maintain it because of the promises they made long back in the past. If you made a promise in the past which is making you maintain such relationship then it is somewhat justified as long as you do not let that ruin your current relationship, otherwise it ruins your life as well as the other two people's.


Life is all about how you lived and how you want to live. If you are committed to one person, be true to them. You can be in love with a person and might have married someone else (I have described this in detail below) that doesn't mean you do not love the first person. It just means you have succumbed to the situation in front of you and you love both of them equally. I have seen that in our western countries like USA, people often change relationships (be it a father or mother or boyfriend or wife). Which is not completely good for leading a happy life. Do not replace one person for the other in your life. Rather give each person a different place in your heart.

True Love Heart

The western culture was thought to be a superior culture in the early 19th Century. But with the discovery of Egyptian Civilization, Chinese Civilization, Mesopotamian Civilization and the Indus Civilization it was proved to be wrong. I have been told that in the ancient country like India, the relationships were considered to be so pure and respect was given to each & every relation and once you are married to a person, you vow to be with that person not just for this life but for 7 coming lives of yours. Also even if you marry more than one (in the ancient Indian scriptures, it was mentioned that the kings had more than 1 wife and equal love and respect was given to everyone). I was astonished after knowing this.

Value the relationship

But that culture of giving value to a relationship is vanishing these days due to the influence of our western culture. Though it should have been the other way around. I am not recommending marrying more than one person but in the above example, I tried to show you how a relationship was given value. I am strictly against marrying more than one. Do not take my examples in a negative perspective rather take the essence of the example. Value each and every relation you enter into.

That Pure Connection.....

If once you get connected to a person, it is not that easy to break that bonding. Sometimes we act that we've moved on and we're not connected, but the hard truth is, we still deep down know that we are connected to that person and sometimes we ourselves do not even know if we are connected or not. I clearly do not understand why do we need to pretend? Why should we act? We should not engulf pure feelings such as Love. It should be flowing freely with freedom. Any feeling, if curtailed it is not a true feeling because true feelings cannot be bound & kept in darkness. They are ought to be set free.

Love doesn't happen just between two life partners or soul mates. It can be between best friends, siblings, parents & children, between two strangers too. It is just a feeling which blossoms within us. Love happens between two souls and it is pure. Do not corrupt it by giving your own definitions of love.

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Being seen lot in my life, I can share my own experiences but I feel that would not be relatable at a scale at which I want you all to relate. So, I would like to give an example from the famous movie series, Harry Potter as it is renowned globally. If you watch the movie with keen observation, it is not just about Magic, Witchcraft or Wizardry. It shows you how relationships are and how pure love is. For example, take Severus Snape - He loves Lily to the extent that, even after she married James Potter, he still loves her and gives her the same amount of love and care to her. Even after her death, he has the same love towards her and only because of that he was ready to do anything! That is Pure Love!! 💓💕That is the bonding that we have with a person if we truly love them - we love them till death and even beyond death.

In the above video, Snape casts his Patronus which is same as lily's and then Dumbledore asks "Lily?, after all this time?" and Snape says, "Always"! 
If you are unable to view the video, click here

In the same movie, they show you the power of the unbreakable vow. An Unbreakable Vow is a vow which cannot be broken and if you break it, you are dead. That is the value that you should give to the promises you make in your life. It is strange that even unbreakable vow has certain conditions. So, only if those conditions are fulfilled, you will be compelled to be bound to the vow you made or else you are free.

True Love just flows like a river and ends up only in an ocean or a sea in most of the cases

If you love someone confess it and love them with whole heart and purely. Love is something that should blossom from within on its own, it should not be forced upon. If you love a person express that love of yours towards them and have that connection always & forever. You might not be able to marry that person due to your financial conditions or any other thing, whatever it is, just do not stop loving. Have that love, care, emotional connect with that person and your life will be happy. A person can be happy only when they are with the person they love the most. There is a catch, sometimes, the other person might kick you out as they were not true in the feelings they expressed towards you and in such cases, read my post Ways to be Happy or How to deal with Cheaters to know how to be happy all by yourself. Do not let someone snatch your happiness. It is your life, you should be happy and make others happy.

Love, Let Love & Live

- Shakyamuni

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