Is there any means to forget the person you loved? | Part 1

Have you ever been so upset and depressed and did not know how to move-on from a haunting relationship? Is there any means to forget the person you loved? You are at the right place..... We promise you, you will see yourself here.

Do you need help to forget the one you LOVED?

A study revealed that people who prefer moving on after breakup are happier and live their life to the fullest. However, people who do not try to accept that their relationship is over, feel depressed and failure in life. It might take few days to forget the previous relationship but one must get out of the past and start living in present. It is always ideal to accept the bitter truth that your toxic relationship is over, and you are no longer in any kind of emotional bonding with the ex-partner and move-on.

Is there any means to forget the Person you LOVED?

Ever asked yourself?  What kind of relationship you actually want? Having said that, why settle for less when you deserve the best. Relationship is not just about two people but also about their respect, friendship, understanding and obviously about being part of each other’s growth. Someone who will be completing you as a person. But many a times, we might get stuck with a wrong person. And we would want to know if that relationship is a good one or not.

Here’s Lifenatphil to help you understand if yours is a toxic and guides you to come out of a toxic relationship by showing the benefits of breaking up with such people and the reasons to forget the person who you love.

Negative Energy

Your past is definitely important. That is a part of you and your upbringing. Past is important to learn from and future is important to work for. But somewhere jerking between past and future, we forgot to live our present.  When you keep thinking about your previous relationship that creates negative energy within you and around you. Do not take the energy production for granted because it will ruin your overall lifestyle and make you feel depressed and failure in life. This is very important to live with a positive energy. So, forget about past and your ex-partner and live every day on a fresh new start.

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Afraid of getting into a new relationship

Some experiences leave intense impact on our life. A bad relationship can ruin your entire inclination of getting into a new relationship. You wouldn’t be open anymore to make new friends and find new love. It is ideal to recall the good memories with your ex-partner and move ahead. It will initially help in releasing Endorphin (a happy hormone), and live the life to the fullest.

Changes you as a person

Whenever, you feel frustrated, you crave for other’s sympathy. They will show their empathy for 10-15 days. But what will happen next? You will end up feeling lonely, distracted from your work, and not enjoying an outing or trip in your free time. That's when you start getting frustrated from yourself and your surroundings. Apparently, you start changing yourself. Change is only constant, I know, but it does not have any positive impact on your life. So, the point is why change yourself for a person who is no longer in your life? That doesn’t make any sense right?. Instead, try to live for yourself and your loved ones.
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Concentration Power Reduces

As I spoke earlier, thinking about your sad past could produce negative energy within and around you. As a result, it could decrease the concentration power and your any strong mental abilities. You won’t be able to concentrate on work or the way you deal with life problems.

Ending is the New Beginning

Ever sat alone and thought about, how you are becoming better day by day since he left? You need to understand that people grow apart. May be because they have very different life goals or because they simply cannot get along. No matter how hard they try. You may see it as a bad phase but actually, it might actually be a time of progression. When you have the option to leave unhappy, problematic marriages. To fit partners are a better fit. Breakup is not ending, it’s actually the new beginning of your life. Sometimes, happy endings just come after the sad time.

Cut every way of communication with your Ex

It’s always nice and ideal to have friendship with your ex. But not right after break up. You just cannot change your feelings towards someone over-night. If you do so you are befooling yourself. So, after you broke up make sure you delete all the photos, messages with your ex and cut off all the communication with him/her. Re-gifting your ex’s presents is absolutely ok. I know it’s easier to speak but hard to do. This is something I have personally experienced and trust me!, this is one of the best ways to forget your past.
No Calls. Blocked Calls Image. Cut out communication.

You can finally take care of yourself

Selflove is important. After breaking up you finally can start taking care of yourself. This is time to support yourself. Prioritize your own physical and mental well-being. You will benefit from the exercise for your emotional health, as exercise is ideal for fighting depression. The time spent exercising will keep those harder thoughts agitate around your mind.
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You start evaluating your principles again

We all break our rules for someone. But now it is high time to start valuating your principles and ethics. If something doesn’t feel right, just do not do it. Never compromise anymore on principals and ethics. This will leave you feel vacant and full of regret.

Focus on other important people in your life

Other than your ex-partner, there are so many people in your life who loves you dearly. Look around, there is your parents, siblings, grandparents, siblings. Welcome back these people in your life. It is therapeutic spending time with them after breaking up. Take your parents to a restaurant to treat them. Arrange sleepovers with your cousins and siblings. Go meet your grand parents one week end. Also, you can see your old friends from school, college. Meet people you have lost touch with. Take them to picnics, small weekend tours and live this new beginning to the fullest.

Hope you saw yourself through this and what you went through when you had a toxic relationship. You can read the Part 2 here - Click Here

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