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Today we spend thousands of rupees to buy medicines every month. The pharma industry was developed in the recent decades and the dependency on medicines can be traced back to a very few years only. Then how did people treat illness earlier or maybe even more cautious to not get sick in the past? Not sure about the rest of the world, but I know very well about how things were in India. And that is because I had a very Lovely Grandmother who shared with me few very important things and I am sharing with you all a few among them. The Top 5 Medicinal Plants every household should have. And I am sure you all will find it very helpful in your everyday life. No efforts needed, all you have to do is,... 

Oh come on! What's the hurry my friend. Go ahead and read. And here I focus on herbs lesson of my grandmother. She explained me the use of the top 5 medicinal plants that I should make sure to have them in my home. Now this not only keeps you fit but also stop from your pockets getting holes. Herbs, especially the ones of medicinal value, play a vital role in our day to day life. I’m not a doctor but after intensive research and experience from my grandma’s secret box, I have come out to share a few very important tips with you. So let's go ahead and know what are those

Top 5 Medicinal Plants Every Household should have!

Before we start with anything, let us first understand the 

Importance of Herbs

Herbs play a vital role in keeping our body and skin healthy. It is proven through ages that ayurvedic treatment works and people tend to go as much natural as possible. So, anything without chemicals, with right use is always a good thing! This is natural way to treat illness and diseases. Herbs are effective immunity boosters, which heal us naturally and increases the capability of the policemen of our body to fight the disease. The ayurvedic treatment using plants is preferred mostly as there are less side effects.

Most of these medicinal plants are easily available and can be planted in small pots even in your balcony if not in the backyard. They are cost effective and thus economic. All these herbs cure illness and naturally treat diseases effectively but some are more effective and can be used on a regular basis in most of the dishes. Keep reading to know more about them. Hahaha I know I am making you more and more curious by giving you more suspense than in a thriller movie.... Chill.. go ahead, you are near to all the answers.

Best Medicinal Herbs

1. Tulsi or Holy Basil

A name almost all the Indians are familiar with. Tulsi has a great importance and is valued the most in most of the Indian homes. Tulsi is found all around the year and it blossoms the most during the rainy season which is around June to September. Tulsi or holy basil is very effective and widely used that it is used every day and consumed with tea. The aroma soothes stress and relieves your mind of all the negative vibes. Be careful not to chew it but swallow it as it is acidic in nature and can damage your enamel. Scroll to see two ways to consume Tulsi.

Tulsi Leaves have medicinal properties. This is one of the Top 5 medicinal plants that every household should have
Medicinal Properties
  • Tulsi leaves contain oleanolic acid which gives it anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Ursolic acid is known to be anti-inflammatory and has a high amount of antioxidants. Both the elements are safe to consume as per NCBI.
  • This is the best ayurvedic alternative.

How to use?
    a. Mix with honey
            Take four to five Tulsi leaves and crush them using hands or mortar. Add honey to the extracted juice and consume. This helps in treating common cold and soothe nasal congestion.

    b. Mix with kala jeera (black cumin) and honey
            Take four to five Tulsi leaves and crush them using hands or mortar. Take kala jeera crush a bit. Mix honey, crushed Tulsi leaves and kala jeera together and consume. This helps in treating headaches due to the common cold and soothes sore throat.

    2. Ajwain or Carom seeds

    Ajwain is an herb which is easily available in our kitchen. Ajwain is used as a spice in most of our dishes. These sharp and pungent seeds contain highly beneficial elements. It can be planted or can be bought packaged and is easily available in every store. But ajwain should be consumed in a proper amount to gain extra benefits. Scroll down to see what is the right amount.

    Ajwain is a very important medicinal herb. This is one of the Top 5 medicinal plants that every household should have
    Medicinal Properties
      • Ajwain has anti- disease properties.
      • The component xanthotoxin present in ajwain helps in treating most of the autoimmune disease.
      • It is used in various skin creams (use only after prescribed by a physician).
      • The chemical composition functions as antioxidants.

      How to use?
        a. Mix with lemon and rock salt
                Roast ajwain, add lemon juice and rock salt mix together. Dry it under sunlight and consume. This helps in treating digestive problems.

        b. Roast ajwain
                Roast ajwain, tie these seeds in a clean cotton cloth, and then smell. This helps treat nasal congestion and any other nasal problems.

        3. Aloe Vera

        This wonderful herb, Aloe Vera not only has benefits when applied on the outer body but also has benefits if consumed. Not all Aloe Vera can be consumed. There are particular processed Aloe Vera juices which are available in stores. They are widely used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products also. So, plant one and enjoy the benefits.

