Extra ordinary ways to surprise your partner on this Valentine Day!

Author:-Jaita Chowdhury

Valentine Day, the festival of love and the most romantic day of the year is approaching soon! The weather is cheerful and love is in the air. Though love should be cherished every day, it is a wonderful opportunity to do something for your special one. This is an occasion to show love, affection and care to your man. This year instead of sending gifts as you always do, surprise your partner with few extraordinary ideas. Here is Lifenatphil with few recommendations and tips for you all.

Extra ordinary ways to surprise your partner on this Valentine Day!

Valentine Day it is!

  1. Plan an adventurous outing 

If your boyfriend had always wanted to go to a special exotic destination it is time to surprise him/her with an adventurous outing. Many exciting options are available like- jumping, skydiving, hike to a viewpoint, camping, kayaking or backpacking. If these things seem to be out of budget or if you do not have time to go on a trip then take your partner to a wine or beer tasting tour nearby. Who doesn't want to get drunk with their beloved? If your partner is a wine snob or beer lover then take him on a local tasting tour. 

Valetine day Couple adventure trip

  1. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner 

 This is a very homely way to express your affection towards your partner. If your partner is a foodie by nature and love trying out a variety of dishes then cook something their favourite and decorate with candles, special lighting, music and anything else that he likes and get ready for a romantic night. Whip up some astonishing cocktails to go with the meal and he for sure will never forget your special Valentine's Day. 

Candle Light Dinner Valentines day. Lifenatphil

  1. Finance an expensive date 

Here in India, a very cliché practice is that only men will pay for the bills. But if you are working why should your partner always pay? On this auspicious occasion of Valentine Day finance an expensive date to make it more romantic. It is great to share financial responsibilities. It will make him feel extra special.

  1. Set a romantic scene 

Though not a very convenient way to celebrate Valentine's Day, it would certainly be the best day of your lives especially if you both are very romantic. For that, you also can create a scene from your favorite movie. Like theme Valentine Day celebration. Perhaps you could decorate your place with lights, music, flowers and of course, finish the romanticism with candle night dinner. 

Couples romantic pose

  1. Plan a surprise picnic 

 You might have been planning for a long time to go on a picnic, but never executed it. Now, it’s time to surprise your picnic by arranging a wonderful gift of a picnic. Take your partner on a crazy outdoor picnic. Pack all your fruits, food baskets, candies, bed-sheets, towels, and other items neatly for your picnic. Pick him up from home in the morning and arrange the picnic at the beach, nearby park or more conveniently at some nearby destination to get a change of scenery and company nature's beauty.

  1. Accompany him in his favorite activity 

Basically, it differs from person to person. Some likes adventure, some likes sports. On the auspicious occasion of Valentine Day surprise your partner by including in his favorite activity. This will definitely thrill him and make him very happy. He will also value your favorites, your choices and will not refuse if you ask for a favor in return!

  1. Send him a personalized video card 

Personalized gifts always help to show how much you love and care about the person. Grab some photos, ribbon, disposable glitters, colors, paints and make a DIY card for your beloved. There are many videos are available on YouTube which shows how to make DIY cards at home for Valentine Day. Turn this festival of love into a sweet memory forever.  

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  1. Leave love notes for him

Make this day a special one by doing something special for the man who has brought so much love and happiness into your life. Grab a heart-shaped postcard or anything heart-shaped and write a thank you note for him/her. Convey everything that you feel for him. Mention those things for which you will always remain owe and grateful to him. Write how much you love him and leave it on his car, under the pillow. 

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  1. Surprise your partner with a ring and proposal

Although there is no justified reason to cherish love on a particular day, Valentine's Day has become a tradition of making it a point to do something special for their loved ones on this day. Love should be celebrated every day. This step is more like your personal preference. If you are sure that he is the one for you and you have been putting away his proposal for quite some time now, then Valentine's Day it is to propose your love to your partner. Buy a ring and get down to your knees while proposing. Though a cliché way to propose and 'old is gold.' Sitting on knees while proposing is the most convenient way to show love, affection towards your partner.

  1. Do something together 

 This is basically for my married and live-in couple out there. Do some activity together for yourselves. Do something about your house. Paint chairs together, cook together, roam in the city, eat whatever you want, sit beside a lake. Just for one day forget about deadlines, work pressure, phone, just spend time together. The best part is, it’s totally free to enjoy!

Couple sitting together near lake

Do you have any other ways to Surprise your partner? or have any suggestions? Feel free to comment and help others choose

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