Better Version Of Ourselves

While making up a profile for myself, I had to fill up the 'about me' section and that is when I came up with this quote of mine, "I believe in Consistency in professional life and balance in personal life". It is then I realized that this is what kept me moving so far in my life. Well, to all the readers, I am allowing you to predict that this article is all about consistency and balance and how to become a better version of ourselves... This has helped me a lot lately and I hope it does the same to you too. To be successful or to achieve that “where do you see yourself in five years” will work out only if we keep moving forward realizing that, 'It is what it is'. And to do this, the most needed essence is consistency and balance.

Consistency in professional and balance in person life is much needed to achieve a better version of ourselves

Better Version of Ourselves

Finally, it's happening

Consistency and balance need to be understood in a way that we apply them throughout our lives. Both of them are to be attained with some inner work done within ourselves. There is a person who was constantly humiliated, had family issues, traumatic past, had no idea what that person was passionate about, not successful in love but only for some time. Was that person stuck somewhere? No, once that person realized that there is nothing to lose anymore, he or she becomes consistent in what he or she does, become an explorer and just shelved all of his or her emotions. Looking forward to uttering the words, “finally, it’s happening”.

Once we start working on consistency and balance we get the feeling that finally its happening and that priceless

Confidence and control

The key ingredient of consistency is confidence. Saying "I am confident", does not mean I am that way all the time. Confidence is something that has to be built regularly. Many people are going to demotivate us and also the self-doubt we have in ourselves will act as a barrier and we start doubting our own confidence. But when we wake up, foreseeing a new day, we have to regain our confidence and that is consistency. So most of us know stuff about consistency, but we fail when it comes to balance. That’s the most difficult part. Balance is nothing but control over ourselves. To have control over emotions, health, relationships, traumatic past, and family issues is what control over personal life means.

We need control and confidence to attain balance and consistency

Practice makes it perfect

Being consistent need not be something that others need to help you with, it must be practiced regularly despite having a support system, motivators around you, a constant requirement of good comments. These things can bring positivity but once you start depending on these things, the regular need for good vibes will make you inconsistent because confidence and positivity in your hard times are what makes you strong and hard to be broken. Practice is the way to make it perfect. It is not going to cost you anything to practice and one day it becomes perfect. Even if you feel demotivated or doubt your worth it should be just for a day or two, cause you have work to be done out there and to prove your self-worth.

We have to keep moving whatever may be the problem and how much ever hardships we face and always be consistent

Give yourself reassurance

Balancing our emotions and having control over them will help us succeed and live the life that we want to. But it is not that easy. There might be constant distractions from the past and the feeling of anxiety about the future, which haunts us continuously, not allowing us to concentrate on the present. To have a good future it is much needed to concentrate on the present and that’s how we are going to make a better future. Even in the happy moments, there might be sudden triggers that make us miss or regret our past and a sudden feeling of negativity about our future fills in the grey matter. This is what I mean, to have control and in personal life.

Missing a friend, constant stalking of ex’s profile, embarrassing ourselves for something we did in the past, expectations not met, comparing our life with others, insecurities are all emotional triggers that hinder us from growing and keeps us stagnant. Always we have to remember that these are useless emotions that we are carrying along with ourselves. Balance in personal life can be achieved by not eradicating these emotions but keeping these emotions under control and not dwell in these emotions. Listen to your emotional needs and notice what your mind is suffering from. Once we know our needs,  we should start reassuring ourselves that one day these emotional needs are going to be met, and for these needs to be met you have to change yourself, control your emotions, focus on what matters the most, and prioritize your wants.

Give youself reassurance that you will be having a bright future and you are going to be consistent and have balance for a bright future

The Better version of ourselves...

Consistency and balance give success to any person trying to build a better version of themselves. For those who are just starting to build a better version of themselves or working hard to be in a good position and to be financially independent, you’ve got to trust these two things because every work done with interest and passion pays off and every emotion handled diligently and kept under control keeps us happy and away from more distractions. Confidence may be shattered, self-worth can be questioned, emotions can be triggered, traumas can be haunting, failures may be recurring but we have to keep moving forward and rebuild to become stronger and harder. Hoping that the future which I have pictured or the fantasy which I have dreamt of, to escape from reality would become reality one day.

We become the better version of ourselves with consistency and balance


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