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Silent Treatment & how to deal with it - An insight into the minds of the youth who face this major problem.
Hello people, as promised, up with the second part! If you did not read the Part 1 of this article, you will not understand this. So, please go read the article Silent Treatment and How to Deal with it? | Part 1| Life
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What are the abusive actions?

Verbal abuse

Shouting is a type of verbal abuse. You must have experienced, that when people start giving you the silent treatment, they start shouting out of nowhere. Anything you do annoys them, and they talk badly to you. Ask you to go away from their sight. And you cannot do anything. You just become numb because you literally do not know what you have done. They start insulting you for no reason and out of nowhere. At that moment, stay calm and let them be on their own. I know it is hard to stay calm but have patience. Later, at the dining table, ask them, “what happened”. Be the first one to start a conversation. Try to communicate. They will surely answer if they care for the relation.

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Non-Verbal Abuse

Hitting is non-verbal abuse where they do not use words. Instead, they raise hands on you. The worst action you can ever receive from someone is BEING HIT”. Seek immediate help when someone tries to hit you. No one has any right to hit you. In your self-defence, you can resort to several actions. Like threatening to call the police, take a step for yourself, picking up life-saving instruments and anything available in front of you. But make sure you do not take the law into your hands. You can sue him/ her for this behaviour under the laws of right against exploitation. Do not be quiet and bear the pain of ignorance and abusive actions. This is a big NO! NO! Stand up for yourself.

How are the laws against Exploitation in your country? Let us know in the comments

To know about the laws that are against Non-consensual behavior - Click Here

A man fisting and physically abusing a women

The factors that make the silent treatment worst

The first answer that hit my mind is the involvement of a third party. In your relationship with someone, you should be the one to improve it, not someone else. I have seen many such relationships break due to this reason. Here, the girlfriend or boyfriend fights with each other, and then tell someone else to clean the mess. My question is always the same ‘WHY’.

Why would you involve someone else, and let someone else interfere between you both? You should take a step forward and try to communicate with them even if they avoid you, then ask someone whom you trust to be your messenger. Many times other person feels uncomfortable when they learn that you have told some personal things about them. This can worsen the relationship.

Different minds have different thoughts. Learn that not everyone is your best friend. Some take advantage of the situation and consider you vulnerable and can hurt you to the extreme. They even go to the extent to be the oil added to the fire. Sometimes the partner even fears being judged and do not share the ultimate reason behind their behaviour. This way, you might lose the person.

Due to a lack of communication, even simple things become complicated. And as your friend,  I think of your good, and thus I say, you should be the one to start the communication rather than involving any third party.

Old Couple Happy and laughing. Healthy and long-lasting relationship due to communication

Hence, Communication is the ultimate solution to any problem and solves even the toughest of the toughest situations. You can assure the person no matter what, you will always be there for them. Remind them that you love them. These words help them gain confidence. And this also can break their silence. Simple yet, horrible acts such as silent treatment can make you feel worse. And also, this type of act of communicating can make you feel the best. I suppose, now you know how silent treatment can be with words of hatred and without words but just actions.

With this, I spread a message to all the readers to realize how Silent Treatment affects another person. So, please communicate and do not stay silent when you have to speak. Break the silence for the greater good. Make the relations but do not break them. If you have not read the first part despite me telling you to read it in the first but now curious and interested to read the part 1 - Click Here

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