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 Religion is the thing that always intrigues me very much. I started to wonder and have begun my research around the concept of religion across the world with special focus on few parts. I know this is a very sensitive topic to put my views out but yet I dare because I do not speak against any religion and I am a completely secular person who respects every religion equally.

These are 'My Experiments with Religion'

These are my mere observations and might not represent the complete reality. I kindly request the readers to not take anything personally. I also request the readers to point out the corrections needed to be made, in the comments section and I assure you that, if I feel the corrections are true and have any proof, I will for sure incorporate them in the post.

Let us look at the history, our past - Modern Human beings evolved around 1000s of years (around 40k years ago) and have struggled a lot and have brought many inventions - few of them are carried forward and exist even till today and few lost with the time. No one can precisely tell what exactly happened in the past but can only imagine and give a hypothesis on how it was in the past, using the motifs found out during excavations. The people were nomadic, roaming from place to place in groups, hunted in groups, fought for food. (You can get a little bit idea on how it was, from the movie 10,000 B.C) 

Evolution of Religion

The oldest religion of the world, accepted by most of the researchers is, Hinduism. But if you actually look at it closely, you realize that it is nothing but just 'a way of life'. This is clarified by India's topmost court. And we can actually apply this phrase to every religion. That is how a religion is born - from traditions, beliefs and cultures. It is just the way people follow certain practices and live their life. Those practices move on down the line over generations and those particular group of people are called a sect. It happened that, the founder of every religion wanted to bring change, for good, in the circumstances prevailed in those times. So, every religion is born out of the need to lead a happy & peaceful life.

Today we have around 4000+ religions and every religion has culture of their own.

Love all religions

Every religion wants peace and tell you to respect your fellow beings. If one person feel what the religion is doing is not correct, he/she started a new religion. Around 600 BC almost around 64 heterodox religious sects have been born against the atrocities of one particular class of Hindu people in India
Islam according to scholars was founded around 7th Century. It was born out of the need to bring peace. People were quarreling among themselves, as different groups worshiped different gods, so Prophet Muhammad took the initiative of bringing all of them under one umbrella so there is no idol worship in Islam.

I am silent on the existence of GOD, just like Lord Buddha was. But I do believe that there is something supreme in this universe that gives us energy & helps us in the times of need. It might be in the form of another human being or just our thoughts. So, the question of does god exists?, I leave that to your conscience & knowledge.

Current scenario all around the world - 

Today if we see the current situation in the world, it is full of communal riots. Either the Rohingya of Myanmar, the Tibetan Buddhists of china, Muslims & Hindus in some parts of India and many more.

Religion has been corrupted with the vested interests of the rulers of different times through out the history and is being continued even today. It was not this way earlier. It all depended on how one saw religion and how one used it for good and the other used it in a bad way.

Example from the history to understand the present - 

Let us take an example of the most diverse country with huge population - India. Indian sub-continent, being the birth place of Hinduism, witnessed many Islamic invasions and was ruled by many Islamic rulers. Most of the Islamic rulers like Akbar (reigned from 1556 to 1605) respected Hindus equally and did not interfere much into their religious matters and thus peace prevailed in his kingdom. He in fact, abolished a tax that was being imposed on non-Muslims. Before Akbar & from Aurangazeb's (reigned from 1658 to 1707) rule, jizya, a tax on non-Mulsims prevailed. So, it all depended on the ruler. Tipu Sultan, a king during the British times in India, has restored Hindu temples that were destroyed and has installed many idols and built temples. (History was unkind to Tipu as there were record that stated that he killed Hindus & Christians who rejected to convert to Islam. But I feel that should not be completely believed because if he was really a bigot, why did he have to restore the destroyed Hindu temples and build the famous Sringeri Mutt)

The above instances clearly proved to you that it is not the religion but the people who did bad things in the name of religion. I wish people realize that religion is what man created and not god. If only an entity called god exits, the so called god looks at every being on earth equally whatever religion the being is from. People in the earlier times had no long-distance communications and lived in small groups. So, each group did what they felt correct and thus religions were born to establish a social order among those groups only!

What is the way forward?

Religion of Love. Peace is the best.

It is high time that we, the people of one planet, MOTHER EARTH, should think about it and act accordingly. Remember, every religion teaches the same values of Peace & Non-violence. The paths are different but the destination is same! Realize the fact that if you do good deeds & treat every other human being as your friend, he / she will be happy because of you. Just imagine the happiness you get on knowing that you are responsible for someone's happiness.

Every Human being should give priority to Humanity first over Religion. That is what is called 'Living like a social animal'! Any suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Feel free to comment below.

- Dr. Dee Sim

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Know the TRUE Essence of every religion before you criticize or become a bigot! Here are the books of few top religions. Do give it a read. Click on the image of the book below to read it




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