Rising From the Muck! It's not always dark...

 Life is a circle of happiness. Some people experience happy and joyful moments while some only dream for them till their last breath. For example, imagine when someone gets admitted to a hospital, connected to millions of wires as if he/she was forced to live by electricity. Whereas some tend to live their lives with monotony, boredom and emptiness but they all fear to loose their life however terrible it seems . For me, living this life has different meaning. Read through the article to know and comment if you agree with me.

Rising from the Muck! 

That's how Life is...

 Well, living is a birthright everyone should have. The freedom to choose and express. For instance, Do I want this or not? Is this the correct way of living and leading life? I would add on, even death should be equalized, i.e, everyone should have the right to end his life the way they want and at the time they prefer. You might wonder if I am encouraging suicide. I'll say NO. Just think about it this way: what about the donation of the body for someone who needs it? In that way, two suffering bodies can be at ease. The one donating organs can die with peace while the one receiving organs can live with peace thereafter.

A depressed boy sitting against the wall with head down between the legs. 
Living with an ugly, suffocating soul is synonymous with hell since there is no point in having a living body with a dead soul. The body would be acting as a plastic doll with no feelings. The soul would be controlled by everyone. Being judged as happy when you have a 100% fake, pretty smile but dying on the inside with sorrow is the worst panic attack someone could face in life. Being dominated by every other person and the societal standards of how you should be the best copy of someone else is sad and ugly.

What do I want? 

This world is a tough place to live. You may nearly lose yourself when you compare your life with every human being on earth. And I am not lying when I say this. Even a tiny insect is doing a better job than me. It's hard to live a life where all you ask for is to feel okay. To sleep peacefully. To wake up feeling light and satisfied. To cry when you feel like it. To eat the food as if it's a blessing. And not a curse or a sign of weakness or loss of control. And finally, to wear the clothes without feeling like you are holding an elephant on your shoulders or being crushed by an invisible stone on your chest. 

They say it's all in your head. Control it. Unfortunately, what if my brain has been consumed by it? What if my whole system is so dark and foggy? I wonder why am I the least sensible one always when it comes to controlling and managing life issues! I would say, this too shall pass, and nothing is worthy. One day the darkness inside me that is killing me inch by inch will flush out through my eyes and mouth. I just hope that by then I would be locked peacefully under the ground in my grave all alone. Not having the energy to feel or hear anything, just being nothing as I always wanted it to be. I would also add that nobody should regret their past life experiences and worry about them in the present. The future is still awaiting you with lots of surprises and much more experiences.

A Man sitting depressed in a metro

 Whom to reach out to? 

Being sad or depressed thinking about the past will only elevate your pain. To overcome this, you must talk to somebody who understands you. Who cares for you and has been your support system for a while. Also, someone who would take their time and effort to motivate you. To give a helping hand at dire times and who inspires you to be a happy person. If you do not find such a person, keep faith in God and let out your misery or sad memories in front of that Supreme power.

Seek out professional help if nothing works for you. Doctors are known to be the Messengers of God. They would try to help you ease your pain and vent out to them. They are people who have years of experience handling human emotions. Through their experiences, you may realize that you are not alone in this world.

Every human has to go through a phase where he/she is challenged with obstacles. But nobody deserves to be unhappy and let down. Each individual deserves to be happy and uplifted. The one who comes out stronger from the unhappy phase survives, and the other dies. Do not live life like a dead man. Seize the moment and make your unhappiness and sorrow your strength and power. In that way, you can uplift yourself without even realizing it. Also, you could take one step forward to achieving your goal and that is, you could control yourself. If you can achieve it, then there's no turning back in life.

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