Hustle Culture - Here's what you should know!

 Hustle Culture now has become a trend for employees and millennials. This could be due to one cause or another. But this can still be prevented in several ways.

Get to Know about Hustle Culture

Hustle culture - we come across it every day. Where workaholism works all the time, hoping that they will accomplish the maximum expected achievement. Is this good? Of course, it's exemplary; people try their best to achieve something as much as possible. But is this bad? Yes, it could be. Individuals will sacrifice everything, including sleep, food, and rest, giving all their time to work. How many do so? Many. Especially professionals and the millennials. Those who are very ambitious to achieve something mostly apply hustle culture in their work pattern. They believe that the more time they put into it, the better the results will be. By this explanation, we know very well that this culture is wrong and must be eliminated. But before we talk further, let's first understand what hustle culture is, why it occurs, and how to avoid or break out of it.

What is Hustle Culture?

Hustle culture is defined as a culture for people who do a lot of work anywhere and anytime for a long time without stopping or resting in order to achieve a goal that is expected to be successful. The mindset of someone who does this culture assumes that the more we work, the more powerful we are. We are trained to be constantly active and productive.

A Girl biting pencil due to hustle culture and over work load, irritated. Image in the article Know all about Hustle Culture by Lifenatphil

Is it harmful? Yes, it is. Here is why:

  1. People might feel guilty, sad, depressed, and anxious if they do not work extra hours in a job. In fact, this becomes stress and a burden for them and finally, they can't focus on doing other work. This shows that people who practice hustle culture justify something they are used to which is overwork that actually is unhealthy and in the end, if it is not implemented, it will have a negative impact on people who did not get used to it.
  2. It might not be productive at all times. In hustle culture, someone will agree to all the tasks given and probably not even relate to the position they are in. In addition, they will continue to work under any conditions. Even if they’re sick, it won't stop them from continuing to work.
  3. You won’t be able to live your life. With a lot of time sacrificed for the sake of work, we don't have time for ourselves. We do not get to enjoy our quality time with our friends and family.
  4. We can conclude for ourselves that this hustle culture can have a negative impact, not only on us but also on the people around us. Now, let’s explore it in more detail.

Where does hustle culture originate from?

In my point of view, this hustle culture can occur because of a “habit.” Many people get used to doing a lot of work and eventually get used to “overwork.” If we look at the “game of power”, we can tell that bosses don’t want to lose more money by recruiting more employees. So, they let the existing employees overburdened with a bunch of tasks that some of them are not related to their fields at all.

Game of Power is a condition when superiors abuses their position. So we called it a game, they're the game makers where we should "always" obey them.
Hustle Culture -Game of Power. A man with full of papers all around. Lifenatphil

On the other hand, hustle culture can also occur because of “coercion” when a person is compelled to do something because of hard circumstances. It could be because they are trying to live up to their expectations, even trying to live up to the expectations of others. But still, this kind of work culture should be avoided and stopped. We must find a way so we can avoid or get out of this bad work culture.

How to Overcome and Move Away from Hustle Culture?

  1. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’. We are all human. We are all equal. If you feel you already have a lot of work to do and don’t have time to do another task, say ‘no’. We have the right to love ourselves and ensure that our physical and mental health keeps well. Read our special series on the Art of Saying NO! - Click Here
  2. Move away from the toxic environment. If you feel pressured to do a job that weighs you down, get out. If you think your work environment doesn’t support you to grow, get out. Even if it’s a well-known company you’ve been working for a long time, don’t be afraid to quit. A toxic environment won’t help you to thrive; it will only waste your time without producing any satisfactory results. So, take a break. It is necessary.
  3. Keep on track of everything you are working on. Note down, make a priority list in each of your work. This will make it easier for you to manage your time and energy to work.
  4. Do the work that you love, NOT love the work that you do. Many people say “Do what you love and love what you do.” According to me, it is wrong; we should do the work we love. If we do work that we hate, it will only hurt us. We are responsible for finishing a job, but we don’t do it wholeheartedly. This is one of the causes of the hustle culture, where there is an obligation. It’s different if we do the work that we love, we will do it with pleasure and it gives us satisfaction.
Mastering the art of Hustle Culture by Lifenatphil. The art of not giving a fcuk

This world is very diverse. There is a lot to try, experience and learn. Do not stay stuck with stagnant and static jobs. Try a new profession as a hobby at first and later convert it into a full-time role which you will enjoy from the depths of your heart and eventually give the feeling of 'living my life.' Always keep in mind that you do not forget to love yourself.

Put your thoughts on this in the comments. Would love to read them.

~ Yours Fathia Azzahra

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  1. So informative and interesting. This article is really good and keeps me wondering that even as a student, I have also experienced this Hustle culture. Opting subjects or streams for the good reputation and dying hardwork to make them work for you. Great article and really motivating:))

  2. Yes, we all are hustling and bustling everyday. We need to understand this and lead a better life. Very well portrayed the life of many millennials

  3. Very well written

  4. The article was nice, and I really enjoyed it and read it twice to grasp it well. This is so true and
    now a days this culture is more often seen in many Organization.

    I noticed a couple of things in the section "How to Overcome & move away from Hustle Culture" in point "2 & 4" that may be illustrated in a bit diplomatic way as

    1. Quitting your job is not always practical and there is a high chance that you will land in a similar kind
    2. Quitting profession is also sometimes difficult for many people as they invested a lot of time in that profession
    3. Specially in India where huge population is there, and huge unemployment issue is there so bit neutral ground is needed
    4. Instead of quitting we should advise how to become more effective with the work life balance kind of things because every time we quit that somehow creates an ideal scenario with our subconscious mind and we always find inefficiencies wherever we go.

    These are just my thoughts as a critic. Or else the article is well articulated and covered a lot of ground.

  5. I really liked the article. It was innovative way to convey the message of how the pressure to work day and night can harm us. I like the way she highlighted the right points making you attentive to her main message and points.

  6. We should avoid hustling as it is bot healthy for both our mind and body.

  7. We should avoid hustling as it is unhealthy for both our mind and body

  8. It was a great read and also very informative and insightful article

  9. Great insightful article. Many of us are hustling and it's hard to stop especially for someone with an addictive personality. That's why work-life balance is so essential. Plan times when work stops and stick to it, then shut down work devices not to be tempted to login or check them.


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