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 There might be many situations in our life where we might feel like ending up our life and leaving this mortal world forever. But do you really think that would change anything? Do you think your death would be a solution to the various problems you have been facing? If your answer is NO, then you are going on the right track but if your answer is YES, then please go ahead and read.

Ways to be Happy - Life

It is so strange that Life is unacceptably unpredictable and circumstances force you to think to harm yourself out of grief or anger or sadness. You lose the power to think rationally at that moment and will be vulnerable to all such hideous thoughts. You should realise that you have a purpose for your life and believe in Nature and the laws of Nature. Anyone can cheat you but not nature. So, nature will guide you to reach that destination of your life and you should just put in your best and follow nature and go with the flow.

Death will anyhow come to you for sure so, why invite death early? when you can live life and enjoy it. I hear people who are in grief telling - "for whom should I live?", "I lost everything, I have nothing.", "It is a waste for me to live, I should die.", But I ask, do you really think that is the end? Just remember, the day you were born, you did not have the same people you have today. there might have been more people or fewer people with you. Life is a journey and you meet many people on the way. You should just let them hop in into your life, enjoy their presence and then comes a time when they get down, bid you a GoodBye! Just send them off with a smile on your face, and move on.

You might lose a job, fail in an exam, do miserable things and many more. But in the end, all that matters is, did you realise and are you trying to rectify those mistakes of yours. It doesn't matter what you were in the past, all that matters is what you want to do ahead in your life. There are several ways if you really sit and start to find out and if you are trying for something sincerely and with dedication, the entire universe will be with you! you are not alone my dear friend and you will never be alone in this vast universe.

People come into and go from our life. When few people leave, the air of melancholy surrounds us and when few people leave it doesn't even affect us. But you have to realise and understand that the air doesn't stand still forever, it moves away just with the passage of time and it is YOU who have to turn it cheerful. You might end up in situations where you feel that is the end. But no, TRUST ME, that is not the end. Life is a way of means and not ends. There are several ways you can live in and be happy. Imagine those deprived souls of a few countries of Africa where they do not even have proper food to eat and water to drink! Are your conditions worse than them? Even if they are, you are blessed with an intelligent brain, work it out and you will learn how to live.

When you are happy, the positive energy that is filled in the air surrounding you makes even others happy and that gives you satisfaction. The ONLY thing that can make anyone happy is, if we are the reason for the smile of the other person. Stay happy and make others happy which in turn makes YOU Happy. This thing, you might have seen in many videos made by various people in various ways. Just remember those videos. Your smile can mean a lot to the other person. 

SOLUTION - How to overcome Sadness and be Happy

Did you ever realise that you alone also can be the reason for your happiness? If you are happy, you will be healthier. And also, you should know that Physical appearance will influence your mental inner-self and your inner-self will make an impression on your physical appearance as well. 

1. Widen your lips & Smile

Ways to be Happy - Smiley

Just widen your lips and make a smile and that automatically will make your mood good. Just try it. Remember to always have that smile on your face.

2. Choose Light coloured clothes

Always prefer light coloured clothes rather than dark coloured. A light-coloured cloth makes you feel lighter and will give you positive vibes. It is okay if Light coloured dresses do not suit you. You can go with a dark coloured dress but have good looking charming clothes. 

3. Make your inner mind calm and peaceful

Ways to be Happy - Buddha

If your thoughts are pure and your mind is calm, then automatically you will feel lighter. Let that ecstatic feeling pass right through your heart and fill you up.

4. Consume Fresh & Healthy Food

Research by Oxford University has come out with results which shows, 'We are What we EAT!'

So, choose your diet very wisely. Prefer a freshly cooked vegetarian diet instead of preserved foods. There are many delicious Indian vegetarian cuisines on the internet, you can try them. Gulp a freshly plucked Tulasi leaf (

Ocimum tenuiflorum

) every day in the morning along with water as soon as you brush your teeth and drink a glass of water, eat an almond before 20 minutes before your breakfast. I'd recommend you to avoid non-vegetarian or meat food as much as possible.
Grow a Tulasi plant in a small pot in your home so that you can pluck the leaf every day in the morning and eat.

5. Clean & Green Environment

Surround yourself with clean environment and breathe in the fresh air & take deep breaths. It gives a positive and confident feeling which makes you Happy and also improves your productivity!

The above 5 ways have been proven to be working for many of them to whom I have suggested and I have decided to put it here on my blog to help many others. If you know any other ways by which you have overcome your sadness and have become Happy, do let me know in the comments and I will add it up here by mentioning your name. Have a Happy Life ahead! Keep following my blog regularly.

KFC was started by Harland David Sanders at the age of 65! He thought of giving up but no, he made him strong and fought with the circumstances (He started it at a time where the economies of various countries were experiencing slowdown). So, YOU can do anything! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!


- Dr. Dee Sim

P.S.: There have been many reviews from lot of people around the world and they shared they would prefer dark coloured clothes and they are allergic to few sources of foods. In the end all that matters is What keeps us Happy!

So, if there is anything that keeps you happy, mention it in the comments section for our readers to know. We never know which act of ours will help whom.

 Spread Love & Happiness

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