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Try these interesting hacks to recycle your household waste into compulsive and handy products. With these DIYs, you save your environment as well as your pocket! Know very simple tricks that consume very less time to make interesting things! 

Up-cycle or Recycle Household Waste Into Interesting Products

As we all know, waste management plays a huge role in keeping our planet healthy and safe. This process can start right from our homes through effective domestic waste management. Recycle or Up-cycle your household trash and create a prodigious impact in saving the earth from harmful waste. However, most of us don't have the time and patience to do it or, we find these procedures tiresome and boring. Therefore in this article, I have given interesting hacks to turn your house waste into compulsive and handy products. With these DIYs, you save your environment as well as your pocket! Not bad, right?

Let me start with a very much needed and most spoken material, PAPER!

Premium Quality Canvas Paper

Close up image of a canvas paper, with an artist’s hand holding a paintbrush next to it.

Have you ever dropped your desire to get your artwork done on high-quality canvas like a professional artist? Don't let the premium price or limitations of your local store stop you from doing what you love. Given below are step-by-step instructions on how you can create your canvas paper at home, that too with zero expense. All you need to have is some used paper and water!

Let's get started  

Step 1:
Cut the paper into tiny bits either by using your hands or scissors. Add sufficient water to the paper bits and keep them aside for 2 minutes. Make sure the quantity of water is ample enough to immerse the paper bits completely.

Step 2:
Once the paper is thoroughly soaked, transfer it to a  mixer jar and grind it for at least 3 minutes until it forms a pulp.

Step 3:
Take a bowl and pour a  glass of water. Add 2 tablespoons of freshly prepared paper pulp and give it a good mix. Make sure the pulp is mixed evenly with water. Use a paper mold or a flat strainer to strain the paper from the bowl. Spread the pulp evenly on the surface of the strainer. Use a cotton fabric to absorb the excess water.

Step 4:
Flip the strainer and tap gently to get the most out of the paper.

 Step 5:
Let the paper dry completely at room temperature.

Tada! Your canvas paper is ready to go.
Let your creativity and artistic venture run freely on the richness of the premium canvas that you just made!

How is this saving Nature? You are using a Canvas Paper that you prepared! So, You might have saved some trees from getting cut! A big thumbs up for yourself. 

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Bottle Art

Image of a white table decorated with indoor plants and glass bottle 
Classy or chunky - whatever your taste is, bring them all on used glass bottles. It can add elegance and style to your home/ workspace with the added beauty of your creativity.

DIY lamps

Nothing is as good as glass bottles when it comes to making DIY lamps. All you need to do is to carefully insert fairy lights into the bottle and enjoy the way it lifts your room.

Handmade Planters

 Image of a person's hand spraying water on potted indoor plants and a bottled money plant.

Who doesn't like to take a nice walk and feel the fresh air? Since it's impossible to be outdoors always, it's a fabulous idea to take a little bit of nature indoors! Indoor plants are a great way to savor the benefits of nature without stepping outside. Moreover, it can bring positivity and elegance to your room. Why spend money buying planters when you already have a lot of options available in your home? Given below are some of the ways to transform your household products into beautiful plant pots.

Bottles: Bottles are quick and easy to convert into pots. For plastic bottles, just cut their heads, preferably using a pre-heated knife. Decorate it as you like and plant your favorite indoor plants. Glass bottles are more suitable for aquatic plants. All you need to do is to pour water into a bottle and put a rooted plant in it. As easy as that!  Tube lights: You can use tube lights to support the creepers. Insert them vertically in between a rooted plant and wait for it to spread all over the tube. If you don't want its white colour to show off until the plant grows and covers it completely, you always have the option of painting or winding it with a thin rope before inserting it into the soil.

Artificial Pond

Take out that old piece of tarpaulin from your garage and convert it into a beautiful outdoor aquarium. It not only takes your garden to the next level but also gives your water pets more space to move around. If you are clueless about how to make it, follow the steps given below.

Image of a golden fish swimming in a pond surrounded by a green ring and water plants

Step 1:
Find the perfect location for your outdoor pond. Remember that it is difficult to change the place once you build the foundation. Therefore, fix your spot wisely.

Step 2:
Start digging the pit from one end until you reach the destined size and shape of your pond. Make sure that the size of your pool is smaller than the size of your tarpaulin.

Step 3:
Spread the tarpaulin all over the pit. It should cover the surface of the cavity completely to prevent the water from sweeping back to the soil. Secure it with rocks on all sides.

Step 4:
Pour water into the pit until it reaches a level slightly below its brim.

Step 5:
Transfer your water pets into their new home. Make sure to refill the evaporated water once a week during summer.

So these are some of my ideas to upcycle household waste. Tell me in the comments if you find them interesting.


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