It's okay to not have it all figured out

Author - Jerolyn S

Sometimes, I wonder, “ what am I doing here?”. You know, that moment of sudden realization. Like a pause in time, which really scares me because I don’t have a proper answer to that question. The uncertainty of the future has this ultimate power over us. There are even times where this same question has pulled me down a deep dark hole of anxiety. We all have such moments in our life, where we have gone through the same kinda trouble. I know right! It is really unsettling when we don’t know what to do next. But you know what?, that’s what life is all about. It’s okay to not have it all figured out.

It's okay to not have it all figured out. Women thinking.

That nasty itch of “what’s next”, is what's driving us. The mere thrill of the “next moment” is what we all live for. When thinking about it like that, it's not all that bad, right? So rather than spiraling down that hole of anxiety to find answers, I would rather do what I am already doing. Because deep down I know, that’s what I really wanna do. And the secret is, no one knows the answer to what the future is gonna be like for them. If I have to say this in Mark Mason’s style,

Don’t just sit there. Do something. The answers will follow.


It's okay to not have it all figured out

Dude, stop running

A guy running

So let's say you have a plan. You have it all figured out and you start running towards it. You run and run and run and run, and finally, hallelujah! You’ve reached 55 and retired. You’re sitting in your lounge chair on a summer evening, wondering how you pegged away your whole youth life without really “living” it. Congratulations! Now you have Mr. Regrets-of-a-lifetime to accompany you in your old age.

Now, do you really want to follow your plan? I know what you are thinking: “Are you asking me not to have a proper career?”. No bro, feel free to follow your heart. But ambition without loving the process is toxic. It's like trying to tame your psychotic, alcoholic boyfriend. You're just gonna waste your energy. When you really like what you do and it feels just right, and it makes you feel like you wanna get up every morning and go to work, and when it adds meaning to your existence, believe it or not, you are gonna be successful and happy. It’s a rare combo. Not everyone hits this jackpot. So stop running, unless you wanna burn calories.

Risks - Ha! Try Me

A man in ocean on board over huge wave.

Do not be afraid to take risks in life. It’s okay to quit your seven-digit salary-per-annum job to open a bakery. It’s okay to quit college and start a business. It’s okay to leave your finance career to pursue fashion. There is nothing wrong with following your heart. When you look at the whole picture, it’s always either option A or B. You have to choose one. So why not choose what you want. Never let the fear of uncertainty stop you. It’s okay to not know everything before you jump in. All you have to know is, if you are determined enough to sail that dreadful storm without backing off. Don’t worry, you will reach the shore one way or the other. As Jim Carrey says,
Fear is going to be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much
Hardships teach lessons and pain is also an emotion. You’ve got nothing to lose. Just go ahead and follow your dreams already!

Be Unapologetically You

Who Are  You? Squares with words.

        Well, I don’t wanna sound cheesy. But, you are the only “YOU” in this whole world. Acceptance is the key. Get to know yourself. You may think I’m crazy, but talk to yourself. There is no one single you, inside you, you know (I know I sound like Nithyanandha). But getting to the point, you have so many different versions of yourself. Let all your ‘versions of personality’ meet and give them an opportunity for conversation. It will be like: “ Hello everyone, I’m the sweet mode”; “Hey Yo, I’m the savage one”; “Can you’ll please shut up, you bunch of stupid voices”, well, someone is moody.
     By doing so, you get to unveil all those versions you thought were childish. You get to accept all parts of yourself. You don’t have to change yourself for the sake of the people around you. you shouldn’t lose your originality. Neither judge yourself too harshly nor try to find excuses for every single thing you do.

Maintain an equilibrium. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Do you know the theory of Denial-is-equal-to-Failure? Well, it’s true. Now, don’t come to me lifting your toxic trait banners, telling me that you are unapologetically being yourself. You wish, using this excuse. No bro, as I said earlier, denial is gonna push in the ditch. Instead of being too chicken to face yourself, accept your flaws. Own them. Take responsibility for them. And correct them. Growing is the only important process. Grow a little.

"Thank You, Next"

A girl with a smiley pluck card kind. Girl holding a smiley. Woman Happy and smiling.

Life has different levels. All those levels are about experience and learning. So when life throws new obstacles in your way, all you have to say is, “ Thank you, next”. When looking back at your life, you didn’t expect any of that to happen, still, you managed to walk through all that, and here you are. The secret is to live in the moment. If you don’t do that, you are either worried about something you don’t even know, which is stupid or you are worried about something that has already happened and you know you can’t do anything to change that, which is also very stupid. So why bother about all those unnecessary details. You don’t have to know all the answers to live happily. You just have to live happily and time will answer all those fill-ups. And now it’s time for you to realize that.

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  1. It's Motivating and Interesting. Keep Rocking g🥳🥳

  2. When people around me have a plan for their future I am sitting here without a plan which is a complete nightmare for me.Your blog really motivates the ones who is in a dilemma to choose between their brain and heart

  3. This is totally relatable. Not everyone has the ability to make one understand without making it complicated. This made my day and thank you for that


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