Pregnancy Care guide | From a common human perspective - Part 2

We have already seen the care to be taken during Pregnancy by women in Part 1. But when it is your first time and you are full of doubts as to what is normal and what is not, you do not know when to approach the doctor and when not to. So, here’s a quick guide which has been prepared with the help of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, USA)

You should immediately book an appointment with your doctor, first, preferably through a video or voice call.

Pregnant women consulting Doctor

In case, the doctor feels you need to be checked, visit physically by taking all the necessary precautions, if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Any Pain frequently
  • Unbearable cramps
  • Regular Contractions with an interval of 20 minutes
  • Any leak from the Vagina or bleeding
  • When you feel Dizziness or fainting
  • If you experience shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Frequent vomiting and nausea 
  • Have trouble in walking or edema (swelling of joints)
  • Decreased activity in the womb

Care to be taken after Pregnancy

You might have probably been exhausted after the journey of nine months finally delivering your baby into this world. The smile you get on your lips as soon as you see your baby cannot be compared to any riches of the world. It is so invaluable. But it is not over yet my dear. You need to now focus more on your health and also the baby's health. Here's what you should do.

Observe your physical health

See if you feel any difference in your physical health. Not the appearance but the feeling you get about your physical health. If you feel too much difference, immediately contact the doctor.

Healthy Food - the best remedy

Most of the vital nutrients of your body would have been exhausted. Now is the time you should start to rebuild those nutrient reserves.

Eat Healthy Food. Women Eating

Fill your place with fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and nutrients.


Continue your regular exercise but with limited stress on your body.

Women meditating and exercise

Best thing would be to go on a normal walk nearby, probably in the evenings during sunset as it would make you feel so refreshing and energetic.

Rest as much as you can

Get as much time as possible for you to take rest whenever you can. Just like how the baby sleeps too much during the initial days, you should also take that much rest along with the baby to feel energetic soon.

Express, do not suppress

It is quite normal to experience peaks of hormonal changes post-pregnancy which makes your life a tough one. You are a strong lady my dear. We will soon pass this phase. It is just a matter of few weeks. Turn out to your partner or your parents to express your feelings, both negative and positive. Do not hesitate.

The Zone of Life!

Cesarean or Vaginal Birth, both leave you with pain post-pregnancy. And the responsibility to take care of the delivery zone lies on you. The more you take care of the delivery zone, the more you will feel comfortable.

After a vaginal delivery, you might experience pain around the vaginal area and inside for about a week due to the expansion and contraction of the uterus and vaginal muscles, depending on whether you received stitches or had to tear or any other complications you experienced during delivery.
Things you can do to ease your pain...
    Soaking yourself in a suit bath with nice warm water

    In the numb areas, spray Dermoplast (consult doctor before you do)
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    Place Witch Hazel Pads in your underwear. Buy them here -
In case of a Cesarean C-section, follow your doctors instructions dot to dot and take care of your incisions. For the first six weeks after delivery,
    Do not lift any weights,
    Do not climb stairs, and
    Avoid walking as much as possible.

Caution: We kindly request you.

DO NOT READ ahead if YOU are a PREGNANT Women and DID NOT CONCEIVE YET. Visit this place again ONLY after at least ONE MONTH after you give birth to your baby.

Postpartum Depression and How to Handle it

You might probably have heard of Postpartum depression (PPD). If not, PPD is nothing but a medical condition which pops up in majority of women after childbirth.

Pregnant women in Postpartum depression

During this, they are in the peaks of few feelings such as anxiety (worrying over even small things), sadness, and tiredness. These feelings last for a long period of time after the delivery.

These feelings make it hard on you to take care of the baby and also yourself. And this PPD can happen to you at anytime after the childbirth though it starts within the first three weeks of the delivery. Sometimes, you need to consult a doctor for treatment, when the situation you feel is getting worst.

Not every women goes through it. According to a survey by March of Dimes, almost around nearly 15 % women undergo postpartum depression.

There are chances you lose interest in the activities which you once used to enjoy a lot. Life feels so miserable, unexplained sadness, guilt, anger, covering our brain making it worse. You sleep too much and might feel like there is nothing that you have to do by waking up.
You lose the interest in life.

If any of the above symptoms pertain, please consult your doctor immediately or look for a therapist. Sometimes, anti-depressant medication with consultation of doctor helps. Look out for emotional support and seek for help from friends and family.
Caution: All anti-depressants are not safe for pregnant women. So, check with your doctor before taking any medication.

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