Happy Moments | Nostalgia | Remembering sweet memories of the Past gives you Happiness!

 Time is a mysterious thing and cannot be meddled with.

Time is very precious do not waste it and do not play with time. If nothing is going right in your life just wait for the right time to take over. Keep working hard till your time arrives.

Once gone cannot return back, but yet, the moments we make are fantabulous and remain as mere memories which brings a smile on your lips. When you look at the photos of your childhood, old letters from your loved one's, things from your past, a smile pops up on your lips. It brings back many memories which make you Happy & Joyful. Though few fresh memories haunt you and make you sad, the good one's cheer you up. 

Memories bring back memories bring back you..........

Old Letters and Old photographs. The memories of childhood.

It is interesting to note that we are not the same person we were 20 years ago! Life puts up tough and difficult situations in front of us which mold us into a complete different person. You might have observed that the mischievous things you did when you were a kid will make you smile now. Back then, you might have cried, but now, remembering that same moment will bring happiness.

You might have hated your parents at times in your childhood only because they were not allowing you to do what you wanted. Now, when you are grown up and you're in their place, you cry thinking how rude you were to them. Despite you being rude they love you to the moon and back. You now know how hard they tried to give you the best they had and also said no to many things only to make you a better person. You realize now, they are the reason for you to be such a good person with good qualities today.

There will be many friends in our life whom we thought will be forever with us and there are also friends with whom we barely spoke. But time is a mysterious thing and it unfolds unexpected. The person you thought would be forever is not in touch with you anymore and the person you barely spoke with is the closest friend now. It happens with us many times. And we realize how silly of us to make those promises with people who barely cared for us truly.

In our childhood, if we are given a pigeon we just look at it. But after few years, we scream even if a country hen is coming onto us Hahahaha. And after you become an adult, you do not give a damn even if a hen is about to run towards you. Instead you run behind it. LOL. That is how time changes.


There might be moments in your life where you have felt, that would be your last day and today when you go back to look at that day, you laugh at how silly you were back then. Everybody's life is a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs just like a sign wave. But in the end, all those moments are just part of your life and you really feel proud of yourself to come all the way along the journey of your life.

When you are old and sit back alone remembering your entire life, you feel satisfied. You have played many roles - as a daughter, as a mother, as a wife, as a sister, as an employee as a boss, as a grand parent and many more roles. Those little things you did back then as a kid, as an adult, as a mother will make you feel contented. 

If you are a young person who is not yet married, then you have many responsibilities ahead of you and fulfill your roles by being true to your heart. When you grow old, you should not regret about your life rather you should feel satisfied that you did nothing wrong. Make mistakes, but remember to learn from them and not to repeat them.

Life lessons from the Dairy of Dr. Dee

  • Embrace every person who comes into your life and let leave people who wish to leave. Learn that what belongs to you comes to you. If they really want you, no matter what the circumstances are, they will be with you.
  • There is neither good person nor a bad person. It is the situation that makes them good or bad. So, do not judge a person just by the things you saw them do or heard of them. Learn to accept the person the way they are.
  • Care for every person as if you care for your own. Help the needy and see your loved ones in them.
  • Money is needed but money is not everything and money alone cannot buy happiness.

Time is very precious do not waste it and do not play with time. If nothing is going right in your life just wait for the right time to take over. Keep working hard till your time arrives.

Spread love and joy all around you and share happiness with every person who join you in this journey of life!

- Dr. Dee Sim

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