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 Is it good to be Selfish?

It is hard to believe if someone is doing anything selflessly. Even if they do, people criticize the efforts by arguing that the person is finding his or her own happiness in doing so and consequently they should be considered selfish. But it is totally worth it, if  you are being selfish and making others happy or smile too.

Selfish People. How to be cautious. Selfish People quotes

The world around is filled with agony, hatred, selfishness, sadness, cruelty etc. If a person finds even little care in such world, they would feel blessed and happy.

If you are tired of reading the content, you can scroll down to find out the five tips to avoid selfish people or 'Selfish people' and how to keep them away from yourself.

Our primary aim should be to spread joy and happiness all around the world through love. You have taken birth on this earth without your consent or knowledge and you will ofcourse die without your consent or knowledge. Till you are alive stay happy and make others happy as well.

    The real purpose of any human being's life is, to be helpful for the society and give their contribution in form of social activities. You need not donate all your wealth.

    • All you have to do is, talk few sweet words which make the other person widen their lips and feel happy from within themselves.

    What you should do?

    • Every person has a hidden happiness inside them. As a responsible person, you just need to awaken that happiness in them not just once but always.

    Big smiley

    When I write this, I remember a small real life experiment related to Genetics - 

    "One of my close friends happen to be working as a scientist in genetics and he told me this - GOLDEN RICE - It is nothing but, fortification of Rice with Vitamin A I suppose (I do not remember the exact thing). He says that, 'Vitamin A' related Gene is already present in the leaves of the rice plant but not the grains. So, it is genetically modified in such a way that Beta-carotene is being seen in the grain and thus 'Vitamin A' is awakened in the rice grain"

    In the same way, everything is within us. We just need to awaken that using either our own strength of by taking help from others.

    We are sometimes too good that even when we know the other person is selfish and will not help us, we go beyond our reach and help them. IT IS TOXIC to do so.

    5 Tips to avoid Selfish People - 

    • Learn to say NO!

    It is hard for us to say no but we should practice to say no when we do not want to engage in a task or when we know that we are going beyond our reach to help a person who won't do the same for us if needed.

    Learn to say NO. YES and NO black board

    • Have a busy Schedule

    When you are busy with a schedule listed with important duties then automatically you are unable to find time to help someone especially those who have been self absorbed and cold towards you. Plan your priorities accordingly. Be creative, learn new things and get yourself pre-occupied with everything that interests you.

    Working on laptop. Busy

    • Answer the call after 15 seconds!

    It might sound rude but that is what you need to do so that the other person thinks you are not totally free. Also be in such a tight schedule and keep your mobile phone at least 6 foot away so that it automatically takes minimum of 15 seconds for you to answer the call and also you will get a little relaxed from your busy works.

    mobile in hand

    • Responding to texts little late 

    Whenever you get a text, if it is important or urgent, respond immediately otherwise, respond at least after 2 minutes. 


    • Do not be punctual

    Yes you heard that correct. I am not talking about an interview or an important business meeting. If there is any party or informal meet, always be either on time or late by a minute or two. Take care that you are not too late. That way, people give you much importance to your time and will not waste your time.

    Watching time on watch on hand

    Follow the above 5 tips and you will have the least expectations from others too as you do not give much priority to them. So, the chances of you getting hurt are minimized and thus, you will be always smiling and be Happy. If you want to know how  you can be happy by yourself, click here and read the post Ways to be Happy.

    Do you have any other important tips to avoid Selfish people that you learnt from your life experiences? Feel free to comment below.

    - Dr Dee Sim

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