How to become Self dependent?

Walking alone is a step towards betterment. You need to walk alone sometimes for your good. Walking alone has a direct connection with becoming self-dependent. Once you become self-dependent, you’ll play your part in reducing stress from your parents. When you’re self-dependent you learn to accept reality and move on but you still need people to support you. Do remember that your parents will love you more than anyone can. You don’t have to ask for money from your parents because you start understanding the value of those papers. Spend time with yourself to know about what you want genuinely. This helps you explore yourself from within and makes  you happy the day you find the answers. Until then, Learn how to become

Self Dependent

You must have come across a very famous line by Subhash Chandra Bose, “ekla cholo re” the exact meaning of this is to walk alone on your path. The concept of walking alone hits us exactly during our teenage years or in our 20’s. Does this mean going everywhere without friends or family members? No my dear friend, walking alone generally means becoming self-dependent. There is a slight difference between independent and self-dependent. Independence is not depending or relying on others but when you’re self-dependent you learn to accept reality and move on but you still need people. You don’t rely on others for your happiness, for comfort, for wiping tears and most importantly for money. You start searching for company mentally but physically you know you can do things on your own. You don’t ask your parents for lavish gifts because you understand how hard it is to earn money and even harder to spend it on things that do not fall under your list of basic needs. This is something that every teenager should understand.

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  The first step towards being self-dependent

The first time you learned riding a bicycle was your first step towards self-dependence. You no longer rely on your father to drop you at school. You ride to school on your bicycle. You go to the grocery shop to buy things your mom listed. These are just small steps towards becoming self-dependent and you’ve learned to walk alone because now that materialistic thing is your companion. A sentence we all have heard from our fathers is “earn by your own then you’ll understand.” Yes, father, we understand how hard it is to create our own paths. At this age, almost all of us lose friends because we were giving our mental health more priority. You can’t stay surrounded by toxic people. Those people shame you, and firstly don’t understand your situation. Do not feel sad when you lose such toxic people. Instead feel happy. Not knowing who are toxic people? read our article Selfish People all around us and How to be Cautious and Lead a HAPPY LIFE Do not worry. Who are true to you and are concerned truly about you, will stay with you forever. And you need not search for them. They will always be with you.

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Together, yet walking alone is important  

I’ve met people who ask me, "Why do you need alone time?” And the answer for that question is, "because I want to know about myself, I want to learn to do things myself, I want to know what’s good for me and what’s bad for me, I want to read my own mind." Space is very important. You don’t want people around you every time. If someone demands space that doesn’t mean you’re annoying them or irritating them. They still love you, and want you around them, want you to hold hands. But at this point of time, they want to focus on themselves. They shouldn’t be misunderstood for asking for space. You should understand this and not overthink or assume that they are kicking you off their list. No. It is not like that always. Just get back to them after sometime and things will be fine as before.

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How can you enjoy your alone time?

  • Self-care - This can be arranging manicures, pedicures, and spa sessions. Visit your favourite salon for a haircut. Apply your favourite nail paint. Wear that cute dress or just be in pyjamas in your bed. Spend time reading books. Go cycling. Have your favourite choco bar ice cream, pizza, pasta, chole bhature, dosa or simply cook your meal and enjoy. Watch cricket, football or any of your favourite sports. Watch your favourite movie. Go to the park, sit by the beach. Do anything that comforts you.
  • Take a break- Get out of all the chaos. Ask your boss for a vacation. Ask your teacher for a vacation. Tell your parents that you need a break from these regular chores. Go for a picnic, solo dates or just a normal walk. Don’t let anything tamper or play with your mental health because that should be on the top of your priority list. If you sense toxicity, leave the place then and there. A break is important in developing a sense of what you genuinely love, feel and want. 
  • Go for a long drive- You don’t have to go to the mountains or anywhere far from home. Simply go to the woods near your area. Or to the plains near you. Not every time you need a car or motorbike for a long drive. You can simply go on your cycle. This would make your mind fresh. It also makes the body fit and good. And once you return you’ll feel good.
  • Solo trip- This is one wish we all have on our bucket list. No matter how much you want to go to Goa with your friends, girlfriend/ boyfriend, wife/ husband. But deep down we all know that our heart wants to go to the mountains on a solo trip. Solo trips boost your ability to communicate, adjust and enjoy alone. Sometimes you’ll also get lost in the woods or roads but you’ll always return with the best experiences. You can spend wisely and there is no need to show off. Everyone once in their lifetime should go on a solo trip. Want solo trip advice? Reach out to us on the contact form. Let's see what we can do.


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Value your peace 

Go back to the days when you were a kid. You used to go cycling with your friends or just simply play with them, make sandcastles, play hide and seek. Then you return home and you can probably finish your homework within hours which was taking so much time earlier. When you desire to have your playtime in your boyhood days then why not take out your time when you’re grown up just because your age increased that doesn’t mean you’ll forget what you loved. Spend as much time with yourself. Learn to be self-dependent. Don't always rely on others. You're capable enough. Give it a try first then leave don't be a ghost without dying.

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