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 Nature is wonderful and it inspired humans multi-dimensionally in every field - Philosophy, lessons of life, scientific inventions etc. 

Beauty in Nature

Let me start with an Anecdote explaining the Teachings of Nature......

In the ancient times, the King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, a brave and wise man had to fight war with the King of England. He fought battle after battle with his small yet brave army. He was able to stop the King of England from annexing Scotland into England only for few days. Six times he and his army fought valiantly but soon his army was scattered due to the mighty force of King of England pouncing upon his army. He lost all hopes and was laying down in the cave thinking. 

He suddenly noticed a spider above his head trying to weave a web from one side of the cave to the other. It started putting a line and started walking on it but fell down, not just but six times in a row! Robert the Bruce said to himself - "Poor thing! You too know what it is to fail for six times in a row" and kept watching the spider. The spider again crawled to the starting point and tried for one more time and the king was watching it diligently, with curiosity filled in his head and eyes. This time the spider succeeded! "Yes!" the king exclaimed loudly, "I too will try for the seventh time". 

After learning the Lesson...

He gathered all his men and army and filled their hearts with courageous messages and soon around him was an army enthusiastic to fight a battle and win. With this energy, The king of Scotland led his forces to fight the king of England, one more battle, seventh one. This time Robert the Bruce was successful in his attempt and has won the battle and the king of England was forced to retreat to England.
In the above story, it has been clear that Man got inspired from the nature around him. 

Nature inspiring Science

Now, let us look at the recent scientific developments that were made solely by observing nature alone.

Biomimetics or biomimicry is the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

Inchworm - Tree-climbing robot:

Observing the inchworm helped in the invention of the Treebot, as it finds a new hold on a tree's surface. The researchers opine Treebot could be a useful tool for humans who might need to scale trees for treacherous tasks. It makes use of the tactile sensors which can figure out a tree's shape to allow the robot to adjust its hold on the surface and navigate its way up tree trunks and over branches. Here is the video to help you clearly understand

Elephant Trunk = Robotic Arm

There are a lot of other inventions inspired from nature. Just observe the environment and you will come up with brilliant ideas. Just understand the nature and let your mind go with the flow and great things will come your way. Do not believe anything blindly. Always seek for answers for the questions that arise in that curious cerebrum and let the gray matter reveal the answers.
Understand the cosmos it is nothing but made up of small and minute atoms. Look at things around you with a curious yet irrational mind because everything in the universe doesn't fit into the silly logics which we developed over centuries.

In the recent times, if you have been following the developments in the scientific community, scientists are discovering new things which challenge the rock-solid theories of ours. For example, Newtons Universal Law of Gravitation was proved to be wrong in some cases and yet there is a debate running if those discoveries are true.

Let us leave it for the future to decide what is correct. Also, even today there are scientists who are having a debate on small thing - Is Virus a living or non-living? So, there are many things that are unknown to mankind. If you take the universe, scientists say that we know only about just 5% of the Universe. We do not know 95% of what is there above us. And imagine all that knowledge which you thought is unexhaustive is just 5%!

So people, just observe the nature and learn from it. Be it life lessons or philosophical teachings or scientific inventions, you will find solution for each and every problem you face in your life. Live to the fullest and make the best out of everything.

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