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 Many of us go through tough situations and our mind becomes so crammed with various thoughts and we will not be able to concentrate on anything properly. Many people will advise you to meditate, do yoga, or some physical exercise. 

The question is - How to meditate? Because, for a proper meditation one needs  proper guide. Henceforth, a proper guide is provided in this article which might help you in the process of meditation.

Step 1: Choosing the right time

For a beginner, it is difficult to meditate at anytime you wish to. So, early hours (between 5 am to 8 am - during sunrise) are the best time for you to start with.

Even the air is cleaner during the early hours and you get fresh air to breathe. You will be able to concentrate more during these hours as it is very silent.

Step 2: Offering Prayers

Place a cloth (or mat) on the floor and kneel down, close your eyes and then form the namaste pose by joining both the palms above your head and then bow down to touch the floor with your head and offer your Prayers to the Eternal Guru (or the teacher) & the Nature - the sun, earth, water, fire, sky, air etc. 

And then rise up and sit on the cloth (or mat) with the cross-legged posture. Initially you will feel difficulty in sitting cross-legged. Contact us, and we will help you with other alternatives.

Step 3: Submitting yourself 

Now relax your body and make it loose and just sit by either resting your hands on your knees (like in the above picture) or by putting the right palm over the left palm and placing both of them at the level of your stomach (like in the below picture). 

Now do nothing except just sit like that for 2 to 3 minutes. Let your body relax and let thoughts flow across your mind. Do not stop the flow of your thoughts.

Step 4: Observe

Take in slow deep breaths and exhale slowly. Observe the passage of air from your nose to the lungs through the wind pipe & then back from Lungs to the nose and outside. Just observe the flow of air by slowly inhaling and exhaling. Get that feel of air mixing with your blood and reaching your brain and supplying it with fresh oxygen.

Along with the flow of air, also observe the flow of thoughts coming in and going out of your mind.

Step 5: Concentration on the focal point

Now it is time for you to start controlling your thoughts. Focus your mind in between your two eyes just above the eyebrows. Concentrate all the energy in & around your body at that one single point. Feel the energy being concentrated.


While you take deep breaths, keep concentrating on the focal point and let all your thoughts follow the energy flow.

Step 6: Shifting concentration

Now, shift your concentration slowly from deep breaths to focal point. Completely concentrate on the focal point and imagine yourself uniting with every atom in this universe. You should feel light weight and shouldn't feel you are bound by the physical body. Just enjoy the blissful moment of your merger with the Universe.

Step 7: Becoming Conscious

After that phase, you should slowly come back to yourself and become conscious. For that start shifting your concentration from energy flow to deep breaths

Step 8: Normal breaths

Now breathe normally and completely become conscious of your body and your surroundings.

Step 9: Offering Prayers

Now rub your both palms together to generate heat and place your palms on your eyes & open them. Bow down like in Step 2 and Pray.

Step 10: Final touch

Sit in the Vajrasana position for 2 minutes. (Like in the picture below).

Practice and do meditation regularly at regular time and things fall in line for you.
You will be able to be more peaceful and you will become more dedicated & disciplined. You yourself can observe those changes in your lifestyle.

Do let me know the result in the comments.

For more information and personal guidance on meditation, or if you feel any difficulty in practicing the above given steps or postures, leave a comment below using your email and we will get in touch with you. Instead you can always use our Contact Us page You can also get a Personal Mentor for Meditation.

- Dr. Dee Sim

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