Cheating in a Relationship ? | Handle it with the help from an Expert

 On this journey of ours - Life, we experience a lot of things, good, bad and worst. Many people come in our life and stay together and some leave us at different phases in life. But some cheat us and inflict wounds that can never be healed. They break our trust which makes difficult for one to believe in someone again

Have you ever been cheated? Was it your loved ones? Do you still want them in your life? Go ahead reading. or skip to the end and you will find the 6 point formula 

Cheating in a Relationship. My own experience

First let me tell you my experience in the form of an anecdote.

It was a very cold winter morning and I woke up with laziness filled in my head. I pulled up energy to text my girl and texted her. She replied after sometime and I asked her where she was and she started shouting on me by mentioning I was doubting her.

In fact, I did not doubt her, I asked her, so that if I can go down to her place if she was at home. I got ready, finished all my works and texted her. Below are the screenshots. (I have taken screenshots while I was writing this post) 

Later in the night I texted her, 

Even after that I still trusted her and believed in whatever she told me. I trusted her blindly by not believing what I saw. This kept happening and one day it was crossing limits & I was suffering a lot deep within.

So, I confessed her and then she told me some things which shattered me into pieces.


But still I did not get angry on her. I asked her, do you want to be with me? Her answer was NO. I said, "Okay. Have a good day, Sweetie" and left from there, from her and forever.

You might face many such situations in your life where your loved one's cheat you. They hide things from you and behave as if they did nothing wrong. But the real truth is they do not know how bad you are hurt and how bad you are suffering because of that. Our hearts get shrunk and it feels as if we are dying out of pain and no one will notice it except for ourselves.

Think but do not react.....

So to overcome this, First thing you should do is - not to react but to think with a calm mind
Sort out your priorities. If the person who is cheating you is your priority, go to them, talk to them & find out if you are their priority? If you are, then give them a chance and let them know how you felt when they hide things from you. Tell them to be honest with you & you should also make yourself capable of accepting everything they tell you. Share their happiness and also their worries. Help them out from situations which are troubling them.

Wait for the Right Time

You will get many opportunities in your life, use them well and make the other person understand how you felt when they were not honest with you. Make them realize. Realization is the correct punishment which one's own conscience gives it to one. Caution: There are few people who tamper their own conscience and for such people nothing can affect. So it is better to stay at a distance with them. 

It is hard to forget our loved one's but when the mistakes they do is a grave one, you can excuse once or twice. If the mistake is repeated then we should realize that it is not a mistake but they did that thinking very well about everything. So, to excuse them means losing our own self-respect. The moment you lose self-respect for a person who doesn't give a damn about you, you are dead! Even if you are alive, it doesn't do any good to you and you will not be happy. For you to be happy, click here and learn how you can be happy on your own. Cheating in relationship is toxic for you. Avoid it and stay happy. 

True Love finds its way to you.

Just wait till the moment. Let it arrive and the day it finds you, you will be the most happiest person on this earth. Just have faith in destiny and go with the flow, do your best and see things fall in line for you. If not today, tomorrow for sure.

A Quick summary - 6 Point formula

If someone is cheating on you:

1. Make them realize you can see everything that is going on.

2. Let them know they mean a lot to you.

3. Tell them it is wrong to cheat and it is spoiling your relationship.

4. Show them how badly it hurts to be cheated.

5. Teach them a lesson by creating such situations or wait for right moments.

Even after all the above, the person is still cheating on you, it is better if you move on!
6. Avoid them & remove them from your life.

Hope this helped you. Incase you need someone to talk to and get real expert advice on handling relationships and to move on from a cheater, contact us by clicking here.

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~ Dr. Dee Sim & Shakyamuni

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