        Aloe Vera is one of the top 5 Medicinal Plants every household should have
        Medicinal Properties
        • Aloe Vera is composed of vitamin A, C & E, antioxidants and maximum amount of water.
        • Aloe Vera helps in treating acne, rashes or any other skin disease.
        • Most physicians prescribe Aloe Vera as over the counter (OTC) medicine.
        • Aloe Vera is used as a moisturizer.

        How to use?
          a. Direct use- 
              Cut a small piece of Aloe Vera stem and remove the thorns using a knife. Wash thoroughly to remove the yellowish liquid and get that nice smooth transparent gel and apply. This helps in healing burns, cuts and nail scratches.

          b. Mix with coconut oil-
              Mix Aloe Vera gel with coconut oil and apply to hair, body or face. This helps in treating dry hair and skin.

          4. Turmeric

          Turmeric powder is used in most of the culinary dishes in India. In many states they cook curry using raw turmeric also. Eating turmeric in an empty stomach helps in easing many digestive problems which arise due to bacteria.

          Turmeric is one of the top 5 medicinal plants every household should have
          Medicinal Properties

            • The yellow pigment in turmeric is due to curcumin present in it.
            • Turmeric is a healthy food additive and it has a great value in Ayurveda as it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
            • It is the most natural coloring agent.
            How to Use?

            a. Raw Turmeric milk
                Take a small amount of raw turmeric and ginger. Crush it using mortar. Add it to boiling milk and some other spices such as cinnamon powder, cardamom and clove. This helps in treating common cold due to weather changes.

            b. Mixed with jaggery
                Take a small amount of raw turmeric then chop it finely. Mix it with jaggery and consume in an empty stomach. This helps in treating digestive problems and bacterial diseases.

            5. Bay Leaves

            Do you get Biryani in the mind just looking at this name? Hahaha.. Yeah, it is the same leaf we find it in Biryani. But do you know why is it added? Read and find out. So basically, we find these leaves in most of our rice dishes but they have more than one function. The reason why bay leaves are used is because it adds a minty flavor and beautiful aroma to the dish. These leaves help in neutralizing heavy dishes. and you all know how heavy Biryani is!!! Yummy Yummy.. Haha do not hate me for making your mouth watery. 😋😋😀😆😝

            Bay Leaves is one of the top 5 Medicinal Plants every household should have. Bay Leaves are used in the Biryani! Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Bay Leaves.
            Medicinal Properties
            • Bay leaves are constituted with lauric acid which gives it fragrance and used as a natural flavoring agent.
            • It is non toxic to consume bay leaves.
            • It increases good blood cholesterol.

            How to use?
            a. Bay leaf tea
                Boil water, add tea leaves, two Bay leaves and consume. This can be consumed in the form of kadha or broth. This helps in treating indigestion and headaches. This way, you get the aroma of the Biryani everyday! 

            b. Repellent
                In a cotton cloth wrap some bay leaves and place in a jar of pulses or rice. This will keep the insects away. The fragrance of bay leaves prevents pests, insects, moths, mice and bugs. It prevents the growth of mold.

            So my dear friends, this is it for now. Just go and enjoy the wonderful recipes I have mentioned. If you feel that you are actually feeling Biryani everyday along with tea, do comment below and let me know. Chai Lovers + Biryani Lovers got the best recipe I guess. Hehe. 

            Our nature is full of beautiful things which soothes our eyes and also cures many health problems. They have some of the best utility. They provide us with important elements which we generally purchase from the market. Everything in nature is beneficial to us, even a small leaf. Sometimes what a small leaf can do, cannot be done by big tablets which are hard to swallow. It becomes convenient when we can treat our illness with some crushed leaf or some crushed flower petal. Many plants are left unseen and are not given any importance. But if you look closely and do a little bit of research you’ll be amazed at the health benefits they provide us.

            Many researches have proved use of these herbs. The use of Ayurveda is always encouraged by our health professionals. Really, nature is full of wonderful things. If nature has disease there is also a cure within. Just as how the bark of the Cinchona tree is the only viable economical and practical source of Quinine, a drug necessary to treat Malaria. Always try to keep honey, black cumin seeds, carom seeds and Aloe Vera as first aid. They can give benefits only if they are consumed in a proper amount to avoid any other severe health complications. You should not just depend upon these remedies. If you’re experiencing a serious problem that doesn’t go away with these remedies, seek medical help.

            P.S: All the images in this article are clicked Solely by me

            Fact File:

            Why you should not chew Tulsi Leaves


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