Social Media Influencer - The Real Responsibility

Who is a 'Social Media Influencer'?

  A social media influencer is a person who has demonstrated credibility in certain areas or fields with a lot of followers online and who influences the decision of their followers.

So today, let's talk about social media platforms and the so-called 'INFLUENCERS' that dominate them. 

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I feel that these social media tools are of incredible potential on a large part. They can bring us closer together, they can help us keep in contact with friends that we haven't seen in a while and most importantly they help us not feel alone. And I think when used correctly these tools are amazing. They are wonderful and can help a lot of people. But sadly the exact opposite is happening. The primary reason for this to happen is people who dominate these platforms in terms of follower count and influence. They have put forth growth standards of beauty, success and wealth and just general negativity. So, when people consume their content they don't feel inspired or motivated but they just simply feel worse about themselves.

Just because you have followers doesn't mean anything. A lot of bad people in the world have had tons of followers who were behind them. I don't need to point beyond the last hundred years of history of the world to prove that point. 

The Problems of a 'Irresponsible' Social Media Influencer

So let's talk about the idea of social media influencers and why misusing their reach is one of the biggest problems in today's society and why when used rightly we can make some impressive and amazing changes. 

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Let us start by looking at these number of social media influencers, many of whom have over a million followers under their belt and what we see when we look at their content. Is it educational or funny or particularly inspiring? Does it make us more caring or humane or does it grow us in some other way? Often NO. Instead, what we see is flaunting of money, wealth and these gross and unrealistic standards of beauty and success. And we know that because these people are using editing software and just throwing stuff around or hiring people to do stuff for them. So we have these very unrealistic standards that we push out to people and they think it's attainable, that we can do this, that anyone can live a life like this. Read our article - 'The Unattainable Beauty Standards' to know more

The world of social media is a tricky one. It can make lives and can also destroy them. People can earn millions through social media and no I'm not talking about followers, I'm referring to money. The more followers the more of a social media sensation a person is considered. Audiences listen to these people and they begin calling themselves influencers. 'Expert level of mastery' is a prerequisite for people to be called influencers. But around the world influencers are not just based on their knowledge. Today anyone with hundreds or thousands of followers can call themselves an influencer.

When we imbibe the content created by these influencers, it just makes us feel bad about ourselves. And this is what I have an issue with. Of course, you may be an influencer but are you utilizing your platform to spread positivity, compassion, knowledge and entertainment? NO. And I am very certain that there is plenty more constructive stuff that you can even toss in that bucket. And instead of seeing a hundred posts a day of cars, money, fame, influence, partying and so on, what if instead we saw a hundred posts of educating material, people helping each other, charity work, comedy, short films, skits about happiness, etc. That I think could be pretty revolutionary. 

Do this to become a 'Positive vibe' Social Media Influencer

We could wield the same human nature where we try to derive our sense of worth from what others are doing. And be inspired and motivated by it instead of looking at pictures of fame, money and people driving fancy cars, partying and doing all this cool stuff and then feel worse about ourselves. Tons and tons of mental health studies have shown that people who passively scroll these platforms and consume negative or superficial content feel worse about themselves. But what if we flip that we could turn a mechanism of unhappiness into a medium of positive change and growth. 

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What if instead of logging onto Instagram and seeing tons of pictures that flaunt money and wealth, you saw tons of pictures and videos that talked about the importance of spreading positivity, love and understanding. Wouldn't we be much happier as a result due to the same reasons that we are so unhappy right now? 

My Personal Perspective

My ultimate piece of advice is this: If you are a social media influencer or just anyone who uses these platforms, really think deeply about what it is that you're influencing people to do. If you're about to post that picture or video just so you can be cool or wear nice clothes, flex on everybody else or talk about how much money you're making then maybe think twice about doing so. Rather, if you are doing it to spread a positive message or help people or to make them laugh or experience some sort of important emotion that you think is very valuable then by all means go for it. Lifenatphil does the same! Visit our Insta page and check out - @lifenatphil

The choice ultimately is YOURS. But think of it this way, paint a picture for yourself for everyone who uses social media or everyone who influences on a platform like that is doing it for the right reasons. Wouldn't we all love to be a part of it, be thrilled at the prospect of going to this ecosystem that's positive, focused on growth and becoming a better person and not loading ourselves up with superficiality and all these material constraints and becoming a worse person overall?

I am not at all suggesting that we should not have a role model or an influencer in our lives but all I am saying is that we are smart and mature enough to choose between the good and the bad.

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